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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Singing Werewolf

    by , 04-12-2016 at 01:02 AM (258 Views)
    #489 - DILD - 6:15AM

    I wake from a dream where I am in a version of a break room at work, having a hard time getting water from a strange water cooler. I am going in to work late to day and feel a bit restless so I focus on some meditation and LD and fall back to sleep.

    I am back in the break room but now we are watching something on a TV. Frank in laying in a bed and for some reason I think it would be appropriated to strip down to my underwear and lay next to him. The show is really confusing and I look over at everyone in the break room. I begin to feel self conscious so I get dressed. I have a hard time getting my clothes to cooperate and it makes me feel like this is really dream-like. As I finally pull my pants up, think that if I turn around and see everyone as disappeared, then this is a dream. I turn and sure enough everyone has vanished. I laugh a bit and walk out of the room fully lucid.

    I enter my living room as if I had just walked out of my bed. I try to think what to do and I see a huge glass window on the North wall. I walk to it and blind summon a random item, then throw it at the glass. It breaks through, but the glass heals itself. I move closer and punch both fists through. The glass heals tight around my wrists and pull the glass to me. Instead of breaking it turns into a thick taffy-like substance. I free my hands and try punching again. This time it is as hard as stone and will not break. I throw several pieces of furniture at the glass but they all bounce off.

    I decide to maybe go outside, but when I do everything is really unstable. I get on my hands and knees for a bit studying the porch, but eventually go back in the house. For whatever reason, things were way more stable. Suddenly I hear and alarm and find myself back in the bed.
    I think I have woke up and my wife is turning off her phone alarm. Shes stressing out about something and looking through a pile of junk. I realize this is not how our rooms looks, so I must still be dreaming. I say, "Babe its fine. We are still dreaming. I mean... This is a dream." My wife's dream character goes silent and frozen and I decide to walk out, but not without considering having a sex dream.

    I wonder what to do and tell myself this must be why I don't lucid dream very often. I've run out of things to try! Maybe not... I really want to get outside and decide I need to make myself more powerful. I transform into a werewolf and run out the back door on all four feet. I begin singing random songs that I don't recall. I was quite at first, but I realize I have a powerful and amazing singing voice in this dream so I really belt it out. I climb up the side of my house to the roof then leap to the neighbors roof. I look for more places to leap to and see a huge city on a hill in the distance. I try to zoom fly to a spot on a tree, but it wont work. I leap off the house and run to the city still focusing on zoom flying. It works. My hands reach a wall of the city and I pull myself up.

    Still singing, I climb up building and reaches the highest part of a steeple of old world looking building. I notice that I am surrounded in a thick fog as I swing around the steeple. I begin to sing a really sad love song and become impressed with the lyrics. I feel as though I am making them up on the fly and it actually make sense. Too bad I don't recall what it was. The fog begins to clear some and I see a Blue Angels plane suspended in the air close by and then down below not so far down now I see a beautiful courtyard with a fountain. I leap down to it, but end up in my living room.

    I now switch genres and make dub-step sounds come out of my mouth. I find a full length mirror and dance crazily. I see that I now look like some greasy, grunge rock type guy and decide to go do something else. There is a baby crawling around on the rug on. I stop and say, "Ooohhh. Hi babies! Did your mommy put you done hear on the floor?"
    The babie turns and looks me and says, "No."
    I wake up.

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