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    So Close to WILD - stupid FAs!

    by , 06-19-2012 at 11:15 AM (634 Views)
    So I kept waking up a lot because of the cat being crazy and I was getting mad. But I ended up trying Jakob's Awesome WILD where you focus on your skull and try to enter SP. I was shocked when the familiar vibrations started in my head almost immediately. I got excited and thought Wurlman was right. I am going to have a lucid and I can't wait to tell about it. My breathing got heavy. No good. So I relaxed. The vibrations came back more intensely and moved to my body and into my fingers. I was still over excited. I am so practiced in letting go during SP that way too suddenly the vibration where gone and I amused I had woken up. Failure. Nope! turned out to be FA.

    The kids came in and woke me up in my dream. Talking and being loud. I told Deanna I shut up. I help two fingers close and said that I only got this much sleep tonight and its almost time to wake up. She left and I closed my eyes. Then my mom comes in and does the same (She doesn't live with me). I freak out on her too and cry like a baby. No one seems to even notice my crying. So I think to leave.

    Finally I get up out of the recliner (I had moved to the recliner in real life) and go to bed. But instead of my wife Tonya from work was lying there (gross). Im like move we gotta be at work soon and I want to sleep some more. She wont budge so I squeeze in next to her (again gross). I close my eyes and have a dream in the dream.

    I see the moon. So very vivid with extremely high detail. I see the every line and crater and valley and mountain. I hear a voice talk about making roads and what is necessary for progress. I think what is the big deal? You go like this. I take my index finger and make a swooshing noise and poke into the moon making a crater. I feel a dull impact on my finger as I hit it. I was a little shocked at this but dismissed it. (Wheres my RC?) The moon is eye level and no bigger than my fist. I back off and do it again. Then I am there on the surface but all I can see is the dust as it settles.

    Then I wake up because the cat jumps on me!

    ** Notes from being half asleep. Found it amusing.

    **sp then excited then fa. dreamed kids and mom all came in and talked to me. Iwas mad and said i didnt get enough sleep. then tana. then the moon.

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    1. Caenis's Avatar
      Oh no, you can't sleep in waking life OR your dreams!
    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      Damn dude so close I was focusing on my skull last night to I like that idea. I also get a little excited when my body starts to vibrate and them it stops damn! This weekend is our time my friend!!!!! "I was shocked to see my name in Somones DJ I was super excited that I was thought of and mentioned!
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