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    Mindscape of Xaqaria

    Lucid fractal tree

    by , 07-27-2011 at 12:24 PM (733 Views)
    Yesterday morning I had a short lucid.

    I remember becoming lucid and deciding to just work on stabilization. I go out the front door of whatever house I had been in and I am on a brick patio in a rural/wooded surrounding. I feel the breeze and hear birds chirping. I sit down on the brick and focus on a tree. I can see every leaf, they are very uniform in shape and have the appearance of succulent plant leaves, but are shaped like very triangular deciduous leaves. The entire tree is the same shape as the leaves and very conical, like an evergreen. I try to focus then on the mountains in the distance and try to see individual trees/supernatural close up but I cannot and start to lose focus on practicing stability. I wake up soon after.

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