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    Trying too hard?

    by , 10-20-2018 at 05:35 PM (138 Views)
    Yesterday I went to sleep at 8PM and slept till 7AM, during the sleep I woke up a lot of times and tried WILD huge amounts of times, never worked out. I even don't remember any dream except for a few fragments.
    I think I should concentrate on something other than WILD, it's too damn hard. I can lie for 3 hours without moving a muscle but I never even have SP! Yes a few years ago I did WILD a few times, but now it got harder for me, mostly because of my great expectations, I get too excited about possibility of lucidity and what I will do once there.

    I was looking for an easier technique and remembered MILD, I'll focus on it, will try to do it for 40 days as some people successfully did on this site. I'll make daily reports on my progress.

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