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    Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ

    2017.04.07 - School Swim Outing

    by , 04-08-2017 at 12:45 AM (170 Views)
    Finally, caught up on posting journals. For now.

    Also: $~ = "about"

    Recall Begins:

    I remember there is much that occurred before the earliest I can recall. It vaguely exudes the idea of a bible study camp. The idea of the book of Exodus, in particular, stands out. I cannot recall the reason for its importance, however, especially given the events that follow. I am in an outdoor swimming pool. The pool is small and appears to be Egypt themed, possibly tying back to the book of Exodus somehow. A coworker of mine is at the pool, who is a mother of 3. She may be there to watch her children swim. Aside from her presence, there are many small girls, aged ~6~9, and a few ~14~17. There may have been other parents at the other end of the pool, which felt ~20 meters long. As I was swimming in the water, I tried out a swimming manoeuvre I enjoy doing in waking life pools whenever I can go, which involves rotating my core whilst swinging my legs, to generate a small whirlpool and cause me to rotate quite quickly on minimal effort. In the dream plane, the ripples are more exaggerated and far-reaching. Sizeable waves are crossing the pool, and are quite large directly around me. A few 14-year-old women seemed either impressed or annoyed, and my coworker also appeared interested.
    /jump/ I am falling face first into the pool again, which is now bone dry and only ~1 foot deep. Those who were swimming a moment ago are now exiting the pool, unaware of any oddity occurring. I begin trailing out after them, and one child in particular seems to be continuously making eye contact and then looking away.
    /jump/ I am in a changing room.
    /jump/ I am now in what appears to be either the Taber swimming pool or the Nicholas Sheran Park pool (indoors). The child from before is running around the pool in her swimsuit colored as this text.

    Recall Ends.

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