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    Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ

    2017.04.10 - Was this once a book?

    by , 04-11-2017 at 01:14 AM (242 Views)
    Recall Begins:

    I am a young girl, perhaps 13~15. I find a family that lives in hideaways and works in large steel barns, creating dubious devices. They are a form of Mafia, but take me in as one of their own. One day, I walked out to the barns to see the things they were creating there. This was a heinous act against the rules, as I was told many times to never look there. I walked straight into the final barn in the row of perhaps 6 barns and saw something that attested to the evil of the family. What it was I can not recall. When I saw it, I ran from those who were in the barn, but they've got backup from where I came from before I could push through that way. Instead, I turned my path toward the nearest person coming, jumped into the air as I traveled, and attempted to land a curled fist straight into their face. However, I have troubles aiming in dreams. Extreme problems. I may have become moderately lucid at this point, as I rewind the dream repeatedly until my fist connects, hard. More backup arrives and I take a similar approach with these men, utilizing attack moves that look more like break dancing than fighting, but it got the job done. I continue to run, and make it to the children's dwelling area.
    I can see that some of my friends want to help me, but also fear greatly the punishment for disobedience. The dwelling itself is technically hidden within a secret chamber, but enough people knew about it that I knew at least someone would know where to find me. I am most certainly lucid by this point, as I vividly recall declaring within that this is a dream, and that if I expect to find another, new hidden passageway in the wall I was reaching for, that I would find one. Lo and behold,
    the solid wall I was fast approaching gave way as a door, and I was able to slip into a new room.
    I am not sure what my state of lucidity is from this point on, but I know that the thoughts as they occur do not reflect either my waking state thoughts or that of the dream character I had become. Instead of remaining in secrecy, by some thought,
    I decided to relinquish dream control, and the walls of the new room faded away. Some children found me, and reported me, bringing me before the council. The punishment for this crime, and I knew it before I had done the thing which I did,
    was as thus: to receive a bite from a highly venomous snake which they nurtured in a fountain centered in the council circle. I felt a sense of deja vu at this point as if I had experienced this plot before somehow, perhaps having read it in a book at some point. Knowing what would happen next, I stepped, with some trepidation, into the fountain. I backed out a few times, but the third time I boldly stood as the snake latched onto my right index finger.
    The pain hurt greatly, but also not at all. I knew that it was a dream again, and knowing that my fate involved a painful and long duration of agony, filled with feverish fits, pain, loneliness, and thoughts that I would likely die, I choose to dissolve the mafia, their council, and evidence of their ever existing from the dream. Again, these thoughts do not reflect my own as I would reason but seemed to be of the dream character this time. With the Mafia's influence erased, the steel barns were re-written as the new setting for the rest of the dream to follow.I am no longer lucid after the jump,
    and unsure of what character I am. There are two other individuals with me, one 20-year-old junkrat who's crazy blond afro gave her a reckless air when combined with her ratty tank top and torn jeans. She had a natural affinity for taking apart and building things with total junk, which may have included the Gatling gun slung on her hip like I had my handguns. The other appeared to be aged 28, darkly moody, and dangerous. Like me, he wielded dual handguns, which were concealed within his black coat. I presumed the coat's color was picked to match his hair color, but he corrected me in saying it was to match his pants. Aside from that, he was in charge of carrying around Junkrat's tools, such as a tremendously oversized bolt-cutter used on my highschool's pop machine. It was as we were taking parts out of said pop machine that we were rudely interrupted by about half the student body. For some reason, I think some of them had guns.
    They surrounded our group, with the likely intent to either take us custody or kill us, neither which option seemed particularly appealing. I tried a desperado to fend them off, which failed and I had to reload. After the reload, I was on the other side of one of the groups surrounding ours, and from this spot, I noticed a little girl, perhaps 8 years old. She wore a distinctly colorful outfit, that gave off an anime character vibe. She then merged into the story as if she had been there the whole time, and was a part of our ragtag trio. She then proceeded to "help us out" by emitting a voice which had the effect of paralyzing all the other students. Somehow, the next thing I can recall is one by one shooting each student in the head,
    possibly because the paralysis has a limited time effect, and this would be our only chance (but why not run?). After dispatching most of the students there, I walk up the ramp and head to Math class like nothing happened. Principal M is teaching the class, and I see my old buddy Del there. Principal M gets after him, probably for being a trouble maker,
    before beginning the class. I take a test for a few minutes, before the entire east wall dissappears, and we are very high up. The class notices some power line workers standing in this weird contraption, where two guys have to hold up each side which they're standing in, while the other works in the middle. The are also very, very high off the ground, about 100 meters up and 100 meters away from us. Suddenly, one man loses his position and tumbles off. The contraption is no longer stable, and the other two fall off as well. The entire class watches in horror as these guys fall to their deaths far below. Somehow, it was much more shocking than shooting half the school. As we look at their corpses below, suddenly,
    they stand up, perfectly fine. Principal M then explains that he had given each of them a wind rune, so that they wouldn't be hurt by falling.

    Recall Ends.

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