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    Night of 1/27/16

    by , 01-28-2016 at 04:39 PM (231 Views)
    I had 2 dreams as I woke up and fell back asleep, my dreams are very vivid (yet not lucid) and are usually very random. I had been keeping a dream journal but kinda just not wrote in it but I decided I wanted to start up again last night. I have been having many many dreams about school almost one every night. If anything in my dreams offends you, I am sorry but that is just what I was dreaming about.

    1st dream: took place sometime in the summer, it was beautiful and warm outside and I was with friends. This friend of mine who is good at getting stuff took me with him and was showing off how he could get alcohol before he was 21. My friends and I walked around the Carnival that was in town and then we were in this office building that had a bunch of computers and there was a news team there talking with someone about ISIS when they started to attack the building and the computers in the middle all blew up. I had a false awakening in my current apartment, almost everything was the same except for a few details. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and I heard gunfire so I hid in the bathroom and peaked around the corner and found my step father playing call of duty

    2nd dream: This one took place in school, I was a half human half turtle going on an adventure with classmates, solving puzzles, skipping class, barging in on other classes and disrupting them, including one that was watching a movie. I went to the very dirty bathroom and, well I went to the bathroom but someone came up behind me and was trying to take my shell away from me and I pissed all over the floor and fell in it. I got up and it just completely dried off my pants and I went to go get my shell back. This kid took it to a different bathroom and booby trapped it because he was waiting for some girl to come and he was going to make it land on her head and kidnap her. I got it back and that was the end of that. I caught up with my classmates and we started playing this game with a cooking pot of stew in the middle, there were 3 on their side and just me on mine and we all had big wooden spoons and they were trying to keep a giant onion at the bottom while I was trying to throw it out. the Onion fell apart but I managed to throw it all out and win the game and it turns out the losers had to pay for the meal so I started messing with their cards trying to pick one and I said "here put them on the table and shuffle them around while I turn my back since there are only three of them" they did it, I picked one and then I woke up for good.

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