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    1. Gta 5, working at target, friend, darkness, alien, and two of my friends got marry

      by , 04-08-2014 at 05:08 PM
      Target was offer me then I accept again then I look around and there lot problem alike no light so I usually work in darkness but it was so strange and
      So I follow one man that who work at target too so I just working working then somehow I got idea that I could steal tons things from target since it is in powerless then I walk to video game place and I try steal but lot things strange so one of my friend run to me and tell me that I could steal in VERY EASY way by using Netflix then I alike really? An look at Netflix inside target and saw Netflix steps from 1 to 3 but I look at 3rd that it said you could download any game illegally I was thrilled so I rush to my home and download gta 5 but it's in future but I playing for while then I was in race but I was professional but in gta 5 force me to be lousy but I drive Yellow Phoenix with black strip on roof but I was againist with 3 different color alien cars and they was hovering also they could drive on water while I can't drive so I was mad because they are cheating but I realized that I not in video game so I switch back to dream again but when I play gta 5 but it was so real but anyway I was in dream again then I was in whole darkness then I scream and it was so fast switch from friend house to target switch back to back but target was have go kart inside and dead body in it but my friend stop me so I scared but stop myself quick to calm down then I was scream again then rush to light switch but I was switch it so fast that I couldn't turn it on but I somehow use my mind to force light turn back on so It was work then I scream so loud that light back on and friends was freaking out but I was laugh so hard! And they mad at me but immediately change want play gta 5 so I watch each my friends play but they sucks so I force them to watch gang tv show so it make me laugh so hard!!!!!! because one car and they try hijack but instead it drive itself and crash other car and they got mad then shooting at no where maybe (invisible person) but there all white people gang until one black guy run forward thinking he is better then shooting gun then it click click then he embarrassed and one little blonde girl crying to him and tell him please help!!!!!!!!!! But he got mad then he died then one of my friend shake me and tell me that two of my friends are going to marry!!!!! And I switch to their view and my friend told me that she are 44 years old but even she graduate same as me so she actually 18 or 19 but he said no she actually 44 then I look at one guy prositue to her by do huge gang spray letter on floor but they live on very high apt so they could see it and she was cry because that is how their life begin