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    Les RÍves


    , 08-24-2010 at 10:34 AM (836 Views)
    I only have time to record this one dream, but it was amazing, at least in feel.

    I've woken up during the transition from one dream to another, slightly anyway. I transition straight into this attic which has a ladder that I am climbing. I'm lucid. The feeling is unbelievable, and not even the lucid part. I feel like I am standing there, and it's real life with a surreal touch. I can smell, feel, touch, and see everything so clearly. It is as if I am ACTUALLY standing there. I have experienced but once before in my dreams. It's unbelievable, as if my body has literally been transported to another world during the night. As I climb the ladder, slowly, I open the door that is on the ceiling. As I do so, sunlight streams in and I fly right up into the sky. I soar above the lands that lie below, and euphoria encompasses me. The realization that I am once again in my dream from a month ago or so hits me. I am amazed that i was able to tap into this feeling and world again. It is the actual continuation of that dream. There is golden sand scattered next to a gleaming, deep azure ocean. There is a castle fortress along with other buildings of a medieval appearance. The most amazing thing is that despite being far into this sky, hovering, I can see every detail of the land below. Off to the side there is a dark section of this land, where presumably the villain lives. She is actually female this time around, and I can feel her presence. But along with hers I can also feel Martinez's, who is trapped along with other people in one of the buildings. I don't see him, but his face flashes in my mind.. I need to get rid of the evil. The dream transitions..

    I'm on a bus with a group of students who posses magic, it seems. Or at least they are going off to magic school. I'm sitting next to an older teenage guy, although I don't feel like myself. I'm in someone else's body with their mind. I'm telepathic, and I discover that the guy next to me is as well. I say something to him from my mind, and his face displays shock as he discovers.. It's strangely beautiful, talking to someone simply from one's mind. I share with him my plans about catching the villainness. He agrees to go with me to fight. We escape the bus..and I cannot remember much more save for the fact that I am starring in a novel.

    These dreams were dreams of firsts. First time tapping into the same dream from a previous night. Unbelievable.

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