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    Herpderp King/ Uncle/ Veteren

    , 07-16-2010 at 11:24 AM (740 Views)
    I am traveling to a far away land with my two brothers and mother. We are in a van that resembles the mystery machine and my mother is driving, which is very weird since she never drives. We are trying to hurry up as fast as we can because my brother needs to get an operation. Something has gone wrong with his machine, as per usual. I'm slightly panicked because I fear for my brother. (T) The setting is strange, our van is filled with grayness and outside the gray fog swirls around the highway. I hear police sirens coming, and I freak out because I don't trust my mom's driving and think she's gonna get us arrested. After a few tense moments, my mom assures me the police peeps are simply swerving around us. We arrive at our destination, which seems to be a small grayish town with smoke all around it. I enter some bar/restaurant thing. I sit down next to my uncle as my mom/brothers sit beside me. My uncle and I are on bar stools while everyone else lounges on tables below us. I notice my cousin Sonia and some random chick (she looks Paki) sitting with no other than Mr. HerpDerp himself.

    I find myself slightly surprised to see him there, but not surprised to see his typical herpderp smile. He chats with my cousins. My uncle starts conversing about marriage to me. We talk about how much parents should contribute to matrimonial decisions. It seems as if everyone is listening. I strongly express my utter disgust for arranged marriages and say that there is absolutely no room for parents to make any decisions. I say, "It's my choice. My. Choice." I kind of say "Choice." pretty loudly. I see that my mom is staring at me icily, while Sonia seems to have a good natured expression on her face. (She is obviously in the dream because of her rather unfortunate matrimonial decisions, that weren't well, hers) I glance over at the table and notice something weird, all of Pique's height is concentrated on his legs (he continues smiling like 8D). His upper body is really short and I find it weird that I look taller sitting up straight in my chair than him. He's like Abe Lincoln. And well, no wonder.

    My uncle and I head outside because my brother must leave for the hospital or some shit like that. We discuss my graduation gift, in which I say nothing pretty much because I don't exactly expect anything from him. We're moving around seats at the side of the van and I see Pique outside as well. We smile at each other and exchange small talk. He actually seems like a really nice guy. (I wake up at some point here. I make myself go back to sleep so I can uncover some of PK's DC personality) I think we kinda hang around each other for a bit but then I go back inside the bar which seems to have transformed. It is now outside and it's night. I sit over on a small round table, and I see that there is an American soldier sitting next to me reading some literature intensely. I think it's Kafka. He seems very depressed and I get the hint that he's suffering from PTSD. I mean, I know he is. My interest is on this poor fellow now (forget PK). I move over to his table and try talking to him, mostly interested to see what lit he's reading and why. He seems very closed off and doesn't talk much. I just feel a bit sad.

    I became lucid at some point, I think around the time I woke up and went back to sleep. I lost lucidity at some other point.

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