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    Les RÍves


    , 07-15-2010 at 08:28 AM (708 Views)
    I was on vacation with the T-hir family. I was standing on a coast, it was cold and the sun was not shining. Everything was cast over with a bright blue-gray. I had long desired to ride on a boat, so I decided to do so. There was a huge mountain across the ocean. I wanted to go there, but i don't know why. I got into a boat and I rowed it. the water was wild, slashing around me and entering the boat. I steered on, completely astonished at the beauty.

    I came upon the surf tormented rocky shore. Reem and I ventured across it into a huge, brightly lit cave. Her mother, family, and my family were there. There was a rocky formation of some type of well in the cave. I looked into it, and I saw a rabbit identical to Zooni. The character was different however. The rabbit jumped out of the well, much to everyone's shock. It hopped over to Reem, and she played around with it. They seemed to get on well. I wanted the rabbit to come over to me, so we could play. I felt as if I obviously connected better with rabbits, and plus i longed to play with it. I approached the bunny, and I tried to stroke it. I recalled stroking my own Zooni, and how she would simply relax and lay down, half-asleep as I stroked her fur. This rabbit skittered around me, it was afraid of me and didn't want to play with me. It escaped from my hand and went back to Reem. As Reem stroked it in the way I had, it fell down into a sleeping position, and i smiled, recalling when Zooni did that. I had forgotten all about it.


    Frag about school.

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    Tags: symbolism, zooni