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    I'm Such A Barracuda

    , 07-17-2010 at 02:19 PM (789 Views)
    I had gone to Uruguay on a trip with friends. I thought about how I could see my friend Adrienne there, and decided I'd contact her. (IRL she's actually in Paraguay, not Uruguay..) The whole country seemed to be a rain forest, and it was flooded over with water. I was a bit scared, and we were riding in a bus (friends and some school people). It was like a bus/boat, since we were in water and actually steering oars? I was terrified, because I am rather afraid of water. We just swished away, and I was so disappointed because I was expecting more of Uruguay.

    Transition to Staten Island. I'm about to go jet skiing with my brother. I head outside and it's a really bright, sunny day. I'm standing on huge stairs ascending above the ground. I see that my brother is on a huge-ish bus and a jet ski's beside him. A cute looking guy is next to him, and I take note of his good looks. I get on the bus and I realize the guy's Rhett. I exchange some small talk with him, possibly involving college. At some point, I get off the bus. I seems that I have to go back home for some reason. As I start to exit the bus, I see that we are in a road that snakes through woods. It's just about the start of dusk, and everything has a light blue glow. I glance at the woods and realize I probably have to walk through them, they look very formidable. I tell my brother to drop me off a little bit further so I don't have to brave them. I think I get back in the bus for like, two more seconds. They drop me off in front of a bunch of houses. I have no idea where I am in the Island, I would guess Todt Hill because of the woods and grandiose houses. I enter the lawn of one of the houses, dusk has certainly settled in. An Indian girl who looks around my age approaches me, assuming she lives in the house I'm trespassing. I just tell her that I need to get to Forest Ave because I can walk across the island and to my house from there. (I figure that much walking will help me lose all the weight I gained in NY, in any case. Good plan all around.) She says she doesn't know and I enter this house complex. I think she lead me there. I'm in the main lobby, and this really attractive older guy (I'd guess late 20's early 30's) approaches me. He's some guy that the Indian girl lead me to. I talk to him for a bit and he offers giving me a ride home. I think about the stupidity involved with riding home with a complete stranger, but then I kind of imagine having sex with him in his car, and it's appealing. Nevertheless, I just kind of laugh and talk to him for a bit but don't accept the ride. I debate for a while what I should do, I think maybe he's safe because the Indian girl knows him and all.. But then again I don't know the Indian girl. Then I think that if he pulls out a gun or something while we're driving I could just seduce him.

    I go to the lawns again, and I'm surprised to see my mother entering the Indian girl's house along with m grandmother. There is some kind of party there because everyone is all dressed up. I feel relief as now I can just go home with my mom, but I don't enter the party because I'm dressed really casually and not wearing shoes. I become a bit anxious again, as I have to hang out in the lawn and the lawn scares me..a bit.

    There was some point where trouble happened and I tried calling the police. But the number wouldn't work and I wondered whether it was really 9-1-1 or 9-9-1..etc.

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