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    Les RÍves


    , 08-11-2010 at 11:15 AM (898 Views)
    I'm writing this dream very late, and I'm afraid I was dumbass enough to lose most details..but I'll write it down anyway. u_u

    So I'm in my NY house, and my mom is all anxious because we have visitors, I find out the visitors are actually the SNT. So this is exciting and I think huzzay, but before I do anything I go to my brother's room and get ready. I distinctly remember putting on eyeliner thickly. I have this whole emo get up, wearing my pea coat and my hairstyle is done in this emo-bangs-esque way plus the black eyeliner. I get frustrated while doing my hair. When I look down, I realize I have a coat on and I think it's a bit excessive slender-man look, so I take it off. It's the summer, after all. I stalk downstairs after this, grabbing my actual DJ for autographs. In the living room I see PK, and he's alone. He doesn't notice me there and I jump from the staircase to right in front of him and yell his full name. He gets shocked and jumps at my blatant freakiness, then sighs a breath of relief. I give him my DJ and try to act normal by asking him to sign it. I ramble a bit in English, and I think, he probably has no idea what I'm saying. Then he says something with a thick accent and it's incomprehensible, but I don't bother asking him to repeat himself. He comes across as a cold creature. He's like, "Why do you want me to sign this book, don't you want my signature on something else?" And the man is right, though it's kind of insulting that he rejected my DJ. In any case I grab my yearbook, and he seems fascinated by it. After looking through my friend's signatures, he signs it. I leave quickly since I do not like him. My mom approaches me and starts bitching about the men outside, who are practicing I think. She's like, "These guys are trying to seduce all the girls with flowers." I find this funny, and think, well too bad there aren't a lot of fangirls around here.

    I leave my house and go to this store that has computers and chairs. It looks like a small airport terminal. Some of the guys start coming there, but before they do I'm informed that the place is about to be captured by someone evil and we will all be stuck there. As the guys come in, including Martinez, I yell at them to stay the fuck out or forever hold their peace. But my yelling is pointless, as they cluelessly walk in and the door shuts behind them. I'm sitting by a counter, in a stool right next to the computers. Martinez has sat in the second row of computers (only about 4-5) and I see that the chair next to him is empty. His friend skipped a seat, and I think - well it's me lucky day. So I get up and walk to him and sit down. We introduce ourselves and he knows decent English. I can understand his every word. We discuss the evil person who has kidnapped us here and shit like that. His face is really close and I can see every detail; he's wearing blue. He comes across as a really nice guy and I have that same feeling again, the one from my previous epic dream about him. The funny thing is, as I'm talking to him, I say to myself, "I know this is actually a dream. SAD." But as always, I brush this realization off and continue talking. The dream unfortunately fades as background noise wakes me up. When I woke up, I could remember every single sentence of our conversation. I can never remember dialogue in dreams. Shame I didn't write it down, but a part of me doesn't want to encourage this dream love habit!

    PS: sorry for atrocious run-ons.

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