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    1. No dreams

      by , 07-11-2011 at 11:19 AM
      This day just keeps getting worse -_-
    2. Dead brother

      by , 07-10-2011 at 11:17 AM
      2 fragments -_- I really have to improve my recall....

      Fragment I: Dead brother

      My mom told me my brother was killed in a car accident. I think that I didn't really care when she said it o_o
      My family was in the kitchen. My brother too. They were all happy and asked him questions. I still didn't care (GOD i'm an asshole). Then , a question popped in my head....
      "Were you in heaven?" I asked
      "No , I guess they ran out of room in heaven" My brother said with an awkward smile on his face
      "Well that confirms it.... There is no God... There is no heaven....." It all really disappointed me , but there was still hope!
      "Did you feel anything when you were dead? (what I mean was "were you conscious when you were dead?")"
      "No , but it's probably because I didn't die in the 6th day!"
      I don't know what he meant , but it all disappointed me.
      I was on my computer with the with my blinds closed and the door open. My second bed was open and next to my main bed and then my brother suddenly came in. I finally felt happy seeing him.
      "Hey brother! wanna have a sleepover?"
      I can't remember his response but it was something like "No sorry I can't"

      Fragment II: Maximum Speed

      I was in somewhere Asian... CBD... Or China... I can't remember. There was this mini-buddah-temple thing in front of me. I saw two people there: The first one I can't remember and the second one was Zachary Gordon , AKA Greg Haffely. He's the guy who plays Greg in the movies. They had a race , the track was long and it had a lake which is really all I can remember from it. I can't remember who won the race , but it was my turn.
      Me VS. Zachary Gordon
      "Huh , great , i'm fast!" I thought to myself , probably because I actually AM fast in real life. But not as fast as it was. Our track was short , really short. All we had to do is to climb a brick , then climb to a bigger brick and jump to the roof and run to the middle of it. The race started and I ran so fast it was almost as if I teleported to the second brick. But I wasn't accurate , I ended up a few steps from the roof , dizzy. Zach was no where to be seen , so I jumped to the roof and started climbing. I had a hard time climbing , and I saw Zach also climbing. He almost won! I quickly climbed to the roof and did another 1 of those running teleports. I won! The camera zoomed on Zach's face who was really bummed.

      Tonight's review: A dead brother that I didn't care about (IN THE DREAM WORLD , THAT IS) and a race against a famous kid star that I won using super speed. Makes sense.
    3. Combo!

      by , 07-09-2011 at 11:09 AM
      Triple is a king.

      Half-dream number one: GYM Baseball

      I was at the school GYM (which is weird because I wasn't there for like a month...) and I was sitting in a group with my friends. I only recognized one: I.
      Our French teacher asked us if we wanna play baseball , and we said yes. Me and I. started arguing who's gonna be the catcher , and eventually it was me. It was more like a give-the-ball-to-someone-who's-not-in-the-circle game thing.... I. was pissed of and started going around me. My team mates gave each other the ball , which wasn't even a baseball , it was a football... It looked like the one I have. Someone , I think Y.A. tried giving me the ball , he made a weird face and was blocked by someone who kept jumping in front of him , so he passed the ball to someone else.
      We were sitting again in a group and this time I. sat next to me. We said like 3 sentences to each other and then he yelled "LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"

      Mega-Fragment number 2: Da white cannibal house

      Something happened at the beginning , but I forgot what. SO...
      I saw the outside of the white house , it looked like the GoAnimate version of it. Two people carried George Bush in this sort of cannibal bamboo cage. Its sides were covered by weird flags. I saw the cage from above so I could tell. I'm not , sure but I think the cannibals were Barrack Obama and his wife *NOT SURE AT ALL* *NO RACISM*
      Oh by the way , the room was sort of dark-reddish with a picture on the right side of the wall and 2 couches...
      I think this one came before the George-in-a-cage part. I was putting a medium sized speaker next to something , I think a TV and started messing with the wires 'till I found the connector. There were two of them. I think I accidently found it , but then again , I don't remember this one so good. Then I started messing with the thousand wires next to the medium sized speaker and found another connector. I put the connectors next to each other.

      Fragment number 3: My grandma was born and raised her grandchildren in London?!

      My entire family was on my roof , they all sat on white chairs and drank stuff. I tried walking there but there was this gap between the place I was and the bridge leading to my roof , and I was too scared to cross it. I can't remember what happened , I think someone pushed the bridge closer to me and I ended up in my roof. I was with my grandma. Something totally fucked up was there. There was this sort of bed bridge in the middle of my roof , and there was a gap between the pillow part to the rest of the bed , and in the gap there was nothing. Literally , NOTHING. There was a huge hole leading all the way down to floor 1 from floor 13. My grandpa pushed the rest of the bed to the pillow part , completing the bed. I think I stood on the pillow part before... After my grandpa did that , it reminded my grandma something. "This reminds me something!" she said. She said a few things and then she said "...And he writes to me: 'Did you finish building the bridge yet?'" and started laughing. As she said these words , I saw my Skype writing bar as I type "Did you finish building the bridge yet?". This gave my conscious a furious flash-back to a few weeks back to a dream where I did that. Holy shit , my conscious just reminded me a dream I don't even remember when it happened. Possibly today , but I don't know. I remember it now! I wanted to ask my grandma if she finished building the bridge but I forgot how to say it in MY language so I asked it in English. That's all I really remember , lol.

      Fragment number 4: LOOLOLOLOLOLOL

      Someone , I think A.M. , yelled LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO. That's it. LOLLOLOL.
    4. Fail

      by , 06-03-2011 at 11:51 AM
      I remembered a dream and a fragment this morning , but I forgot it -_-
    5. Finally!

      by , 06-02-2011 at 07:20 AM
      Today I skipped school so I can sleep over and over again. Results FTW. I have a fragment and a dream.

      Fragment:The ugly girl from my class called A. (UGLYY) tied her hair to a ponytail.

      Dream:I was playing my PS3 with my amplifier on. The volume was something between 36 to 40. Anyways , I was playing a game with Batman Arkham Asylum (I CAN'T HELP IT T.T) graphics and I didn't see anything but the game and my amplifier for the entire dream. I think I saw my living room for a few minutes. The game was genius! I was outside a cage. Inside the cage there were 2 people , fake people , who I can't remember , i'm pretty sure both of them were related to Batman Arkham Asylum , who battled. By pressing X I could open one of the cage's many small doors , and get inside a place full of water. For some reason whenever I entered there they started fighting there. Sometimes they even dived there the moment I got in. By pressing L1 and something I could drown one of them without the other guy noticing. The action was putting my hand on his mouth and choking him with my arm. Then I got out by pressing L1 and square. I repeated the Go-inside-choke-someone-then-leave technique for a long long time , and then the weirdest thing happened. My dad came and the first thing he did was lowering the volume to 36 , but thats not the weird thing. He thought this is my Avodat Shorashim (It's like a school assignment where you do a huge paperwork about your family) and he asked me: "How is your Avodat Shorashim going?". I can't remember what I said but I remember I wanted him to watch me play , and he did. Then he had to go so I told him "Aww , how cute , you're interested in my Avodat Shorashim". I laughed the shit out of myself when I woke up.
    6. What the F.

      by , 06-01-2011 at 02:50 PM
      NO DREAMS RECALLED AGAIN. Perhaps it has do with the fact that the minute I woke up my mind started FLOODING me with thoughts. Anyways , i'm not even gonna make another entry till I get another dream.
    7. -_-

      by , 05-31-2011 at 01:20 PM
      No dreams.
    8. Wake up , subconscious!

      by , 05-30-2011 at 03:01 PM
      *sigh*. Once again , no dreams recalled.
    9. No effort no success II

      by , 05-29-2011 at 01:50 PM
      I remembered my dream earlier this morning , but I didn't do the whole "brain re-write" process , so I forgot it.
    10. More gaming!

      by , 05-28-2011 at 08:59 AM
      Lol , this DJ makes me sound nerdier by the minute. This dream's vividness was AWESOME by the way. It was actually more of a fragment than a dream.

      I asked my parents to buy me a PS3 game. I can't remember their answer , but a little while after I asked for it my parents gave me 150 NIS. I bought a Spider-Man game for the PC with it , it looked A LOT like my Spider-Man 2 PC game. After I bought I SOMEHOW ended up walking in the streets , next to DV. (Short Yemen kid from my old school) with my dad talking about me buying another game called DC Universe Online. Something went completely wrong here , because both me and my dad were invisible. I could only hear our voices. Anyways , we started arguing about how I want another game and at the end I didn't get my game D:<. Can't remember what happened later , but it had to do with my mom in my house. I had a few other dreams , but I forgot them >.<
    11. No effort no success

      by , 05-27-2011 at 11:50 AM
      I didn't really think too much about lucid dreaming/dreams before bed and I watched a movie before bed , so I guess thats the reason I didn't recall any dreams today.
    12. Poor Old Man

      by , 05-26-2011 at 02:32 PM
      Only a fragment

      I was in school with some friends of mine. We were in the school's yard , and me and some of my friends saw D. (CPE) and a few other teachers. The only teacher I remember is our physics teacher , P. We talked to him and he started growing older and sicker as we talked. I remember that at the end he said "Why did I ever get this job". What impressed me was how detailed the place looked. It had everything , grass , teachers in the background , the little table beneath the stairs , and even some coffee and cigarettes!
    13. Jack Sparrow!

      by , 05-25-2011 at 02:20 PM
      No lucids , but I recalled a full dream and a fragment! i'm getting better!

      Fragment: People laughed at me and I had no idea why so I looked in the mirror I have in my bathroom and I saw I have HUGE long hair on the left side of my head. I put a bow on it.

      Dream:Can't remember how the dream starts , but I remember sitting with Jack Sparrow in a pub and he told me to do something. I did but I can't remember what it was. After I did it he told me to drink a full barrel of some alcohol thing and then sail with his ship to somewhere without him. After I sailed there there was a little fight between me , a few other guys and skeletons then I somehow got to a town. I think it was New Marais (the town from inFamous 2).I was walking in the streets with someone I can't remember and then suddenly people started shooting us with rifles and they had mafia cloths. I think one of them was the two-faced guy from Batman (T_T). We ran trying to avoid the bullets until we found this resteraunt. We hid(hid or hided? someone help me >.>) in there. One of the people who were with me , I think I. (muscles) or some other guy was able to get a solid spot behind a frig. The rest of us tried hiding behind tables and stuff. When the shooters came in we started running all over the place and then we went up the stairs. Then I SOMEHOW was in an air ventilation channel from Batman Arkham Asylum (I DON'T KNOW @[email protected]) and looked at the outer world. I THINK I saw an Ionic Vortex (another inFamous 2 game element) and heard people screaming. I somehow knew it was the Beast from inFamous 2 tearing down the world. Then something happened with an electricial super hero.....
    14. Another DEILD failure?

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:16 AM
      Bullsh*t! Another DEILD failure ;(

      Fragment:In my regular dream I somehow realized that I was dreaming.

      I can't remember how my dream started , but I remember knowing that some mysterious guy was hurting me.
      I tried hunting him down , but there was this bully who protected him and I had to fight him. He won . Then I somehow realized it was that son of a bitch , M. , A blonde gay boy from Belgium who looks like Justin Bieber and sounds like a faggot. When I told him I know its him he laughed and did something with a voodoo doll. For some reason I played along and acted like it hurts . and I actually believed it did. I thought it was the reason for my random side-pains in real life. Then he ran away.
      A very BLURRY fragment and i'm not even sure of it is , I think he somehow transferred me to this Scarecrow horror world from Batman Arkham Asylum (Dream sign spotted!).
      After it happened a scene from Batman Arkham Asylum (YES , AGAIN! SHUT UP.). I was instead of Batman and M. was instead of Scarecrow. We were both in the same place the scene happened. M. tried using the voodoo doll to keep me away , and it still didn't hurt but I STILL played along and acted like it hurts and acted as if every movement of mine is hard to make. But at the end I took his voodoo doll from behind the bars and broke it (LOL don't ask.). It felt very Kratos-like. M. was stunned and scared. And I THINK I beat the crap out of him after it happened , but again , it's very blurry.
    15. No dreams -.-

      by , 05-23-2011 at 12:54 PM
      No dreams recalled ;(
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