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    Creepy Dream About a Blonde Girl

    by , 04-05-2014 at 04:57 PM (910 Views)
    Mom and I were kidnapped I believe and we were in this very large, fancy, glass building with pastel colors. There was another girl there, a blonde girl with straight hair. Probably around my age. We were trying to get away from these people who were about to kill us or worse. I remember it was really scary...I think there was others there to be killed or tortured but I'm not entirely sure. Mom and I somehow found a way to escape. We couldn't take the other girl with us, though. When we left I kept receiving these messages on a phone or computer from her somehow (it had her name...I think it started with V? Veronica...Viola? Violet?) saying things like "Where are you?!" "They're going to go after you!" "You left me here!" "They're going to kill me!" and other things like that and she was insulting me and sending pictures, although I can't remember what they were, but it was really freaking me out. I told my mom, but when she came the messages had dissapeared...and when she left they appeared again. I think she ended up being killed before anyone could save her...and she began haunting me? At some point in the dream she actually approached me or spoke to me (not through messaging) and talked about what happened when we had left. She showed me some kind of flashback or memory of her being held in that building...and she said something about being tortured until she went insane and I saw an image of her sitting on a bed, locked in some awful, dirty, dingy gray room with writing on the walls and her skin looked pale and faded...and she had scars all over her...it was terrible. What freaked me out the most was her face had cuts in it that made her look like she was smiling in a very creepy way. And then it looked like the smile was getting...bigger...wider...she looked so awful and terrifying. That's about all I can remember, but it was really creepy. I'm wondering if somehow this was connected to the dream I had night before last? That dream (although I just barely remember it) was about some blonde girl dying as well I think. They did look very similar, except the girl in the previous dream was a little girl and the one in this dream was a teenager and had longer hair. I think they both wore blue, too...so strange.

    Why do I always have such dark and creepy dreams...
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    1. sparkley's Avatar
      D: I had 2 dreams about a creepy blonde girl, that was a killer. D: It was mostly located in the woods and in my house.
    2. XTheDreamerX's Avatar
      That's pretty freaky