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    Cut Short Lucid, Nothing Interesting

    by , 04-30-2014 at 04:20 PM (419 Views)
    (This was from 4/29/14)

    I had a lucid dream. Surprise. My twelfth one. But it was cut short > : ( I remember thinking I might be in a dream. Where I was at this time, I cannot remember too well. Someplace a bit dark maybe? I think someone was with me? My dad? Can't be sure. I think the dream was actually in third person before I became lucid, because I remember seeing myself and changing the perspective to first person. I remembered to do a reality check. When I did it, of course, it worked. I then constantly reminded myself I was dreaming and rubbed my hands together a lot. I remember my hands feeling so...real rubbing against each other. I think I might have bumped into someone and I could feel how real the clothing they were wearing felt. It was all very vivid, perhaps more than usual. This might be because of the binaural beats I listened to before bed, which was supposed to induce more realistic dreams. Anyways, I was in a store. This time, it looked more like a Target. It was all nice, clean and bright. I refused to let myself get distracted and ignored the dream characters in the store as much as I could. I walked around the store a lot, through different isles, passing different people. Some said hello or something like this to me. I would respond, but keep walking. I remember toy isles, electronics isles, hair product isles, It's amazing how close it was to Target. While I walked, I continued to rub my hands together and tell myself I was dreaming, trying to stabilise the dream the best I could and keep it together, and thought about what I should do. I remember shouting "100% clarity" and everything in the isle I was in became even sharper then it already was. I could especially see a difference in the tile bellow me. I actually said "Woah." outloud lol. I thought about my dream goals. I remember thinking it was kind of more difficult to remember once I was in a dream, but I forced myself to remember. I decided I would try to look for my dream guide again. I then thought about how I would do it. I think about just going up to a door, but then I remember what I did in my first lucid. I walked up to a DC and asked them to take me to him. I decide I will do this again. That is when I start losing the dream. I remember thinking "No. Not again." I remember being at a brown front desk area with bad lighting, running into someone, and the dream ended. My alarm interrupted my lucid and woke me up T^T


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