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    1. Cut Short Lucid, Nothing Interesting

      by , 04-30-2014 at 04:20 PM (Dreamer's Dream World ☾)
      (This was from 4/29/14)

      I had a lucid dream. Surprise. My twelfth one. But it was cut short > : ( I remember thinking I might be in a dream. Where I was at this time, I cannot remember too well. Someplace a bit dark maybe? I think someone was with me? My dad? Can't be sure. I think the dream was actually in third person before I became lucid, because I remember seeing myself and changing the perspective to first person. I remembered to do a reality check. When I did it, of course, it worked. I then constantly reminded myself I was dreaming and rubbed my hands together a lot. I remember my hands feeling so...real rubbing against each other. I think I might have bumped into someone and I could feel how real the clothing they were wearing felt. It was all very vivid, perhaps more than usual. This might be because of the binaural beats I listened to before bed, which was supposed to induce more realistic dreams. Anyways, I was in a store. This time, it looked more like a Target. It was all nice, clean and bright. I refused to let myself get distracted and ignored the dream characters in the store as much as I could. I walked around the store a lot, through different isles, passing different people. Some said hello or something like this to me. I would respond, but keep walking. I remember toy isles, electronics isles, hair product isles, It's amazing how close it was to Target. While I walked, I continued to rub my hands together and tell myself I was dreaming, trying to stabilise the dream the best I could and keep it together, and thought about what I should do. I remember shouting "100% clarity" and everything in the isle I was in became even sharper then it already was. I could especially see a difference in the tile bellow me. I actually said "Woah." outloud lol. I thought about my dream goals. I remember thinking it was kind of more difficult to remember once I was in a dream, but I forced myself to remember. I decided I would try to look for my dream guide again. I then thought about how I would do it. I think about just going up to a door, but then I remember what I did in my first lucid. I walked up to a DC and asked them to take me to him. I decide I will do this again. That is when I start losing the dream. I remember thinking "No. Not again." I remember being at a brown front desk area with bad lighting, running into someone, and the dream ended. My alarm interrupted my lucid and woke me up T^T

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    2. Probably My Most Interesting Lucid Recently

      by , 04-22-2014 at 06:13 AM (Dreamer's Dream World ☾)
      (This was actually from night before last, but I was too lazy to post it yesterday.)

      Had a long lucid dream! Yay! That's like, what, three LDs in one week? (I had two other lucid dreams in that week, but did not post them. Get this though, I had them both in the same night! How cool is that?) Man, that's so awesome. I didn't even expect to have one last night since I didn't do as many RCs and didn't repeat my mantra as I went to sleep.
      I remember it started off in some large building with a lot of people. It was very white and clean inside, no lights were on, but there was plenty of light from the sun coming through the windows. I think it was a school or an apartment. Some random guy, probably early twenties, who was thin, tall and had brown hair (I think he wore a sweater) came in and threatened us. He said we had to find the secret passageway hidden in the building within five minutes. I don't remember what he said he'd do if we didn't find it, but I don't think it was anything good. I don't know why he asked us to find it either. We were all panicking, searching rooms for a hidden door or something as he was counting down. I ran through rooms, sliding across the floors, peaking under beds, looking everywhere I possibly could. All the rooms looked like I said before; no lights on and the walls were all white. Also, most floors were wood or white carpet and the furniture seemed modern.
      I eventually found a room that looked like my bedroom except clean. No furniture. It was around this point I suddenly realised I was dreaming and remembered if I found myself in my bedroom in a dream again I should try going through my mirror, just for fun. There were people outside the room and for some reason, I didn't want them to be able to see what I was doing inside so I left the door to my bedroom cracked. I walked up to my mirror and and touched it with my hand, expecting it to go through. It did and felt just like I imagined going through a mirror would feel; like going through a thick liquid. Suddenly I thought, what if this was the secret passage? I looked through the cracked door near me and saw that sweater guy was right outside the room. I think one of the DCs out there was one of my friends and I tried telling them where the secret passage was through hints so the sweater guy wouldn't know, but I sort of failed. He followed us into my bedroom and I told my friend to quickly go through the mirror. I tried going through the mirror, but couldn't force myself through. I took deep breathes and tried to believe I could go through the mirror. Then I finally went through, and I think I pulled that other guy through with me.
      After going through, we were now outside near a big, white building in some city on a sidewalk. Behind me was a glass wall that was slanted over and attached to the white building we were next to. I'm assuming that's where we came out and if I walked through it I would be in my bedroom again. The sweater guy fell to the ground and I thought he might attack me. I don't know what I was thinking but I shot out my hand and froze him XD Not frozen solid, he could move, but not much. I thawed him out immediately afterwards (didn't want to freeze the guy to death) and asked if he was alright and said I was still getting used to dream control (or something like that). He only nodded his head, I don't think he spoke, and just had a ":0" look on his face LOL. He seemed really surprised. I don't know what happened to my DC friend. Must've just gone somewhere else? Probably ran away. I know I would have. After this I started running really, really fast just for the hell of it. Eventually I stopped and looked around. I'm still on a sidewalk, in a city, and next to me is a metal fence. I repeatedly told myself this is a dream, as always, and said things such as "This is going to be an awesome, vivid, long lucid dream!" and things like this to help stabilise the dream and hopefully lengthen it. I think that really DID help a lot, since the dream lasted quite a while (I think).
      As I walked, I eventually saw a tree and then the sidewalk turned. Around the time when I see the tree, I say "100% clarity" to make everything more clear and vivid. Sure enough it works, however not as well as I would have liked. I continue walking and I see 2-3 people ahead of me, I think all brunette girls. Why I'm still walking and not out doing something, I don't know -_- They're discussing some restraunt or something like that. I think the scenery has changed and the fence is gone. I noticed the sky is a pretty blue with a few clouds and the sidewalk is replaced with pebbles. I see bright grass in the corner of my eye and a red building that kind of looked like a Chinese restraunt or something. Eventually I must have gotten close enough to them that they began to talk to me and ended up distracting me. The scenery has changed once again and it appears there are many more trees, it is dark, and there are a lot of bright, pretty lights and buildings. It almost looked like some sort of festival. My dream is fading a little and I've started to lose my lucidity until I finally remember I'm dreaming and I repeatedly tell myself this and try to stabilise my dream. "I need to leave this dream setting." I remember thinking to myself.
      And the next thing I rememeber I'm in a store that looks like Walmart. I don't know how I got here. I think the scenery just changed itself. I don't know why it had to be Walmart though. Talk about random. I see isles of different items, such as toys and decor and useful items. I see my parents are here shopping and talking to each other about stuff they need to buy. I must've have lost my lucidity for a few seconds because I started thinking "Oh, I might need to buy some stu--" but then I'm like "NO, you idiot. You're dreaming. You don't need to go shopping." I don't remember this part of the dream too well but I think I interacted with my parents for a little bit and then I told them something like "Hey, I like hanging out with you guys and all, but I think I'm going to go out and explore my dream more." They seem to understand well and say something like "That's fine." and smile. For some reason, my parents ALWAYS know that I'm dreaming in my dreams. Kind of odd. Wonder if that means something.
      I start thinking about my dream goals and decide I'm going to try going to Equestria. I want to go out through the exit, but I don't want to walk around the whole store looking for it so I try to fly. I swear I'm REALLY trying, but it just doesn't work. I was able to float for a few seconds on my stomach with my arms spread out, but I fell -_- So I eventually gave up and came up with the idea of trying to conjure a jet pack to allow me to fly. I look over to my right and see an isle of backpacks and I pick up a small, pale pink one and try to turn it into a jet pack. I fail. I think my mom came over and asked what I was doing and I said I can't fly so I'm trying to turn this backpack into a jet pack lol. She just says something like "Oh." in the most casual way like what I'm saying isn't crazy and people try to turn backpacks into jet packs all the time XD Yeah, that was pretty funny. Then the dream started to fade away and I could start to feel myself in bed. I try everything to try and stabilise it, saying different things and stuff and I even start to see my dream come back but I woke up anyway sadly.
      Right when I'm about to get to the point of my lucid dreams, I ALWAYS wake up, ugh. Stupid me, I waste too much time doing random shit. But hey, oh well. I'll get over that and get better. I'm still pretty happy about this dream. I'm really confident I can master lucid dreaming. I just need to figure out flying again and be more focused in my dreams...

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    3. A Short LD Where I Float Around My Living Room XD

      by , 04-06-2014 at 05:00 PM (Dreamer's Dream World ☾)
      Woohoo lucid dream! And this time RCs actually worked! It was great, even though I didn't do much in this one (again) -_- This time I got distracted by DCs of my family. I was in my house, in the living room and it was night and only the lamp was on so the room looked kind of orange. Everyone was sitting on the couch like usual and my mom and dad were playing some new PvZ update or something on their iPads and watching some crappy movie. I was questioning where I was and looking around the room for anything strange like I do in RL from time to time and it all looked very similar to the living room in real life. Except for some random paintings on the walls. We don't even have anything on the walls. I immediately knew I was dreaming but had to do an RC to make sure. I plugged my nose and breathed in, and sure enough I could breathe through my nose! Wow! First time I used an RC in a dream. I got happy and repeatedly said out loud I was dreaming. It felt so real when I was saying it that I almost thought I was saying it my sleep in real life XD LDs just feel so real sometimes. Like when I had a nosebleed in that other one (my second entry here) I actually thought I might be having one while I was sleeping lol. And a few other times in my dreams, what I was doing felt so real and I was almost afraid I might actually be doing it in RL like I was sleepwalking or something I did another nose plug reality check again and of course it worked. I was now completely convinced. Then I tried to fly again like in the previous LD and dang, it didn't work again! Even when I tried using my "technique" I came up with that usually works. I don't understand why I haven't been able to fly. It's incredibly frustrating now. Flying was the easiest thing for me to do in a dream before and I was really good at it Maybe my problem is I'm concentrating too hard? I've been thinking I'm not concentrating enough, but maybe it's the other way around. Maybe I just need to relax while I'm thinking about it. Or maybe I just need to practice my dream control. I used to have excellent dream control but I haven't been LDing in a while so I may need to work on it again. Anyway, although I wasn't able to fly, I did screw with the gravity which was hilarious! I was walking on air and I was like "Woohoo, I'm floating!" XD Then Jenny, a close friend, came in and we started reenacting that Gravity movie which was really too funny. I almost thought about trying to change everything to space but then thought no, maybe another time. I kept trying to do more things, but my family kept distracting me which was kind of annoying. I tried doing some other things like changing the scenery, but I couldn't concentrate and the DCs weren't helping. What I should've done was just walk out of the building, but oh well! It was still a nice, funny little dream. But then I wonder what would've been outside...Two non-lucid dreams I had before where the front door was opened, it was foggy outside like Silent Hill or something. It was really creepy. And almost immediately afterwards something bad would happen. Like in the first one, the radio acted up and got all static-y and it almost sounded like the singer's voice was spliced to sound like "You're dead." and it was on a repeat. When I looked outside, there was a man standing there in a suit and when he turned to look at me, he had no face. In the second one, my mom was the one who opened the door and someone burst in and shot her in the head. That was one of the most terrifying dreams I ever had. Maybe in an LD outside would've been different though.

      Next dream I really need to try to focus more. Hopefully I can remember my dream goals next time.
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    4. Guess who just had an LD for the first time in months?!

      by , 03-29-2014 at 05:47 PM (Dreamer's Dream World ☾)
      This girl right here

      (Excuse any typos, I typed this down a bit quickly)

      I was at some sort of law school for some odd reason. I remember the teachers disliked me I think because I didn't listen to them sometimes. The entire inside of the building was painted gray, had gray carpet, gray furniture, etc. It was a very dull place and made me feel a bit uncomfortable. I was walking down a hall with three or more other students who were dressed in suits. I don't think I was wearing one, just some jeans and a T-shirt like I wear normally. They had stopped to look at some posters at a wall and gave a look of disgust. I don't remember what exactly was on the posters, so I don't really know why they were disgusted by them. We walked into a small office or classroom or something with about four chairs and a desk in front of them. There was nothing on the gray walls and once again all the furniture was gray. A really tall, really buff, bald man had us sit down in the chairs and he didn't look very happy at all. He looked angry and I could tell that made the students next to me uncomfortable. He began speaking in a raised voice about something, however I don't quite remember what he was saying. While the students seemed a bit afraid about what he was saying, I simply sat there calmly. I suddenly knew it was a dream. It took me a little while to actually become lucid, but I eventually got out of the seat and interrupted the man and said "Let me just say something." He stopped and starred at me. I think I put my hands on his shoulders and then said in his face "I'm lucid." and grinned because I was so happy. He looked confused and stammered "W-what?" I told him I'd prove it to him and I started flying up to the ceiling. I flew up several feet, but lost my control and almost fell on my face. Typically flying is incredibly easy for me, but I guess I hadn't put enough concetration into it this time like I usually do. The DC continued to stare at me. I'm pretty sure I convinced him, but just in case I said to him that this was a dream. He said something like "Oh, my God." and then said he guessed I was "off the hook" then and gestured to the door leading out. I walked out and the students starred at me as I left. When I was back in the hallway, I started to feel the dream get blurry and faded and everything felt like it was spinning. I tried to focus on something and touch things around me which helped stabilise it some and keep it from collapsing for a just little bit longer. Eventually I somehow stumbled (I was having a hard time walking and standing because the dream was still spinning some) into a room that looked almost just like my bedroom from my old house in TX. The paint, the bed, lights and posters were pretty much the same. There were stuffed animals on the floor and my rug from my current bedroom was there for some reason. Unfortunately I couldn't stay in the dream any longer and I collapsed onto the rug and started having a bad nose bleed. I starred at the blood on my hand and then I "woke up" in my current bedroom. Except it was a false awakening. Lights were on but I could tell it was dark outside and for some reason my parents were up. I checked my nose for a sign of a nose bleed, but I seemed fine. I was trying to remember the lucid dream and then I woke up in RL.

      I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to keep the dream from collapsing and do anything exciting, but I am very glad to have had another lucid dream! Man, feels so damn good to have a lucid dream again. It's been so long since my last one.

      Hoping to have more soon!

      Now I'm off to watch the new FiM episode~