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    A Short LD Where I Float Around My Living Room XD

    by , 04-06-2014 at 05:00 PM (510 Views)
    Woohoo lucid dream! And this time RCs actually worked! It was great, even though I didn't do much in this one (again) -_- This time I got distracted by DCs of my family. I was in my house, in the living room and it was night and only the lamp was on so the room looked kind of orange. Everyone was sitting on the couch like usual and my mom and dad were playing some new PvZ update or something on their iPads and watching some crappy movie. I was questioning where I was and looking around the room for anything strange like I do in RL from time to time and it all looked very similar to the living room in real life. Except for some random paintings on the walls. We don't even have anything on the walls. I immediately knew I was dreaming but had to do an RC to make sure. I plugged my nose and breathed in, and sure enough I could breathe through my nose! Wow! First time I used an RC in a dream. I got happy and repeatedly said out loud I was dreaming. It felt so real when I was saying it that I almost thought I was saying it my sleep in real life XD LDs just feel so real sometimes. Like when I had a nosebleed in that other one (my second entry here) I actually thought I might be having one while I was sleeping lol. And a few other times in my dreams, what I was doing felt so real and I was almost afraid I might actually be doing it in RL like I was sleepwalking or something I did another nose plug reality check again and of course it worked. I was now completely convinced. Then I tried to fly again like in the previous LD and dang, it didn't work again! Even when I tried using my "technique" I came up with that usually works. I don't understand why I haven't been able to fly. It's incredibly frustrating now. Flying was the easiest thing for me to do in a dream before and I was really good at it Maybe my problem is I'm concentrating too hard? I've been thinking I'm not concentrating enough, but maybe it's the other way around. Maybe I just need to relax while I'm thinking about it. Or maybe I just need to practice my dream control. I used to have excellent dream control but I haven't been LDing in a while so I may need to work on it again. Anyway, although I wasn't able to fly, I did screw with the gravity which was hilarious! I was walking on air and I was like "Woohoo, I'm floating!" XD Then Jenny, a close friend, came in and we started reenacting that Gravity movie which was really too funny. I almost thought about trying to change everything to space but then thought no, maybe another time. I kept trying to do more things, but my family kept distracting me which was kind of annoying. I tried doing some other things like changing the scenery, but I couldn't concentrate and the DCs weren't helping. What I should've done was just walk out of the building, but oh well! It was still a nice, funny little dream. But then I wonder what would've been outside...Two non-lucid dreams I had before where the front door was opened, it was foggy outside like Silent Hill or something. It was really creepy. And almost immediately afterwards something bad would happen. Like in the first one, the radio acted up and got all static-y and it almost sounded like the singer's voice was spliced to sound like "You're dead." and it was on a repeat. When I looked outside, there was a man standing there in a suit and when he turned to look at me, he had no face. In the second one, my mom was the one who opened the door and someone burst in and shot her in the head. That was one of the most terrifying dreams I ever had. Maybe in an LD outside would've been different though.

    Next dream I really need to try to focus more. Hopefully I can remember my dream goals next time.

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