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    Weird Beach/Pool + Almost DEILD?

    by , 04-23-2014 at 11:16 PM (501 Views)
    My dream recall is finally getting better again! I remembered four different dreams last night. I won't post them all, just the one that I thought was kind of interesting because this DJ needs more entries

    So I was swimming at a beach or something of some sort. It was very sunny outside and the water was very deep. There were quite a lot of people swimming that I could see, and my family was there (I swear, they've been in like 99% of my dreams lately). We were all playing tag and having fun and when everyone was done swimming the water was completly sucked out from under us and we were all instantly dry...Then we proceeded across the sandy floor into a blue, glass, modern looking building in front of us and I suppose here was where we changed out of our swimsuits. The walls were blue, the carpet was a slightly darker blue and I also remember seeing a front desk and changing rooms. I went into one of the changing rooms and was really, really angry because my mom had forgotten to bring me a shirt. It was a really strange dream Imagine if that was how public pools or beaches were; When you're done swimming the water is just sucked away and your completly dried XD

    Also I remember at some point last night, I had woken up and tried to do a DEILD. I think it almost worked? I was sort of "sucked" into a dream or something. The setting looked like where my last lucid ended: a Walmart. The second I appeared in the dream I could feel the dream wavering and slipping away so I rubbed my hands together and said different things to try and stabilise it, but it didn't work Really sucks. I felt so close!

    Oh well! Will keep on trying.

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