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    1. 122316 - 2 ld, 2 nld

      by , 12-23-2016 at 08:11 PM

      DREAM I
      Me and my friend Mack went to go play basketball. We tried to get next, and everybody told us no. I went to my Digital Media class, and my old Physics teacher was teaching the class instead. I had to sit by a bunch of weird kids, since I got there late and all the spots were taken. We went outside into the school to work, and a girl handed me a cantaloupe. I forgot what it's purpose was for, but I dropped it and it split all over the place. She laughed and said it was okay. She def liked me lmao.

      I went back into the Digital Media class, and this kid sitting next to me (the reallllllllly weird one) looked at my friend Dylan, then ran his finger across Dylan's throat and said "Your neck looks fake, Dylan."

      Me and Dylan laughed really awkwardly and said okay, because we were afraid to do anything else. He pretended to slice his neck again, then eat it. Once again, he said his neck was fake.

      I said, "I agree man!! You pranked him!", because I wanted to get on the kids good side just in case he shot up the school or something.
      (Gotta make a connection with the Eugenes hahahahhah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaY-DY3o-T0&t=4m19s)

      Me and Dylan then immediately dropped Digital Media after that class was done because the kid was so creepy. I told my teacher, and he said I was taking this too far. The girl that liked me jokingly said, "you won't be missed."

      I was in my room, and I had just woken up. My TV was on my night stand instead of the dresser.I recognized I was dreaming. I went outside of my house, and I was in Alaska. There was snow everywhere and it was freezing. I tried to make it so that I didn't feel coldness, only heat, but it didn't work. I zapped people with my powers, and shot lightning at the people that tried to fight me. I tried the Kamehameha from DBZ and it worked. I think I got too excited, because I woke up after the Kamehameha worked (not really, just another FA)

      I had another FA in my room. I'm not sure how, but I knew I was still awake. I went to the basement and decided to go out the back door. Evan was there. Since I had great control in my last dream, I tried to fly. I jumped into the air and immediately fell back down, and belly flopped on the ground. I tried to superjump over the fence, but it didn't work. We were on the driveway playing bsaketball. I was really just fascinated that I was talking with something that was a product of my brain, and that everything I was seeing was being created before my eyes in realtime. It was just really cool.

      "I'm asleep. This is a dream. But, does that mean you're asleep too, and we're having a shared dream, or are you a figment of my imagination?" I asked him.

      "I'm not real." He said, and was silent for a couple seconds, "I'm a figment of your imagination. After you wake up, I'll cease to exist."

      "So, are you my subconscious?" I asked him.

      "No, not really. Just a part of your dream. I have no real importance. I won't even be in the dream for very long. I'm not essential to anything, for the most part." He replied.

      This, again, fascinated me.

      Two girls in the neighbors house came outside, and stuff happened. I then walked to my friends house, and although she wasn't there, there were still girls there, so more stuff happened. Dream faded.

      FA III
      I was laying in bed. I heard my parents arguing downstairs. I didn't have the energy to move. (not like I was just being lazy, like, I literally couldn't move. Everytime I tried to, I was just too exhausted and I had to immediately stop.)

      I was finally able to push myself onto the floor, but I couldn't get up. I thought I was awake, so I initiated a DEILD.

      The DEILD worked, even though I was never really awake. I was now laying in the floor of my kitchen, and I heard Sayid and Jack from lost yelling my name outside of my house. They were looking for me, like I had gone missing. I yelled to them that I was in here, and Sayid came in and found me. He told me they'd been looking for me for a long time, and asked where I had been that whole time.

      "I'm asleep. You're not real. This is still really, REALLY, cool though. It's like I'm actually talking to you.

      Unlike Evan from my last dream, he didn't just admit he wasn't real.

      "I do not know what you're talking about. The Others must have brainwashed you. Come on." He said.

      We stepped outside the garage door, and instead of entering my garage, we were on the island. I turned back, and the door was gone. I immediately lost lucidity.
      There were 3-4 trapezes on top of each other, amounting to being probably 80-100 feet tall. Anna Lucia and I went up them, because we needed a vantage point for something. I looked around at the island from the top of the trapezes, and I woke up. (for real, this time).

      DREAM II
      I was in an arena, although it was mostly empty. It was a hockey arena, but they were playing soccer. I had a blue kick ball, and I threw it down to them, so that they could use it. I left the game and went home, and all of my relatives were at my house for Christmas dinner. We needed the ball for something, so I went back to the gym to get it. My girlfriend in the dream went with me. We made characters to go get the ball back for us, and we gave them red skin to look like aliens to try to scare the soccer players into giving the characters the ball. The red skin just looked like they were wearing a red shirt, so it didn't scare the soccer players.

      We never got the ball back.

      At multiple times throughout my lucid dreams, I just remember looking around in awe at the world around me, and how, well, realistic it looked. Everything was such high quality, and so vivid.
      It was really amazing.
    2. 122116

      by , 12-23-2016 at 07:42 PM

      DREAM I
      We were at a fancy hotel. My dad checked us in. He was on the 7th floor, me, my mom, and my sister were on the 1st floor. There was a window on the ceiling of our room so we could see the sky. We saw two planes collide with each other then crash into the building. The building caught on fire. Me, my mom, and my sister got out fine, but we saw a diagram showing where the fires were, and they were on the 7th floor, where my dad was. We thought he was dead, but then he walked out of the snack bar on the 1st floor, and said he was down here to get some chips when the planes crashed.

      I told them I would never go on a plane ever again.

      DREAM II

      I was at school. A plane purposely crashed into our school, and everyone ran away. I ran to my car, and my friends Erica and Kaleb were in the car already. I took a wrong turn in the parking lot, but finally we got out. We were in an alleyway outside of the school, and we found Kaleb's dog. Right after this, another plane hit, and some of the wreckage landed right next to us. We started driving again.

      We found a bunker, like the hatch, from Lost. We went inside. Suddenly, my vision changed, and I was seeing what it used to be like, instead of what was actually going on right now. It was a torture chamber, with people chained up everywhere. One person escaped from their chains and attacked me, and I killed him, then executed everybody else. I was now back in present time, and there was one person in there. We killed him. I barricaded the door to the hatch, and went to the basement. We played Dead Rising 2. I was watching Birdman, and suddenly I wasn't with Erica and Kaleb anymore, but I was with Anna Lucia and a guy from work. They said Birdman was hilarious.

      I was at school, in math class. My math teacher awarded a girl a prize for being a good student, and it was a trophy. The trophy was a naked statue, and a kid in my class, Josh, thought this was funny and laughed. My teacher got angry at Josh.

      "I don't come
      fuffing (i specifically remember him saying this, because I woke up and died when I thought about it because of how stupid that word is. He's never even said that in real life, I don't think anybody has. Don't know how my brain came up with it.) around in your class, Josh, so don't do it in mine."

      "Are you fucking kidding me, Josh, what's wrong with you? Why are you like this??"

      Stuff like that.

      Josh got up and unzipped my teachers jacket, and he yelled, "Don't unzip my jacket!" with three or four students holding him back from fighting Josh. There was a huge crowd around them, and my teacher got past the people holding them back and started beating Josh. Lots of people were recording it. It was funny.


      This is more than likely connected to the second dream.

      I was playing with 2k with Anna Lucia. I did a spin move, and got right past the guy on the other team, then did a 360 over his teammate. The guy that I dunked on was fat, and he yelled through his mic, "EXPLOIT AGAIN AND I'LL HACK YOU."
      Anna Lucia and I died laughing.

      I was in an apartment. Sawyer owed Kate money for an apartment, and showed up there. I told him he was at the wrong apartment and Kate had given him the wrong address. Sawyer let out one of his famous "SON OF A BITCH." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_YHV5fdUiQ) and then launched into a story about how dogs, and how they have completely identical DNA, but they look different.

      I was playing 2k with a guy named LarryPie. He was a Superstar 2, and a Superstar 3 wanted to play with him, and so did I. I was only Allstar 2, so he chose the Superstar 3 instead of me. My friend HanBin asked me about Abby, and said he wanted me to give him her phone number. I told him no.
    3. 122016

      by , 12-23-2016 at 07:13 PM

      I was in NYC. The car I was driving was really a dolley. I would slide around on it. I came into a parking lot and saw a person selling pizza out of a cart. I got off the dolley and pushed it into a parking spot and bought some pizza. I was then actually driving a car around NYC, thinking how beautiful it was.

      DREAM I
      I was on Snapchat and I opened Madi's story. It was a picture of her with the caption "anybody want to hang out?" as she normally does. As usual, I just moved on from her story and didn't send anything to her. A couple seconds later, she updated her story. It was a picture of her again, with the caption " *my name* I SEE YOU WATCHING MY STORY ANSWER ME LMAO *laughing emoji* ".

      I sent her "lmao sorry." but accidentally sent it to Darius, someone I never talk to.
      He responded with "wtf man", or something like that.

      I sent him "My bad bro 7s."
      (the 7s was supposed to be the laughing emoji)

      I was in the basement while all of this happened, and my mom came down. She told me to go up to my room and get all of the water bottles and pens and pencils out of my room, and that they're disgusting.

      DREAM II
      I was at work, and there was a big stall sort of thing in the middle of the store. It was a shower. I realized I hadn't showered before coming to work, so I went in to take a shower. There were holes in the walls so I was afraid people would see me. The stall was divided into one half. My half was the shower, and then on the other half was a little girl singing Christmas songs to the customers at the store. After taking my shower, I realized that I had tickets to a New York Knicks game. I went upstairs in the store, where the arena was. Upstairs was very weird in the dream, nothing like my real workplace. The power was out and it was very dark.

      I went into the bathroom upstairs to get something out, and I ran into someone from school. I left the bathroom and entered the arena. There were two AAU girls teams playing, and there weren't many people there. I sat down, and a girl from one of the teams came up and talked to me. Two kids from my school joined me, Cooper and LaMarcus. We were talking about the Celtics and the Knicks, and I was trying to convince them that the Celtics were good. I was telling them about Isaiah Thomas, and Cooper said the only reason he was good was because he was short and didn't weigh much.
    4. 121916

      by , 12-19-2016 at 07:48 PM

      DREAM I
      There was a picnic in my backyard in a foresty area. I was on my phone, finding music to play, because I thought it would make the party more fun. I played Good Morning by Kanye West. (it was actually remarkably accurate, sounded a lot like the real version). My sisters boyfriend was there, setting up a picnic table. I went over to help, but I got a splinter from a tree. It hurt really bad. I looked down at my hands to take it out (fuck me, I looked at my hands for at least 20 seconds and didn't become lucid.) and whenever I touched it, it became very fragile, and was very similar to a eyelash rather than a splinter. I pulled it out and my finger began bleeding. I laid the splinter on the picnic table, and it was roughly 3 inches long.

      DREAM II
      I was inside of a video game. There were multiple GUIs in my dream showing me ammo, health, etc. I was holding a mini-gun, walking around the map killing people. I was apparently good at the game, because the other people couldn't beat me. I was playing an elimination type game, e.g., you die, you're out. A kid from my biology class, Hunter, was the last one on the other team, and I was the last on mine. I came up behind him and shot him a ton, but his health was barely going down. Someone on my team yelled out to me that he was the best player on their team. I was following him around the map shooting him, and he was just running. He ran inside of a building, then up a flight of stairs. I was in close pursuit and ran up the stairs, but he was waiting at the top, and jumped over me, then began running back down the stairs. He couldn't kill me, but I couldn't kill him either, because he was running.

      I was doing a freelance job for somebody with my mom. We were doing something on the computer, and we were on a program where we had to sort various foods by number. 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 of each type of food. The girl who hired us said something to me, and I my response was sarcastic, so she fired us.

      I was at some sort of rodeo for my sisters school. it was a convention of sorts. It was mainly outside, and there were lots of people there. For some reason, there were lots of rugs strewn across the ground as sort of mats to walk on.

      I was at a grocery store with my mom and sister. A lot of the food was laying on the ground, and the store was a mess. There were gorillas walking around with carts, and there were mostly bananas inside of them, but some other food. I was scared the gorillas were going to attack me, so I tried to avoid them. For the most part, the gorillas were shopping rather normally. By the exit of the store, I saw somebody that I work with, Andrew. He knew my sister somehow, and they hugged, like they hadn't seen each other in a long time. My mom hugged him too. I said hey (not about to hug this mannn) and he said hey back.
    5. So close to Basic I! - 1 LD, Multiple Fragments

      by , 02-05-2015 at 11:57 PM
      Non Lucid

      Fragment One/LD: Grandma Attacked By Demons
      For some reason, I was with a woman who in the dream was my grandma, but I have no clue who she is in real life. I remember doing tedious tasks with her during the day, like gardening, putting groceries away, etc. I don't remember anything vividly or that specific. (This is when I start to remember the dream) The dream is a huge blur from there, and then I'm up in my bed. It's very late, when all of the sudden I hear the music that plays when the Irish poltergeist from Insidious enters. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YW2THrzAr6c) It was coming from my grandmas room. Apparently, in this dream, I was not very heroic, so I turned and sprinted down the stairs and out into my front yard as fast as I could. All of the sudden, it just came to me.

      "I'm asleep." I said happily.

      I was so happy. First time I've had a LD in months. The first thing I wanted to do was start the Tasks of the Month, but sadly, I couldn't think of any of them! Then, all of the sudden, I remembered one. Basic I (do something naughty and blame it on another character). I turned around and saw two men on my front yard. I ran up to one of them and was going to punch him (not really naughty, but I guess in my dream I thought it was) but the other DC punched him before I could even get there, and he blamed it on me! I was so shocked. The DC did literally EXACTLY what I was about to do to get the task completed! For some reason my mind completely strayed from the ToTM after that, and I wanted to ride in a Ferrari. (idek) So I said out loud
      "Wow, is that a Ferrari driving by??"
      Unfortunately, the dream didn't really understand what I was trying to do, so I saw a Ferrari speed by on a street about 75-100 feet away. It was going so fast I barely even saw it.
      I decided to revise what I had to say.
      "Wow, why is that Ferrari going to pull up on my driveway?"
      This time, I guess my dream got the message. The Ferrari drove back, pulled up onto my driveway, and a door shot open. I ran over to it to observe it. It actually looked very similar, if not identical, to a Ferrari in real life, and it was golden. Inside were a bunch of old men smoking cigars.
      I jumped in, and we drove off down the street.
      For some reason, the street sort of morphed into my school hallway.

      Fragment Two: Zombie Apocalypse
      I was back at my old elementary school, and I was walking to where my mom used to pick me up. Once I got there, I realized I had gone to the wrong side and my mom was parked on the other side. I began to walk back over, and saw lots of cars parked on one end of the blacktop. I saw somebody beating against the window on one of the cars, so I ran past them. On the blacktop, I saw lots of body parts strewn across it. It was disgusting. The thing beating against the window of the cars turned towards me, because I had stopped in my tracks while watching this. It started sprinting after me, and I turned and ran across the blacktop as fast as I could. I saw a friend of mine on the other side, and he wasn't a zombie. I also saw another kid that was super annoying, but luckily moved away many years ago. They were both running towards me as well. I kept running until I got over there, and they attacked the zombie.

      After they killed it, I stood there and caught my breath. For some reason though, they were cutting their arms with the knives to try to attract the zombies. I was confused why they were doing this, but it seemed to be working. The zombies were running towards them, so I ran up towards the school and inside (completely forgot about my mom for some reason).

      Fragment Three: Computer Club/Fight
      This fragment is PROBABLY connected to the zombie apocalypse fragment, but I don't know for sure, so I'm separating them. In this fragment, for some reason, I was going to computer club. It was in the media center, and there were a lot of kids playing on iPads and laptops. Unfortunately, they were out of laptops, so I left. As I was walking back, I saw the teacher toss an iPad to one of the students, which I thought was very unsafe.
      When I walked out, I saw some idiot kid that used to be annoying to me and my friends in middle school.
      "HEY JACK" he yelled, like he used to. (He actually was an idiot, I'm not even lying. Like, it wouldn't surprise me if his IQ was below 70.)
      Idk, in this dream I guess I was just super fed up so I walked up to him and started shoving him. He shoved me back, and then the Home to School communicator ran up and told us to stop and asked what was going on.

      I explained it, and the kid said "I could so beat you up"
      The HtSC muttered "Yeah, I really doubt that."
      I shoved the kid again, and the HtSC told me to stop and said that I was just turning into the kid.
      So, I walked away, and for some reason the floors had been replaced with trampolines. I was jumping up very high and touching the ceiling of the hallway. Everyone thought it was cool, and so did I.

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    6. Wanted by terrorists - 1 NLD

      by , 02-05-2015 at 01:49 AM
      Non Lucid

      Wanted By Terrorists:

      This dream started off with me in an abandoned street in Afghanistan. All of the sudden, I heard the sound of a helicopter, and it kept getting louder and louder. I felt huge gusts of wind, and I looked up. I saw the helicopter lowering down, and suddenly my body wasn't there anymore, like I was spectating. I watched the helicopter land, and saw 10-15 Navy Seals jump out, and after they all came out, another person jumps out, wearing something like this (https://www.google.com/search?q=indi...%3B2048%3B3072). (That's pretty similar to what he was wearing, except he was wearing a different type of fedora.)

      I got the impression that he was a doctor, and that he was very important. Suddenly, I had a sort of vision of a newspaper that said that he was wanted by terrorists for murder. The image faded, and I was back at the scene, observing. There was a Target next to us, but besides that, the street was abandoned. I saw a single Target cart laying in the road, and a woman with 2 children walking by.

      All of the sudden, I was the doctor. I saw the children walking by, and felt that something bad was about to happen. Before I knew it, an RPG missile came out of nowhere and hit the sidewalk they were walking on, completely blowing them up. Luckily, the sidewalk emitted lots of dust so I didn't have to watch the gruesome event.
      The Seals went wild and started shooting their guns into the air, at random targets (which were mostly random buildings and windows). They ran down the street, and since I got the impression they were supposed to be protecting me, I followed them. I knew that the RPG was supposed to be for me, so I felt lucky that I had survived.

      We got farther down the street and I saw my school. (Seriously? I go to Afghanistan and that place still finds me ) and the Seals got the impression that the Terrorists were in there. They started yelling and ran inside, shooting their weapons. It left me outside, defenseless.

      I ducked down behind a blown up car, and looked around. I saw a house being built, and there were people walking around with RPGs in it.
      "Wow, how did they miss that?" I thought to myself.
      I was hoping that they were going to leave me alone and weren't the Terrorists that had tried to kill me, but one of them started walking towards me. He was a male, with an AK-47. I screamed into my walkie talkie that they were coming, and in about 10 seconds the Seals were back outside, guns ablaze.

      The Terrorist walking towards me dropped dead instantly, and the rest of the Terrorists stood no chance.

      The dream is a blur, and I'm back at my house. A party is going on for me for returning home safely. A friend from school is there, and asks if I want to play a game.
      I wake up.

    7. Freaky Ghosts Dream, and a Madden Mobile Dream - 2 NLDs

      by , 02-03-2015 at 11:42 PM
      Non Lucid

      First Dream: Madden Mobile
      I was in the commons for some school (not the one I go to) and it was filled with a bunch of kids my age. One of my best friends in reality, J, walked over to me and sat down next to me.

      "You shouldn't be friends with D" He said
      "Why not?" I asked him
      "Because he used to do this". J said
      J pulled out his phone, and showed me a video of D scamming somebody on Madden Mobile.
      "So? People can change, J." I responded to him, and he shrugged and put his phone away.

      Second Dream: Ghosts
      I was up in my room, and for some reason my parents had told me I had to go to bed early that night and that I couldn't get on my phone. Being the rebel I was, while I was in my room, I decided to start playing on my phone. I opened up Madden Mobile (seriously, what's with all the Madden Mobile in my dreams? ) and started playing. I had only been on it for about 2 seconds, but suddenly it was very late at night, and for some reason I looked at the clock for a while and it didn't mess up like it was supposed to. (Seriously, I wish it had.. I might've become Lucid for the first time in a while! ) All of the sudden, I realized that the sound was playing on Madden Mobile and my parents could probably hear it. As soon as I thought that, my dad stormed into the room with my mom right behind him. Somehow I hid my phone before they came in, but they demanded I give them my iPod. For some reason, one of those big bulky iPods was sitting on my nightstand even though I haven't owned one for years.
      "Okay, here you go." I responded, and handed it to them. They were actually pretty nice.

      The dream is kind of a blur for a little bit, but I don't think much happened.
      It was still very late at night, and for some odd reason I was walking down to my basement when I saw some greay thing on the floor. I picked it up, and while doing that, I noticed that there was a section of my shirt missing that was in the exact same shape as the thing on the floor, and my shirt was gray as well. I got a text from an unknown number, and it said,

      "Well, well, well. I wonder who could've done that. "

      And at that moment, I sensed that there were two presences in the room with me. I sprinted up the stairs as fast as I could, but to my dismay, my back was weighed down weird in this dream and it almost caused me to fall down the stairs multiple times. Eventually, I got to my parents room, and started screaming. My dad started telling me that I was lying, but I showed him the text, and all the color drained from his face.

      "This wasn't supposed to happen." He said very slowly.
      We ran into my sisters room (which is now vacant, as she went off to college this past summer) and he went into her closet and threw all of her clothes onto the floor.
      "What are you doing?" I asked, but then I noticed there was a door behind the clothes.
      "I'm the only one who has the key to this. We'll be safe in here." He said, as he opened the door.
      My dad, my mom, and I ran inside of it and locked it as quickly as possible.
      As soon as we locked it, a text appeared on my phone

      "We know about the room. We see you."

      I woke up right after that, and I was super scared.
      This might not sound that creepy, but it was pretty terrifying for me.
    8. FA - I check DreamViews

      by , 02-02-2014 at 09:59 PM
      This FA was very realistic.
      I woke up (not really) and saw my dog laying on my bed as she always does. I rolled over and picked up my phone and saw it was set to a thing I really did post on here. The thread was pretty much the same so I declared I was awake. I put down on my phone and reached over to get my dream journal when I saw the clock spazzing out. I got excited and looked at my hands and saw they were distorted. I got SO happy since it's the first one I've had in a long time, but it woke me up.
      I'm not considering this a LD since it was only for five seconds, but it felt good to know I can still do it.
    9. I Get Flung Out of a Car - 8/6/2013

      by , 08-06-2013 at 03:07 PM
      Lucid Dream
      Non-Lucid Dream
      Before I start, I'm warning you my recall here is pretty shitty since I haven't used a DJ in 2 or 3 months.

      We were at a field trip for school. It was pouring outside and there was lots of thunder (which I later learned was because it was storming in real life, also.) There was a little loft over our head that was keeping us dry by the building we were standing by. It was a jewelry store. My dad ran in and bought three rings and gave them to me. He told me to keep them safe, because they were for my mom. The rest of the dream is kind of a blur, and then I was in the car with my best friends mother. I was in the front seat and he was in the back. We were going about 90 MPH on a normal street. We were in what appeared to be a bad part of town. Lots of buildings had graffiti and there were lots of those "wannabe" gangsters walking around. One of them walked in front of our car, so she slammed on the brakes. I flew out of my chair. I broke the windshield, and kept flying another 40 or 50 feet. I'm going to admit, my land was pretty badass considering I didn't know I was dreaming. I got my body in a position where I'd land on my back, and at the angle I was coming down I figured I'd start sliding once I hit the ground. I did, and I lept on one foot and raced to the side walk. I turned back and saw their car was gone. They were my ride home. I didn't know where I was at. Lots of people were eyeing me suspiciously but no one got too close. I started walking and found lots of drug dealers, asking me if I wanted one, and keeping my vow to never use drugs or smoke I turned them down. I kept walking and eventually found a place I was familiar with. I knew how to get home. I found Xander from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (I doubt any of you have seen it..lol) and a guy that was like a mini-him whose name was Jesse. I guess that was because Xander and Jesse were best friends on the show before Jesse turned into a vampire. We saw 3 girls walking down the street and Xander said, "Don't worry guys. I'll seduce em for us." And he ran over to them, started pulling down his shorts, and I recognized my sister along the 3 girls. She bent down and the ground and started throwing up, and the rest of them did too. It was kind of disgusting, to be honest.. We kept walking and got to my neighborhood. I think I was a little aware that I was dreaming because I started kind of, changing the dream. I said, "Don't worry, Xander, around the corner there's 3 girls who are up for a gangbang with us." And we turn the corner and there they are. They rejected Xander again, though.
    10. I am Percy Jackson - June 11th, 2013

      by , 06-12-2013 at 02:51 AM
      Sorry I haven't been on for like...two weeks? I've been checking up on the site occasionally, but since I've been on vacation I didn't have the time to actually post. I missed the site But now I have returned! This was a really, strange dream. It was like, I knew I was dreaming, and I could still see the dream playing out, but it was like I could see the blackness of my eyelids too. Has anyone had an experience like this before? I'm going to go ahead and call this a NLD since for most of the dream I was not aware I was asleep.
      Lucid Dream
      Non-Lucid Dream

      I was in this San Francisco type area. I could see the Golden Gate bridge out side of the window in my parents new home. I had just received some very interesting news from an email, and it was that I was a Demi-God (this will make sense if you have read the Percy Jackson series) They also said that under our couch was a secret Demi God lair where you can train, etc. I pushed open the couch and climbed down and saw lots of kids looking grim.
      A blonde girl looked at me and said, "We've just received some very, very bad news Jack. Kronos has returned." She said and burst into tears.
      In this dream I was pretty dumb about mythology apparently, because I asked her who Kronos was and a black kid, about 10 years old by the looks of him, came up to me and said "He is the lord of the Titans and he wants to destroy the world."
      I made some smart comment like "Oh yeah."
      "Kronos is planning to strike San Francisco tonight!" A kid who looked about 16 said, and he pulled a sword out from a cabinet and said "If it's war he wants, it's war he'll get." All of the campers then cheered and got armed. I was kind of confused about what I should get when the blonde girl giggled and told me to get a sword and a small knife. I took her suggestions then climbed out back into my couch.
      "Mom, dad, in case I never see you guys again, I just wanted to let you know I love you." I said to my parents, and this was one of the few dreams where I cry in it. I started tearing up and my dad hugged me and said I had been a great son. My mom said she loved me too, and told me to be safe.
      I walked out of the front door with my fellow Demi Gods and we all got into these cars. Somehow I knew the fight was going to be on the Golden Gate Bridge. On the way there, we passed a huge limousine full of monsters. The man driving the car had a spear in his head but was grinning at me. I rolled down the car window and yelled "It's on spearhead!" That became my new nickname for him, I guess.
      Finally we reached the Golden Gate Bridge. We blocked off the bridge so regular humans wouldn't get in the way and die. I noticed my best friend B for the first time trying to get his helmet on correctly, and that's when the enemies charged. The archers in the back shot tons of arrows up, and the dream slowed down into slow motion. I tried to yell NO! because I knew one of the arrows was going to hit Beau, and it did straight in the neck. As the other Demi Gods charged into combat, I ran up to Beau. He was bleeding out because of the arrow in his neck.
      "Jack...kill, Kronos for me...okay?' He said and grinned weakly.
      "I will, Beau." I responded, and he took his final breath and died. I wiped a tear off of my face and ran into combat. I saw the 10 year old black boy die. He was fighting Spearhead and Spearhead pulled the spear out of his head and stabbed him with it. Another Demi God I did not know took up combat with him, and got the same out come. I was tired of this guy pushing us around and killing us, so I walked over to him and we started fighting. My legs were moving in slow motion. So were my arms. He could walk normally though. He was about to stab me whenever an arrow hit his spear and sent it flying out of his hands. I turned around and found the blonde girl holding a bow and grinning. My legs went back to normal. I knew I could beat this guy. He pulled out a small knife and I charged, and I don't really remember what happened but I know I killed him. The rest of the fight was a blur and stuff, and I found Kronos, the only one still alive, about to kill himself.
      "This is for Beau!" I yelled and threw my knife. It impaled itself in his chest with a soft thud, and he collapsed. He was dead. We all began cheering and I went up to check on my parents.
    11. I DEILD But go In a NLD, Non-Smoking Convention, Baseball - May 30, 2013

      by , 05-30-2013 at 01:36 PM
      Lucid Dream
      Non-Lucid Dream
      I was walking through a prison for some reason with my friends. We were high up. I looked out the window, and climbed onto the window sill because I was trying to look like I was not afraid of heights (which I am) and I fell. I closed my eyes as I was falling, and when I opened them I was in my backyard. There was a baseball game going on. I could tell that the ump did not like me already. He was glaring at me across field. I walked up to the pitcher on my team and said "We need to rotate the umps. This one already doesn't like me." The whole baseball game was basically just kicking the ball then running, so it was more like kickball. I looked to my neighbors house and saw one of the previous people I went out with, M. She was staring at me, and I decided that I should try to impress her, so I took my shirt off, and to my dismay I was as pale as whip - cream. I put my shirt on as fast as I could, and fortunately, she did not see. I started walking out of my backyard and kicked open the gate to it and pulled out my phone. It had a picture of my old baseball coach, R, where he looked creepy and saying that he was hosting a "Stop Smoking" clinic. It said he was a heavy smoker but stopped using the same techniques he was going to be teaching us. It was in my social studies teachers class room, but all the tables had been spread out and we were all standing in a circle. R started walking around, studying us. And then he threw a baseball at one kid. The kid punched it and everyone started clapping.
      "That is the first step to stop smoking!" R screamed.
      Everyone began clapping again, and he did it over and over to everyone, and whenever it came to me I hit it really hard and everyone screamed with enthusiasm. I then climbed out of the window of school and saw that I was on a bay. There was an ocean by us, and people were shooting fireworks to try and get them into numbered bins that were 1,2,3,4, and so on. It seemed like the number everyone wanted was 22. I woke up. I opened my eyes, but then closed them fast because I was going to do DEILD, my heart started pumping fast and I felt like I could feel blood going through my veins, but when I got back in the dream I was not lucid. I was walking along the bay with E and it was a pretty fun time.
      "The refs back there were ignoring me." I told her.
      "Yeah, that was pretty funny." She giggled.
      We began walking in silence through the hallways in school. She turned around and said, "You know almost everyone knows about you and M, right?"
      "Well, it wasn't really supposed to be a secret, so I don't care."
    12. 1 LD - Series of FAs, My Friend Gets Beat Up, I Fight 5 People At Once, I eat D Food - May 29, 2013

      by , 05-29-2013 at 02:13 PM
      Lucid Dream
      Non-Lucid Dream
      We were in my driveway and a boy who likes my best friend in waking life and is also jealous of me in waking life started coming at me. I was backing up into my neighbor's yard because I didn't want to fight, and one of his friends came up from behind me and pushed me down. D then climbed on top of me, and behind his back I saw another fight happening between two of my best friends. De and J. J was on the ground and De was beating him up. J was trying to cover his face, but De was still pummeling him. The dream gets fuzzy and then we're in the cafeteria and neither of them were suspended. The reason De started beating J up was because J tapped him on his shoulder.
      There was a group of cannibals going around the town where I live. I was trying to take refuge at a local bar with my friend G. The public did not know about the invasion of the cannibals yet, so they were living their normal lives. We saw a group of the cannibals ride past the bar on motorcycles and they were all wearing leather jackets. We knew we had to hurry, so we ran out of the bar and started sprinting after them. It came to a high way where there was a car crash. There were lots of human bystanders around, and the cannibals started moving in for the kill. We sprinted after them still, but one of them turned around, and it was one of my friends from school, A. She had dyed her blond hair black and was driving at us.
      "Don't go for us! If you don't go to the initial feasting over there, by the time you eat us all the good, meaty humans will be eaten!" I shouted.
      She thought for a moment, grinned, and drove away.
      "I will not let this happen. I'm going to help the humans." G said and began running into the crowd of humans.
      It was a lonely walk back to the bar, but a man just walked straight out of the woods. He was wearing khaki shorts, a polo, and his blond hair was spiked up in the front. He was wise. I asked him if G was alright. He closed his eyes in deep thought, and after about 10 seconds he opened them back up. "G is still alive." He said, and his voice was pretty deep. We began walking back to the bar, and inside of their there was a party going on. A banner was strung across the doorway that read "Happy Lucid Dream, Jack!" I thought about this for a second, then it hit me.
      I was dreaming. The bar was filled with people, all patting me on the back and stuff. They brought a girl up to me, and my father grinned and nodded. Well, I'm guessing you can infer what happened. The back of the bar lead into the gym of my school. There was a huge banner that said "Sex Lessons! Taught by, Jack!" and when everybody saw me they started chanting "JACK! JACK! JACK!" it was pretty awkward, but I reminded myself none of this was real and brought 2 girls up for example. Whenever I was done with that, I saw the cannibals running inside of the school. I closed my eyes, what I always do to wake myself up, and when I opened them I was in my basement.

      I turned on the Xbox to check the time. It said 8:37, and that's about the normal time I wake up in the morning now that I'm done with school. I was about to accept I was awake whenever I clicked the Home button on the Xbox and it started playing a movie. I plugged my nose and I could breathe. I yelled, "I want to REALLY WAKE UP THIS TIME, OKAY?"
      FA 2:
      I was in my basement again. I turned on the Xbox to check the time, and it read 7:00. The options on the menu were wrong though, there was volume and tons of new stuff. I laughed and said, "You can't fool me brain. I'm still dreaming." Just then, a shadow of a huge hand swept across the screen. "I'm not afraid! Send the best you have!" I yelled. I don't know why I was being so cocky. I ran upstairs because I wanted to try to eat something. I ran to the refrigerator and opened it up, and all I saw was a Jell-O container, but it was a light blue and it kind of looked like gel. I opened it up and began eating it. It had a strong taste, and it tasted like grapes. I ran outside and saw 4 huge bikers, the cannibals, out there. They were cracking their knuckles. One of them pulled a freezer out of their backpack, put it on the ground and opened it. Out walked a girl. They all charged at me at once, and I was suddenly in third person. It was like I was controlling my body from above, I was dodging all of their hits, and I knocked 4 of them down, except for the girl.
      "I don't want to harm you. That's illegal." I said to her.
      "Well I want to harm you!" and she attacked. I grabbed her by her shoulders and threw her down. We had made a rule before we began that once you hit the ground, you're out of the fight. They were all on the ground. She went back into the freezer and the man closed it, then put it in his backpack once again.
      "Don't cross us again, punk. We won't go as easy next time." He growled.

      Dream 2:
      We were in a place that I don't know where it in waking life. It was like, a kind of dome shape thing, with gray walls and tile floors. It kind of looked like a school classroom, except that there were those booths restaurants have except the booths were made out of stone, as were the tables. People were jotting down notes on pieces of paper, and I looked down at mine and saw it was empty. I figured that this was Math somehow, so I walked up and talked to my friend B about what we were doing. He started rambling, and I couldn't understand him. I asked what he had said, when I heard his name called.
      "Sorry! Gotta go on the rollercoaster now." He said to me and ran to my Math teacher who apparently the person who called his name. I began walking around to the people, and I saw they were constructing huts of some sort on top of their tables, then writing notes down. I tried to peek off of someone's paper but the words were indecipherable. Finally, it was my turn to go on the roller coaster, but first, we had to climb up into a little house. After we did that we got on the roller coaster, it began on the roof of the house, then went to the ground and it was over. "Yup...that's all you need to know." Mr. A said and told us to go inside again.

      I think this dream and the fragment were connected, because I remember seeing De and J working together on the project, but I'm not completely sure, so I counted them as different dreams.
    13. 1 LD and 2 NLDs - I Seduce Girls, My House is Hacked, I am a Commentator - May 25, 2013

      by , 05-25-2013 at 01:58 PM
      First time I've remembered 3 dreams! Yay! My mantra must have worked, it was I will remember more dreams.
      Lucid Dream
      Non-Lucid Dream
      Dream 1:
      I was at a park with my family. We were sitting on a bench that was overlooking a cliff. I pulled out my phone, and for some reason in this dream gardening was something I was obsessed with. I went into the app store and searched "Gardens." and I found an app called "Get This App Now!" so I got it. When I opened it up it had a few instructions for me to do on my phone, and while I was doing them my mom said "We need to go home now." and right as we turned around our house was there. In the middle of the woods. After I did the instructions, seeds for rare flowers were supposed to be sent to my house, but instead my phone got locked (it was the screen you get if you try to go on the internet on an ipod without wifi) I heard all the locks in the house click from the outside, all the shades went all the way down, and the power went out. I pulled out my phone for light and saw that it had a message for you.
      "We are coming." it said in dark red letters, and they faded away to nothing. There was now a video, so I clicked it. It was a man in a black suit describing what they would do. They were going to come to my house that night and kill all my family since I got the app.

      Dream 2:
      I was lucid right off of the bat. We were at my house and I was talking to some girls. I was trying to seduce them, but I was making it not noticeable. One of the girls completely hated me and refused to talk to me. This matter went on for a long time, when somebody brought me news that my cousin had died in his sleep. I was sad, and the girl came up to me and hugged me. The police thought for some reason that I murdered him, and they came after me. But the girl knew that I was innocent. I asked her for one kiss since I was leaving, and she said" No. Because I'm coming with you." She started going down the stairs to exit through the front door, but I blew off a window and told her to get on my back. When she did, I jumped out of the window with her holding on, and started speed jumping. It was an amazing feeling. I was going SO fast and I'd jump so far. I got really high up, too, so it was kind of like flying. I eventually stopped because I saw some water and I had never drank water in dreams. For some reason she was very, very thirsty and drank a lot of water, but the water had no taste for me. Like, I couldn't even feel it in my mouth. I went down to the bottom of body of water with her, and she was frantically trying to get somewhere to breathe, but I looked at her, hugged her and said "It's okay. You can breathe now." and she started gasping for breath. It was such a romantic moment! (sarcasm) I heard the police looking for us above the water, and eventually, one found us.

      Dream 3:
      I was at a trailer park with my friend B and the same girl from my last dream, M. It was strange, because it was like Minecraft and stuff outside but normal inside. (I rarely even play Minecraft, I don't know why this is such a recurring dream sign.) We went inside one of the trailers and were surprised to see a class was going on. I saw the air vent fluttering and I jumped up there. I tried to push it back up to make it stop moving and shaking, but accidentally I pulled it off. I climbed up there to investigate. It was such a tight squeeze, but I finally got to the end and dropped down into a cavern. It was about a 4 feet drop. I saw a small pathway in the cavern, but I would have to crawl to get through it. I crawled down and started going. There were torches that kept it light, and I pushed a cart full of rocks away from me because it was blocking the path. The path diverted, left and right. I chose the left one and saw I made the right choice, because I could see sunlight. I finally got out. I said B and M waiting patiently for me.
      "There is a new mod out for this world!" B exclaimed happily.
      "Darn it, that means I'll have to do a commentary." I sighed, and walked over to the backyard of the trailer and saw my laptop and microphone sitting right there. I thought it would look nerdy in front of M if I was talking on a headset and stuff, so I pulled it out and tried to just talk, but it didn't work. Right as I put it on, I woke up
    14. 1 LD - I Try to DBZ Him, A Kids Father is a Murderer, Zombie Apocalypse - May 21, 2013

      by , 05-21-2013 at 01:01 PM
      Lucid Dream
      Non-Lucid Dream
      I think I was a little lucid the whole dream, because I remember in the dream I was thinking "Alright, if I believe that they'll come over here they will." and then I'd hide and wait for them to come over. It was weird, it was like I knew I was dreaming but forgot about lucid dreaming.

      Dream 1:
      I was in an alley way with 2 police officers. I knew one of the police officers and he was one of my friends, when suddenly the police officer I didn't know well pulled off his uniform, took out his gun and began shooting at us. He then ran. My friend had been hit with a bullet so I rushed over to help him, and he was bleeding quickly, but he said he was alright. I looked forward to see if the guy came back, and when I looked back he was fine. "That is strange..." I thought but didn't become lucid...yet. We rushed out of the alley and came onto a busy street where I saw him sprinting on the side. I ran after him, and he ran into an indoor swimming pool. I followed him in there and saw that there were multiple swimming pools. but they were all behind closed doors. I opened the first one to my left and saw a man training his dog, and his dog then jumped in and swam across. "Don't take a breath there!" The man shouted and the dog flinched. I closed the door and tried for the next one, and I saw him in the pool. He was wearing a green sweat shirt and I dove in. He swam out quickly though, and clicked a button on the wall that started pushing the water away from him, which took me with it. He escaped. I finally got out of the water and started walking to the bank with my fellow police officer. We were about to give up when I said "If I think we will find him, we will." I think I was like 1/10 on the lucid scale there. We came to the bank and I peeked through the windows, and there he was at the desk arguing with the man working. He pulled out his pistol and I could hear him yell, "This is a robbery!" I ran inside with my fellow police and I realized I was dreaming. I decided to go all DBZ on him and yelled "KAMEHAMEHA!" but nothing happened to him. He did the same to me and something started to happen, but with a wave of my hand I extinguished it. My fellow police yelled it too and it actually worked for him, and it blasted the robber to smithereens. I tried to fly and stayed aloft work a lot longer than I normally do. I had a tingling sensation in my legs. I ran outside and was about to try to fly again when it destabilized and I could feel I was just looking at my eyelids and I was back in my head. I tried to do DEILD but I was up for good.

      Dream 2
      I was at a baseball game and I was up to bat. The pitcher was a huge black man (like Manti Teo's body build) and I got in my stance and he threw it at what seemed like the speed of light and I connected with it, and sent it flying over the first basemen's head, but instead of running to first I ran to third, and the ump called me safe. I stole whenever the pitcher had the ball but he didn't notice, so I was on second. I saw my 5th grade Social Studies teacher in the stand beckoning for me to come over to him, so I ran over. He said he had a special project for me to work on. He took me to these steps leading down, and it led to an elevator. I got in the elevator with him, and he clicked the button then said he had to go. He then clicked a button on his watch and disappeared and I got to the first floor. It opened up and I saw lots of rats. It was a neat walkway with doors on either sides and rats from the movie Flushed Away ( I believe that's what it was called) were there. It went down more and each level it had more and more rats and the walkways were less and less neat, until we got to the fifth floor. It was the neatest I'd ever seen. There was one rat who said he couldn't believe a human had gotten down here and survived. That did not reassure me, but I walked on to the door at the end of the hall. It resembled my current Writing class but the walls were golden instead of gray. A lot of people had chainsaws and were cutting their papers in half. I sat down and saw a kid that was new who looked strange to me talking to a guy and smiling at him. "He is gay." I whispered to the guy next to me, who turned out to be my friend L. The kid's sister turned around and started yelling saying, "You don't know HOW MUCH WE'VE BEEN THROUGH. He is NOT gay!" We then began working on the project that Mr. D had sent us here for, and the new kid came up to me. I asked him what he had been through, and he said "Not much, besides the fact my father tried to murder me approximately 20 minutes ago.


      I got off of the bus and was walking with my friend B. There was a zombie apocalypse. We both had ray guns from Black Ops 2. "Ask your mom if you can spend the night this weekend." B told me for the five hundredth time. "Yes, B, I understand." and we went our separate ways. The streets were actually like real life, and my house is to the right of that street and his is to the left. I saw one zombie on my neighbors lawn and I shot it to save them the trouble, and I walked to the front door of my house and knocked, but my mother wouldn't let me in.
    15. 1 DEILD and a fragment - Music from IRL Scares me then Wakes Me Up - May 17th, 2013

      by , 05-18-2013 at 12:01 PM
      Let me just start off by saying how amazed I am by how quickly I transitioned from awake to dreaming when I did DEILD. This has filled me with renewed hope that I can do WILD. All I did for DEILD was I woke up, turned back over, and did what I would do for WILD, and it felt like in a matter of seconds I was back in the same place in my dream. When I was doing DEILD I tried to imagine feeling the wind (it was windy) and the grass beneath my feet (I had no shoes) and then suddenly, I actually COULD feel it, and bam. I opened my eyes and I was dreaming. I think me waking up could've been a FA though, because the fact I transitioned so quickly seems hard to believe. Now onto the dream.

      Lucid Dream
      Non-Lucid Dream

      I was standing on the hill outside of my school, looking around. It was foggy and very windy and I had no shoes on at all. I broke into a run and tried to do a super jump, and I managed to jump around 20 feet. I loved the feeling of how I was running but was not tiring at all. I came onto a road where there were about 4 girls all giggling, and tons of guys trying to flirt with them.
      "I've got this, guys." I said and started walking over to the girls. I decided to help the DC's out and commanded the girls to listen to their every command, but I took one for myself and it was a girl from school that I recognized. We started walking down the road to my house, and whenever I got there I wanted to get my current crush involved in the dream. I looked into the garage and saw my doors were open. I said "Really Mia. Come out from behind that door."
      Well unfortunately, my brain must of thought I was talking about a dog...a dog ran out and I commanded it to transform into Mia. It looked at me strangely then ran off. I felt the dream destabilizing, so I closed my eyes and imagined the dream getting very stable, and I hugged E (the girl from my school) while doing it so I would stay attached to the dream world. It worked. But just then, I heard this piano playing. It was really creepy, and fog started coming out of my house. "Hell no..." I said and woke myself up.

      Turns out the music was coming from my TV, where a horror show was playing. Wow...
      I was looking down at a piece of paper where a cop was encouraging people never to try LDing. I was reading it, and it said that a man once had his friends over, and he took some apple juice and Vitamin B pill to try to induce LD's and ended up with a horrifying OBE and got himself killed.
      I remembered a lot of it before, but once I did the DEILD that's all I can remember of my previous dream.

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