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    by , 12-23-2016 at 07:13 PM (338 Views)

    I was in NYC. The car I was driving was really a dolley. I would slide around on it. I came into a parking lot and saw a person selling pizza out of a cart. I got off the dolley and pushed it into a parking spot and bought some pizza. I was then actually driving a car around NYC, thinking how beautiful it was.

    I was on Snapchat and I opened Madi's story. It was a picture of her with the caption "anybody want to hang out?" as she normally does. As usual, I just moved on from her story and didn't send anything to her. A couple seconds later, she updated her story. It was a picture of her again, with the caption " *my name* I SEE YOU WATCHING MY STORY ANSWER ME LMAO *laughing emoji* ".

    I sent her "lmao sorry." but accidentally sent it to Darius, someone I never talk to.
    He responded with "wtf man", or something like that.

    I sent him "My bad bro 7s."
    (the 7s was supposed to be the laughing emoji)

    I was in the basement while all of this happened, and my mom came down. She told me to go up to my room and get all of the water bottles and pens and pencils out of my room, and that they're disgusting.

    I was at work, and there was a big stall sort of thing in the middle of the store. It was a shower. I realized I hadn't showered before coming to work, so I went in to take a shower. There were holes in the walls so I was afraid people would see me. The stall was divided into one half. My half was the shower, and then on the other half was a little girl singing Christmas songs to the customers at the store. After taking my shower, I realized that I had tickets to a New York Knicks game. I went upstairs in the store, where the arena was. Upstairs was very weird in the dream, nothing like my real workplace. The power was out and it was very dark.

    I went into the bathroom upstairs to get something out, and I ran into someone from school. I left the bathroom and entered the arena. There were two AAU girls teams playing, and there weren't many people there. I sat down, and a girl from one of the teams came up and talked to me. Two kids from my school joined me, Cooper and LaMarcus. We were talking about the Celtics and the Knicks, and I was trying to convince them that the Celtics were good. I was telling them about Isaiah Thomas, and Cooper said the only reason he was good was because he was short and didn't weigh much.

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