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    by , 12-23-2016 at 07:42 PM (398 Views)

    We were at a fancy hotel. My dad checked us in. He was on the 7th floor, me, my mom, and my sister were on the 1st floor. There was a window on the ceiling of our room so we could see the sky. We saw two planes collide with each other then crash into the building. The building caught on fire. Me, my mom, and my sister got out fine, but we saw a diagram showing where the fires were, and they were on the 7th floor, where my dad was. We thought he was dead, but then he walked out of the snack bar on the 1st floor, and said he was down here to get some chips when the planes crashed.

    I told them I would never go on a plane ever again.


    I was at school. A plane purposely crashed into our school, and everyone ran away. I ran to my car, and my friends Erica and Kaleb were in the car already. I took a wrong turn in the parking lot, but finally we got out. We were in an alleyway outside of the school, and we found Kaleb's dog. Right after this, another plane hit, and some of the wreckage landed right next to us. We started driving again.

    We found a bunker, like the hatch, from Lost. We went inside. Suddenly, my vision changed, and I was seeing what it used to be like, instead of what was actually going on right now. It was a torture chamber, with people chained up everywhere. One person escaped from their chains and attacked me, and I killed him, then executed everybody else. I was now back in present time, and there was one person in there. We killed him. I barricaded the door to the hatch, and went to the basement. We played Dead Rising 2. I was watching Birdman, and suddenly I wasn't with Erica and Kaleb anymore, but I was with Anna Lucia and a guy from work. They said Birdman was hilarious.

    I was at school, in math class. My math teacher awarded a girl a prize for being a good student, and it was a trophy. The trophy was a naked statue, and a kid in my class, Josh, thought this was funny and laughed. My teacher got angry at Josh.

    "I don't come
    fuffing (i specifically remember him saying this, because I woke up and died when I thought about it because of how stupid that word is. He's never even said that in real life, I don't think anybody has. Don't know how my brain came up with it.) around in your class, Josh, so don't do it in mine."

    "Are you fucking kidding me, Josh, what's wrong with you? Why are you like this??"

    Stuff like that.

    Josh got up and unzipped my teachers jacket, and he yelled, "Don't unzip my jacket!" with three or four students holding him back from fighting Josh. There was a huge crowd around them, and my teacher got past the people holding them back and started beating Josh. Lots of people were recording it. It was funny.


    This is more than likely connected to the second dream.

    I was playing with 2k with Anna Lucia. I did a spin move, and got right past the guy on the other team, then did a 360 over his teammate. The guy that I dunked on was fat, and he yelled through his mic, "EXPLOIT AGAIN AND I'LL HACK YOU."
    Anna Lucia and I died laughing.

    I was in an apartment. Sawyer owed Kate money for an apartment, and showed up there. I told him he was at the wrong apartment and Kate had given him the wrong address. Sawyer let out one of his famous "SON OF A BITCH." (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_YHV5fdUiQ) and then launched into a story about how dogs, and how they have completely identical DNA, but they look different.

    I was playing 2k with a guy named LarryPie. He was a Superstar 2, and a Superstar 3 wanted to play with him, and so did I. I was only Allstar 2, so he chose the Superstar 3 instead of me. My friend HanBin asked me about Abby, and said he wanted me to give him her phone number. I told him no.

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