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    122316 - 2 ld, 2 nld

    by , 12-23-2016 at 08:11 PM (358 Views)

    Me and my friend Mack went to go play basketball. We tried to get next, and everybody told us no. I went to my Digital Media class, and my old Physics teacher was teaching the class instead. I had to sit by a bunch of weird kids, since I got there late and all the spots were taken. We went outside into the school to work, and a girl handed me a cantaloupe. I forgot what it's purpose was for, but I dropped it and it split all over the place. She laughed and said it was okay. She def liked me lmao.

    I went back into the Digital Media class, and this kid sitting next to me (the reallllllllly weird one) looked at my friend Dylan, then ran his finger across Dylan's throat and said "Your neck looks fake, Dylan."

    Me and Dylan laughed really awkwardly and said okay, because we were afraid to do anything else. He pretended to slice his neck again, then eat it. Once again, he said his neck was fake.

    I said, "I agree man!! You pranked him!", because I wanted to get on the kids good side just in case he shot up the school or something.
    (Gotta make a connection with the Eugenes hahahahhah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaY-DY3o-T0&t=4m19s)

    Me and Dylan then immediately dropped Digital Media after that class was done because the kid was so creepy. I told my teacher, and he said I was taking this too far. The girl that liked me jokingly said, "you won't be missed."

    I was in my room, and I had just woken up. My TV was on my night stand instead of the dresser.I recognized I was dreaming. I went outside of my house, and I was in Alaska. There was snow everywhere and it was freezing. I tried to make it so that I didn't feel coldness, only heat, but it didn't work. I zapped people with my powers, and shot lightning at the people that tried to fight me. I tried the Kamehameha from DBZ and it worked. I think I got too excited, because I woke up after the Kamehameha worked (not really, just another FA)

    I had another FA in my room. I'm not sure how, but I knew I was still awake. I went to the basement and decided to go out the back door. Evan was there. Since I had great control in my last dream, I tried to fly. I jumped into the air and immediately fell back down, and belly flopped on the ground. I tried to superjump over the fence, but it didn't work. We were on the driveway playing bsaketball. I was really just fascinated that I was talking with something that was a product of my brain, and that everything I was seeing was being created before my eyes in realtime. It was just really cool.

    "I'm asleep. This is a dream. But, does that mean you're asleep too, and we're having a shared dream, or are you a figment of my imagination?" I asked him.

    "I'm not real." He said, and was silent for a couple seconds, "I'm a figment of your imagination. After you wake up, I'll cease to exist."

    "So, are you my subconscious?" I asked him.

    "No, not really. Just a part of your dream. I have no real importance. I won't even be in the dream for very long. I'm not essential to anything, for the most part." He replied.

    This, again, fascinated me.

    Two girls in the neighbors house came outside, and stuff happened. I then walked to my friends house, and although she wasn't there, there were still girls there, so more stuff happened. Dream faded.

    FA III
    I was laying in bed. I heard my parents arguing downstairs. I didn't have the energy to move. (not like I was just being lazy, like, I literally couldn't move. Everytime I tried to, I was just too exhausted and I had to immediately stop.)

    I was finally able to push myself onto the floor, but I couldn't get up. I thought I was awake, so I initiated a DEILD.

    The DEILD worked, even though I was never really awake. I was now laying in the floor of my kitchen, and I heard Sayid and Jack from lost yelling my name outside of my house. They were looking for me, like I had gone missing. I yelled to them that I was in here, and Sayid came in and found me. He told me they'd been looking for me for a long time, and asked where I had been that whole time.

    "I'm asleep. You're not real. This is still really, REALLY, cool though. It's like I'm actually talking to you.

    Unlike Evan from my last dream, he didn't just admit he wasn't real.

    "I do not know what you're talking about. The Others must have brainwashed you. Come on." He said.

    We stepped outside the garage door, and instead of entering my garage, we were on the island. I turned back, and the door was gone. I immediately lost lucidity.
    There were 3-4 trapezes on top of each other, amounting to being probably 80-100 feet tall. Anna Lucia and I went up them, because we needed a vantage point for something. I looked around at the island from the top of the trapezes, and I woke up. (for real, this time).

    I was in an arena, although it was mostly empty. It was a hockey arena, but they were playing soccer. I had a blue kick ball, and I threw it down to them, so that they could use it. I left the game and went home, and all of my relatives were at my house for Christmas dinner. We needed the ball for something, so I went back to the gym to get it. My girlfriend in the dream went with me. We made characters to go get the ball back for us, and we gave them red skin to look like aliens to try to scare the soccer players into giving the characters the ball. The red skin just looked like they were wearing a red shirt, so it didn't scare the soccer players.

    We never got the ball back.

    At multiple times throughout my lucid dreams, I just remember looking around in awe at the world around me, and how, well, realistic it looked. Everything was such high quality, and so vivid.
    It was really amazing.

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