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    THE HUNGER GAMES (In my house lol)

    by , 03-26-2013 at 01:04 PM (672 Views)
    So I was standing their at a party in my house not aware of what I was wearing... So all of a sudden some guy yells "PARTY!!!!!!!" and all the lights in the entire house just flashed and came off, it was amazing, then I ran around in the dark finding somewhere to hide. Then I finally found a place to hide, so I hid there for a while and then came out, some guy told me to hide in this hideout but I said, NO. So then I ran and then I jumped on my sister and strangled her, the creepiest thing about that, I saw myself do it. I had no eyeballs, my eye sockets were darkness black and I had grey skin and I was wearing a chain around my neck and I also had long black pants and a short black shirt. Then I went over to turn back on the lights, then one of my friends (wearing the same exact clothing as me) said "I RE SPAWNED" and he put his arms out like he was some kind of monster. Then I woke up happy because I had such an awesome dream. :cheeky:

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