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    1. signs in the sky / the DEW caused fire

      , 03-04-2019 at 09:53 AM
      I dreamed that I was traveling in our land cruiser at night time in our family car. We were on a long journey somewhere, i'm not driving and along with my parents and siblings, my brother in law Cjoe is with us.

      I look outside the window and notice that theirs a full moon and that the moon is this ominous weird blue color instead of the normal silver grey. I point this out to CJoel and he looks up while muttering, "Signs in the sky, signs in the heavens"

      I wondered what it meant and if it was an omen of disaster.

      Not long after, while watching houses pass by on this semi urban/rural laneway, I saw house after house starting to spontaneously combust! With a growing sense of urgency and horror I point this out to my family...

      "We must go back!", my mother screams out. "No, keep going forward, its too late, keep going!" I thunder out as a feeling of intense urgency and danger builds up in my chest. The fires seemed to be an attack from a DEW ( Direct Energy Weapon )
    2. Hitch hiking to the cricket match / Its all in the perspective....

      , 02-28-2019 at 10:21 AM
      In this one, I'm on a road with my friend and we're have just come from a party. Now, we are trying to hitch hike to a nearby cricket match!

      we try and flag down a few cars with no success, then two more guys hike up the road and join us. Some more thumbing at cars and a truck pulls over with room for us all. We pile in the truck.

      One of the guys is worried about losing his stuff in the truck and the driver tells him not to worry. Then, we talk about a few different topics including inflation of products like....bottled water! We yarn with the driver about how the price of bottled water has gone up due to inflation from this amount....to this amount!

      Arriving at the cricket match, we pile out of the truck and walk down. My friend is auditioning to join the cricket team or something like that. He goes out to bowl on the field while we watch, then something weird happens.

      I'm seeing him bowl from the perspective of two other senior members of the cricket team, a guy and lady. Its like I'm watching their imagination in my own dream mind.

      The senior cricket lady watches him bowl and sees a super sexy strong athlete. She admires his long hair ( was't that long ) and gives it a extra sheen and also adds more muscle definition.

      The senior guy in charge of the team watches him bowl and well, his imagination is boosting my friends bowling skills! In this guys mind, some of my friends ball actually curve in mid air and one actually bounced twice in the opposite direction before landing in the middle of the stumps. Weird right?

      Of course, my friend was accepted into the team and he thanked me for my support. haha
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. war, planet earth self destructs & Aliens Part 1

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:41 AM
      I dream that earth has been in a large catastrophic war, not sure who between. I'm standing up on a mountain with brother E near a large city looking at the effects of the war.

      The war has created a plague of black 'corruption' that is constantly spreading out and over the planets crust causing major tectonic plate splitting, earthquakes and general mayhem.

      Realizing that humanity is doomed, we take off down the mountain in our car to have some last minute 'fun'. We zoom around at top speed dodging cars, people and the odd pocket of black corruption floating in the air, a precursor to the disruption of the crust.

      At one point, we go inside a house that has a meeting of young people taking place. Meals are being served and the youth are discussing the disaster. We act cool and try and fit in...

      back outside we zoom off out of the city and decide its time to suicide. Somehow, we had gotten our hands on some kind of nuclear material in the shape of a gas cylinder. I graciously let my brother, E go first and he kneels over the cylinder while I gas him with the intense radiation.

      Just before I do it, something stops me and the dream blacks out...

      The next dream in the next dream REM cycle is a continuation of this dream, it seems.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. medieval fight / Dream fragments

      , 02-27-2019 at 01:28 AM
      I a member of a primeval tribe that progresses from its base roots in tribal living to the medieval age level of civilization and technology.

      Their are two factions in this tribe. One is the founding faction, and the other, a separate group that slowly splits away from the original in both their physical appearance and culture.

      Their was much war over the centuries, slowly escalating in scale and violence, many causalities lost on both sides. Eventually, it comes down to a final epic battle in the medieval age.

      Our side occupies a Castle that the other side is trying to attack. The leader of our faction screams to the enemy forces, "...and if you keep fighting we'll decapitate your leader that we've captured and catapult his head over the walls to you!"

      They yelled back defiantly, "No, we'll save him, capture you and send your heads flying back!"

      Diplomacy having failed, we prepare for battle. I'm a high Priest, holy warrior serving in the army. I wear a special 'Epod' vest and wave a holy scepter around with magical incense. Perhaps I was blessing the army and cursing the enemies?

      Our troops are readying all their arrows, catapults and machines of war while the leader is shouting out orders.


      Dream fragments from earler:

      A lake and a River. Driving a car escaping...
      In a city...
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. "I'll follow you no matter what"

      , 02-26-2019 at 12:20 AM
      I dream that I'm in a flying vehicle. Not sure if it was a Helicopter or a UFO type vessel.

      I'm in a squad of around a dozen soldiers and we're about to drop out of the aircraft down to a frozen, snowy Island where we'll do a scouting patrol run around the perimeter of the Island.

      We drop down out of the aircraft into a frozen wasteland of ice, snow fighting off the cold wind with white colored winter army gear with military weapons.

      I'm second in command, the leader of the group is a tough blond haired mature woman. I feel a deep sense of loyalty to her no matter what. I plod in her footsteps determined to not miss a step, fall behind or tire.

      Seeming to realize why we're here I walk up beside her and faintly whisper to her out of the corner of my mouth...
      "Are we here to kill them all? I'm ready, just do the signal" She knows who I'm referring to and whispers faintly back without turning her head, "No but good observation. We'll wait until they start attacking us and then we'll kill them."

      In order to save those loyal to us in our squad, she'll wait until that attack us and then we'll kill them while saving those who attack us.

      I nod my head in approval and we trudge on...
      non-lucid , memorable
    6. Capturing and taming the ninja warrior princess / 'happy weed' smoothie

      , 02-25-2019 at 11:23 PM
      I'm a powerful and skilled bodyguard for a wealthy client in Japan. One night, in her traditional styled hotel, she gets attacked by an all female squad of ninjas dressed in black clothing wielding samurai swords and flying weapons.

      Its no problem of course, I somehow fight them off with my bow and sword. Keeping the client in a safe location, I jump and swing to different levels in the hotel fighting at a superhuman speed! I whittle down most of them in a volley of fast shots with my bow then dash in for a spinning multi attack with the tips of the arrow and the sword. I kill all of them except one, their leader.

      Not sure why I didn't kill her. Boredom I think, a break for the mundane life of a bodyguard. I wanted to have fun with her, show her around the town and my way of life.

      Its a fun tussle and wrestle as I subdue her and tie her up then its off in my fancy car to get something to eat! Fighting girls is hungry work!

      Want to impress her, I drive off like James Bond in a big cloud of smoke and burning rubber. "Look out the window, You'll notice that the hotel is located in a maze of streets where each street looks like the next one and each intersection feeds into the next", I patronizingly explain while almost getting lost in the maze while driving out of it.

      Finally, I roar out of the maze of streets and pull into this large headquarters that looks a bit like a large fancy cathedral. Its where I work from and is the headquarters of the organisation I work for. Theirs also a large food bar there.

      Untying her, I lead my captive ninja girl into the food bar. "Lets get ourselves a mean green smoothie!" I enthusiastically shout. Walking up to the food bar, I order a green smoothie, "put lots of 'happy weed' powder in it", I whisper conspiratorially to the guy behind the desk.

      Looking over my shoulder, I notice the girl has wandered off a bit and is spiking random bits of food on a large chopstick! Pieces of fruit, veggies and savory things are all impaled on the chopstick. "No no, that't not how you do it", I say embarrassed. "Here's a plate, a big one, put it all there". She puts in on the plate and....that's all I remember.
    7. The godstone axe / lost village / flying / fried insects

      , 02-25-2019 at 11:03 PM
      I start off dreaming that I'm in a survival type VRMMO mining for resources. I'm using a dull basic mining pick to smash into this seam of black rock. At first, I'm mining very slowly, then, as time goes on I pick up in speed.

      Looking at my ui interface, I realise that I can craft two my tiers of mining picks. The advanced and then the god level pick. The black rock seam has a 3 percent chance to drop the 'advanced' level rock type and 'extracting' from that type of rock yields a 1 percent chance in giving a 'godstone'. I need 5 godstones to craft the pick.

      I find myself fast forwarding the mining action manifolds until its all a fast blur, stopping the action, I notice I have 3 godstones! I decide to do more mining later...

      Travelling towards a nearby village, I see a pretty curvy and voluptuous girl getting attacked by aboriginal natives with spears. Racing towards the scene, I defend her while fighting off the natives just enough so they fled and I didn't kill anyone. She was thankful but pulled back when I acted amorously trying to kiss and hug her. Never mind, so I tossed her over my shoulder and kept on hiking towards the village.

      Leaving her hobbled and tied down at a campsite at the base of the nearby mountain, I continued up towards the village which was up in the mountain. A guide/scout met me part way up and we continued upwards only to find that the route up the mountainous rocky pathway had been blocked by fallen rocks in a cave the path went through!

      Feeling nervous about more landslides, I went outside and flew up into the sky past the tree line. I breath long and deep, enjoying the fresh air and view. I see my Brother, E, at a campfire cooking something. I fly down to him and notice he is frying in a pan a bunch of termites, bees and ants. Yum?
    8. I'm a perverted Ghost

      , 01-17-2019 at 10:09 PM
      So in this NON-LUCID dream, I'm a ghost having fun in a shopping market leering and peering at women shopping. I'm floating and skimming around the building looking down shirts and up skirts while gloating to myself that they can't see me. Theirs one large ol' lady that I smirk at while I do a quick 'feel and grope' as I float on my back like a cloud, skimming on my back along the ground.

      Grinning to myself I then float upside down, feet up in the air while attempting to kiss this young women on the lips. Just as I was enjoying the phantom kiss...."Mm Mmm MMMMMM", I scream as she looks her lips on mine and kisses back. Kissing her seems to turn me from a Ghost into a human and I tumble to the ground from my ingenious floating position."mhmm yes", I moan as my surprise wanes and I enjoy a good solid kiss from this pretty young women.

      We then laugh, joke and chat about something while walking out of the shopping centre.
      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

      In real life, I am on a fairly well known program called "Nofap:Monkmode". It is abstinence from masturbation, pornography etc for the purposes of increasing ones health, energy levels, levels of self control/willpower/discipline, spiritual sensitivity etc etc etc. I aim to transmute the increasing levels of sexual energy I have into my productive day to day goals and activities. Sexual purity is important to me and is something that my ignorant 'dream self' is slow to learn.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. The pirate raids / Sarah, veganism and Adam the guest

      , 01-16-2019 at 11:24 PM
      I'm a pirate captain leading a raid somewhere on someone.

      At Sis1's place now. We're having a discussion on veganism with a robust tanned looking guy called Adam, he has long brown hair and a big beard.

      I also dreamed about Bro1 and his wife last night although not sure what.

      I must crawl before I can walk. To regain my skills in oobe, I feel I need to re-learn Lucid dreaming first. To re-learn lucid dreaming I need to focus on learning how to dream. Once I am solidly remembering a dream every sleep cycle or more in good detail, then I will work on lucid dreaming.

      Of course, Increasing self-awareness starts today and will be apart of my plan. ADA, ADSA and RRC's are all part of the plan.

      Updated 02-27-2019 at 01:15 AM by 95115

      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. In the Museum - A harsh lesson on honesty

      , 01-16-2019 at 10:50 PM
      I dreamed that I was entering a museum to meet up with some family members who had arrived before me.

      As I entered, I saw another person talking to a staff member over the reception desk, however I walk past the reception and confidently stride past the reception down the hallway to the museum forgetting, that I had to get a ticket. Perhaps it was due to my quick confident stride but the reception lady didn't stop me.

      I know that I was at the museum a week earlier and I quickly pass through the exhibits briefly looking at one of them. One exhibit catches my eye, its what looks like to be artisticly created large protein molecules in 3d, beautifully coloured. I spend a minute to admire all the unique structures.

      finally, I catch up to my Dad who's reclining on a antique bed while reading his Kindle. On the other side of the room is a tourist information desk with a middle aged lady with neck length blonde hair, quite heavy set and strong looking. I sit down on a chair near her and chat to Dad about relationship stuff.

      "What do you think of 'this' and 'that' girl?" He throws out a couple names. "Dad, I'm happy being single, seriously, I'm at a point in life where I need to focus on other things". We debated back and forth a bit.

      At a gap in our conversation, the lady in the desk behind me speaks up. "Do you have your ticket on you?" My mind immediately races a hundred miles a hour as I realise I didn't get one. Feeling to scared, afraid and ashamed to say the truth I lie convincingly and declare, "Yeah" and wave her question off. "Oh, of course" she nods her head.

      Then, my Mother and Sister Han turn up. I look up at Hannah from where I sit and admire her strong white teeth. Her teeth are doing well all things considered, despite the small amounts of decay I notice between her two front teeth.

      I get tired of the family dialogue dramas of which I don't remember the minor details and decide to leave the museum.

      I walk up a near hall way and seem to wander into a construction zone. "No, don't go there, its a construction zone!" the staff lady who asked me about the ticket earlier was right behind me. "Ah, ok" I turn back and head up a different passageway. "Not there either, there's electrical hazards up that passageway" she says irritated now. "Oh, Right, sorry 'bout that". I look about with bleary confused dream eyes and see another passageway with I'm sure is the exit!

      This passageway takes me underneath a roll down garage door and suddenly, I realise that I'm in the loading zone for the library as theirs a truck ahead of me. "Confused and alarmed I turn around to see the garage roll down door closing. "STOoooop closing the dooor I'm in here!" I scream out as I dive at the closing door only to have it close off on me. A second later, it re-opens and the lady appears, not too happy to see me.

      I'm very apologetic now and apologise to her while walking past. She growls and says, "Not happening on my watch, I don't want that failure on the books" ( Not sure what she meant ) and proceeded to trap me between the garage roll down door and a plastic drape which helped seal the door. I struggle valiantly thinking, "No, I can't let her kill me like this". However, my dream body loses the struggle due to lack of 'air' and I lose consciousness in the dream and wake up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Living in A different civilisation - making smoothies with my mouth

      , 06-19-2018 at 01:13 AM
      I dream that some of my family and I are living in a different civilisation. Its mostly archaic and for some reason, reminds me of egypt.
      Well, I've been assigned to produce 'resources'. I have no idea of what to do but only seem to know the absolute basics. So, I'm now in the resource producing area of the city where I have a large container underneath me.

      The first resource I make is, 'honey'. Well, I'm not quite making it but rather it's been brought in to me in a raw format ( lots of wax, bee eggs, larvae and bee parts ) and my job is to somehow separate and clean the honey, which I do somehow.
      I remember lifting up chunks of honeycomb and letting the honey drip out while, ah, catching the bee parts. haha

      The next resource production was even funnier. I am making mass amounts of green smoothie by putting veggie greens in my mouth, chewing it up and spitting it down into the container which has a hole in bottom where it all drains out.

      Feeling a little unsure if I'm doing it right, I fly up to a higher level of the city where a resource meeting is going on with the queen and other members. I learn that if not done right, resource producers get executed! Worried, I fly and jump down to a lower level of the city ( its shaped like a ziggurat pyrmaid ). My brother in law J is there on the floor of his balcony typing on his laptop. "Please! Tell me how to do this resource producing!! Am I doing it right?". After hearing what I had been doing he says that no, you have to have a 60 percent dilution in the 'green smoothie' and 'honey'.

      Oh dear, I thought. I hope I don't get executed!

      Next are two dream fragments from the same dream.

      My brother H is showing me a cave where he has hid is fancy mountain bike from all the other members of this civilisation. We admire the sleek frame, the spiky tyres etc. I give the peddles a twirl and remark on the chain and gears being a bit rusty. "yeah" he says, "Its been here a while now".

      The same brother and I are in a field of grain. I am flying over his head and he is running underneath me. He keeps leaping up towards me and I playfully stay out of reach. "I"m flying over to that row of trees near the fence. Bet you can't get me all the way to there!" So I fly and he runs and jumps. Seems like the more I fly the lower I get! Not sure if I made it or not.

      I'm a adventurous person. Different cultures and civilisations always interest me. This was a fun dream and I hope to have more like it.
    12. pretty girl / fighting the knife attacker

      , 06-19-2018 at 12:48 AM
      I'm at a campground sleeping in a room full of bunk beds with a couple other campers, well two others to be precise. There is a pretty girl on the top bunk along from where I'm sleeping on the top bunk. She looks nice and I make some advances...not sure where it went, forgot.

      Next thing is I'm talking with the guy below me and to the right. He is threatening me ( perhaps he was the girls boyfriend? ). soon, we have gone from talk to fight and I drop down from the top bunk to the floor to fight him. He pulls out a knife * a long kitchen knife ) and I spend a while fending of his swipes. I use my martial art skills to duck, block and re-direct his energy. It was a epic battle, the details are lost now....

      The fight ends up with me having multiple shallow cuts and the other guy dead with stab wounds to the abdomen and a slit throat.
    13. The new hunting bow - archery

      , 06-19-2018 at 12:41 AM
      I dream that I've recently acquired a large, taller than my body, hunting long bow. Its a powerful looking bow with a full quiver of practice arrows next to it. The bow has a leather strap attached to the string to help pull it back and a number of other fancy attachments and gadgets to make it more effective.

      I pick up the bow and go outside ( not sure where, seemed like a country backyard with lots of grass and random trees here and there. I aim the arrow at a large tree 100 metres away and let go. It shoots forward and hits the tree about 15 metres up the tree!

      "won't be getting that one down" I think to myself. "Might be able to throw a pull line over it and pull it down"....anyway the next minute I somehow jump up there and snap the arrow off while trying to jerk it free.

      I shoot a few more about and then my brother turns up. So I start showing him the bow, its functions and how cool it is. Turns out he also has one!
      While watching him exercise his mastery over archery, my skills seem to be getting worse and worse. I start fumbling with the bow and seem to be getting forgetful about how to use it until he has to show me.

      We then go to our underground bunker and follow the stairs down. Its raining....

      This dream reflects a small interest I have in archery and shows how easy it is to let others confidence and skill outway your own. It's important to be confidant in your skill and not let others affect you in a negative way