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    12/01 A bizarre and scary dream

    by , 01-12-2013 at 04:06 AM (278 Views)
    I dream't I was travelling to the airport with my sister and her children. I stopped by a supermarket to collect some cider.

    I then proceeded to the car park where we had parked the car; it was next to a large swampy pool of water. On the edge of the swampy puddle was a pair of giant spiders, that had some features of a crab (like a crusty head and armoured legs). They were completely still, my sister said something I can't quite remember what and the spider on the right started to move and get up from its slumber it. Before now I had not properly realised what it was. Then it suddenly leaped toward me with fangs out. Just as it got half a meter away from me and it froze mid lunge, I could see it's fangs directed toward my leg.

    I am not certain but I think that this shocked me so much that I stopped it from happening. I then woke up realising that I had frozen it because it was just a dream.

    Feel free to comment your interpretations.

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