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    1. Lost in the woods+task

      , 12-29-2012 at 09:37 AM
      Non lucid:
      I'm doing an online survey about movies and TV shows. There are some questions about ARGs.

      Non lucid:
      Okay, this is a sorta weird, creepy one about a movie (the blair witch project). You guys ever dream that you are IN a movie you've just seen? As in, being a character (for example: you are a random Jedi in Star Wars) in the movie. Well, I kinda had that about this movie last night, I'm sure everyone here has seen it before, as it's quite famous. Okay, well the dream kind of followed the main plot, especially the part where they are first realizing that they are lost. Except in my dream we (me+main characters) climbed up a tree to see where we were (I really kept thinking they should do that while watching the movie, actually).

      Walking around some weird office, I know I am dreaming. I remember I read about the task of the month, and decide to do it. First, I decide to sing a song, so I sing Jingle Bells, it's the only one I can think of. Then I decide to make it snow, as that was the other basic task, I look out of the window and imagine the sun disappearing and snow falling down. And of course it happens. I get excited, I want to do one of the advanced tasks but I lose lucidity too fast.
    2. LD+dream goal achieved :D

      , 12-21-2012 at 11:26 AM
      I'm walking through a hallway with elevators, and I think I might be dreaming. So I look at my hands (my standard reality check) and I see that I am. I just remembered I had a dream goal to fight like Neo (Matrix) and that this would be a great time to do so. I fought some Agen Smith clones, coming from the elevators, like in the later movies and it was a lot of fun. I also dodged bullets. Then I got a false awakening during 'sleep walking' while staying over at a friend's house, in a big room with large windows. I find it rather emberrasing that I have been sleep walking, especially since the entire town was able to see me through the large windows. I might have become lucid again at some point, but my recall isn't very good. My control was very, very bad during tonights lucid dreams, though.
    3. Odd non-lucid

      , 12-20-2012 at 01:16 PM

      Non-lucid, incomplete:
      I dreamed about a webseries called EverymanHYBRID, some of you might have seen it. Anyway, so we were sitting in a circle and Evan whispers something in Vince' ear about having been to elementary school with me. He tells him that he once dumped a hand full of caterpillars in the hood of my coat (this actually once happened to me in elementary school). I got really angry and planned on killing him. For some reason halfway through we became a couple though. And I met his dad, and he was really not so nice, I talked to him about God, though. And he lived with his dad and shared a room with a little brother and sister, and had a very dangerous set of stairs somewhere in his house. It was really fucked up.

      Maybe it was because I haven't exercised, or had a very long LD last night, but last night was a bit fucked up. The reason I dreamed about the web series is because I had been working on a script for my own web series, and my brother came over, and we are both big fans of SlenderARGs. The first part seems to symbolise my own agression and antagonistic attitude towards anyone who gets close to me. I find it rather typical that I had such a relationship to THIS character, as he, himself would already be sufficient for symbolising the agression, in a way, he would almost symbolise myself (I relate very strongly with this character to begin with). So it is peculiar thar I had this kind of relationship with him in my dream, especially since by the end of it, it was turned around completely. The second part seems very symbolic for my relationship with my sort-of-kind-of-complicated-partner. Again I see similarities between the characters, though less strong. It was very much like our relationship, the feeling was very similar too. The father talking about God could be my own search for faith. The younger siblings reflect both my "complicated's" younger sister, and also my own desire to have a real sibling (my half brother never lived with us and is 12 years older), this desire is especially strong around the holidays.
    4. Boring long LD and weird dream

      , 12-19-2012 at 01:47 PM
      I go to bed at 22.00 pm with an extra strong melatonin supplement and an aspirin (500 mg). I ran 3 miles that evening like always. I take a Temazepam (20 mg) at 23.00 pm.

      I walk around town, I see a car. For some odd reason I feel I need to check reality. So I look at my fingers, and see, I have 6! I stabilize, because I used to forget stabilizing a lot and I would wake up or have a very weak dream. I decide I want to go to the moon, so I do that. It is very dark there and it gives me the creeps, so instead I decide I want to go somewhere serene, perhaps a nice field with some water. I try to make a scenery, but fail the first time. It is a boring, cold, wet little park in the middle of town. I try again, and there it is, a beautiful place, with flowers and a river flowing gently through it. It is warm and nice, a perfect place to meditate. I decide to meditate, and for some reason my body flies up in the air while I am lying down. I decide that it's normal, because I am dreaming and these things happen in even the most stable dreams. I keep meditating for a while because I was tired, even too tired to do much while SLEEPING, I know it sounds odd, and I also thought it was kinda weird to be honest. I decide I want to take a walk, at the time I felt the lucidity slipping and my control getting even shakier than it was before. For some odd reason there is an ugly, rusty, old, blue car standing in my scenery. I want to get rid of it because it is ugly. I try to make it disappear, but I only succeed in cramming it into a sort of wrinkled lump of iron. I get frustrated and feel the vividity slipping FAST now, I try to stabilize, but it is too late.
      I wake up. It is 5.30 am.

      I'm standing in line for a doctor's appointment with my friend/sort-of-complicated-person. The assistant at the desk picks up a strange looking, khaki trench coat and a grey scarf, and says they used to belong to Hitler. My friend puts it on and it changes colour to red and becomes longer. I say he looks like a vampire and that it looks cool. Never once do I find the situation odd in any way.
      My alarm goes off and I wake up. It is 7.00 am.

      Something about being pregnant and trying to get an abortion, but the fetus surviving. Presumingly right before waking or just after falling asleep.

      The dream that turned lucid was surprisingly normal, almost exactly like real life. The non-lucid dreams were much weirder and more random.
    5. Little flying session in the morning

      , 02-17-2011 at 01:59 PM
      non dream - dream - lucid

      So I have discovered a little thing about my dreams, the only thing I have to do to get fully lucid, is to stare at my hand and count fingers. I am staying with some a little younger than me boy for a few nights or so, and he sais something about people with auquamarine eye color often having dark brown or chestnut brown hair and are able to hold their breath a very long time. He sais he wants to show me something if I get up at 4/5 am, he says he always does this. I say this is ok. I wake up at 4/5 am (as you can see, I'm not enitrely sure about how late it was...) and he takes me to some sort of pool, we jump in and there is some sort of a tunnel, I say 'Why can't I hold my breath any longer, I thoughtyou said scientists said I should!' (appearantly my eyes are aquamarine? they are yellowish IRL...) he saysI should breathe, I am surprised that
      I can breathe underwater and when I get out of the water I am all like 'Wow! I can breathe underwater!!' than I thing 'But what if this is a dream?' I look at my hands and I have 7 fingers, it looks odd...
      I now decide that I want to fly, but first I look at the fence that seperates the park from the little road beneath it (this is actually close to my school) than the fence turns into something like a very gelly net, and I say 'Ugh, dreams are sticky' and I climb on the fence, which is normal again because I wanted it to be. I fly around a little bit (I always have poor recall on flying scenes...) I am somewhere with a little brick wall, I hear people behind it talk about how many fingers they have, one female says '10' I look at my hand and shout '9... on one hand!' I also have a very long nail on what would normally be my ring-finger, than the female says 'I must be dreaming' I say 'No, I am dreaming' and I run of singing 'I am dreaming' really loud, I feel the dream starting to fade, so I look at my hands and shout 'Increase clarity' like I read, it isn working so I turn my head to the sky and shout very loud 'INCREASE LUCIDITY' than the 10-fingered female comes in, she's wearing this Kiss-like make-up/mask and says 'What is she singing?' there are some others around her too (also with masks/make-up). I try to rubmy hands, it doesn't work. I try to spin, but the surroundings stay the same, at some point my Anti-Flag poster flys in though, and I manage to get on some sort of a basketball-field, though I was aiming for space... Than I woke up. But the problem is, all my LD's are short, and they usually end around this way... What should I do to increase the length of them?
    6. Lucid!

      , 02-10-2011 at 03:18 PM
      non dream - dream - lucid - semi-lucid - false-awakening

      Last night I decided I should give my effords a break, because the night before I was unable to sleep (not a dream, I can assure you that wasn't a dream) and slept only 2 houres in the end, and because I had a very big dry spell and thought I was just trying too hard. But guess what happened? The night I decided to stop trying for a while I actually had a lucid! so here it is:

      I am at school, everything seems normal so far, but I decide to do a reality check, I try the nose-pinch RC and it turns out I'm dreaming! I am surprised, but don't get overexcited like the last time. I decide to try the finger through hand RC, just to see what it looks like. My finger bends and it hurts like hell, I am surprised that it hurts so much, even though I know I am dreaming. Than I get an idea, even though I know my DCs aren't real, I want to scare them, and what better way to scare a bunch of DCs than comitting dream-suicide (also I wondered what it felt like to die in a dream...)? So I decide to jump from the staircase, because it's higher in my dream than in reality. Before I jump I do a final RC, I breath a few times through a pinched nose and try the finger through hand RC again, with the same result as before. I also stare at my hands to see what they look like and to stay stable. I jump, and hit the ground, it doesn't hurt but it feels really strange and then everything went black and blurry and I wake up. I'm now sitting on the long bench we eat on at school sometimes, and I am sittig next to two guys from my class.I still have a little bit of an idea what is going on, and do some weird dream-control stuff. Than one of the boys asks me to do something, and I say I can't, because the DC of the guy I was going to do it to was too weak/blurry. Then my English techer walks in, and someone (might have been me) asks him what his patronus looks like (:-|) and he says red and like a jellyfish or something simular to a jellyfish. I think this is a weird situation and realise that I get FULLY lucid.I think of what I could do next and forget to stabelise myself. I wake up with some sort of a weird euforic awesome feeling, and whisper 'Wow, I just had a lucid...'. Then I am considering writing it down. I first decide not to do it, because I was taking a break. But I then realise it's a shame to forget this expirience and write it down.

      Dream Signs: 6 fingers, slight change of enviroment, patronus-weirdness
    7. From zero-recall to 3 dreams in one night?

      , 02-08-2011 at 02:51 PM
      That's right people, I can remember THREE of my dreams! Yet the last two I had to write down after school because I had overslept very badly and didn't have time to write them down before school. The first one I wrote down during WBTB yet that one is the one I didn't recall very good... Here it goes:

      Dream 1 -non lucid-:
      I'm lying in my bed and am trying to recall my dreaml, possibly after a False Awakening but most likely it was just a dream about remembering dreams... Oh, the irony...

      Dream Signs: No, because My eyes were closed most of the time, but I thing it was lighter than normally...

      Dream 2 -non lucid-:
      I'm playing a computer game I used to play back when I was younger, a game where you have to dress some weird character up. But the character that I have to dress up looks waaaaay different than the real live version. It's a girl with a terrible taste of clothes. She's chubby and has an aweful straight, short, blonde haircut. She also wears squared glasses and horrible brownish and purplish clothes.

      Dream Signs: Game changed

      Dream 3 -non lucid-:
      I'm buying 3 candybars in my schools cafetaria, yet it doesn't look like my schools cafetaria at all. It's way bigger and with a lot of red. There is an assembly line like the ones you see in supermarkets. The woman at the checkout counter is young. I felt guilty for buying so much candy and decided not to eat it. Then I woke up.

      Dream Signs: Cafetaria looking waaaaay different, different person working there.
    8. Dreaming about not being able to sleep?

      , 02-04-2011 at 08:16 PM
      I dreamed that I wasn't able to get to sleep, that I was lying awake for houres and houres. And I had problems with my WBTB-alarm clock, which I had to set later and later evey hour to wake up at the right time. I remember going on the computer to check my hyves (=dutch facebook-thingie).
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Finally!! Recall!!

      , 02-01-2011 at 03:08 PM
      That's right people, I can finally remember my dream again! Sorry if I sound overexcited, it's just that my recall was on a low a few days. But here it is, it's only some fragments, but it's something:

      I had a spider, as a pet, but not just a spider, a spider the size of a small cat. I remember that I let it sit on my shoulder sometimes. At some point in the dream the spider caught a mouse/little bird (not sure). I remember some fear at that point and someone telling me that the way the spider caught the bird/mouse was unusual. I also remember it running away into some sort of a lawn at some point. Also something with a house where I was going to live, it really was a small house (kinda like a bungalow I once went... really the bungalow of YOUR NIGHTMARES! <forget that, I'm strange) and that I was afraid there were spider in it (how ironic). And something like a class I was late for.

      At morning, sorta weird semi-lucid moment (I always seem to have lucid/semi-lucid moments in the morning):
      I was picking clothes for school, though 'this COULD be a dream and woke up (mom banging on door, I'm a serious night-owl), then woke up in the waking world (that was a False Awakening)

      Dream Signs: A spider the size of a small cat, I was a couple years older probably (not sure)
    10. OMG, my recall is getting worse, some sort of semi-lucidish dream... only fragments

      , 01-26-2011 at 02:45 PM
      Tonight I went to sleep a little too late (I couldn't sleep -.-' fucked up my WILD attempt) and it was like I was looking at someone elses Lucid, I can only remember a few fragments:
      Something with a doctor who did some sort of Inception-ish things in other peoples dreams. Something with a woman who was accused for something (murder?). Something with water that went red (blood?). Doctor walking through wall.
    11. Some vague fragments

      , 01-25-2011 at 03:08 PM
      Today I couldn't really remember a lot when I woke up, but over the day I started to remember some vague details:

      this one was written during WBTB:
      I'm in my old elementary school, I am helping people to install Dutch-programs (WTH!!) because only the one for the last year works (the name had the letters 'SP' in it, wonder if that was a sign...). I try something with an old flashdrive to put R4-Chips in. Dream Recall minimal.

      DS: Back at old elementary school, the old flashdrive I never use.

      This is what I started to remember over the day, only some vague fragments:
      Somethin with my crush' tarantula. I wrote something on my forehead with bleu pen (it may have been 'lucid' god, I'm really missing the hints...) and felt like I should wash it of, it worked. I remember the feeling of the pen and the washing of feeling very real. Something with a red haired girl in a white parka (may have been a charrie from a book I read). Something with a snow-covered hill. Someone (female, with dreadlocks) is getting hit by several people, woman stopping it. Something with some sort of indians (the sort of indians from America, not India).

      DS: The tarantula acting odd, writing on my own forehead, indians
    12. O.o weirdness

      , 01-24-2011 at 02:58 PM
      So tonight I had a really strange expirience. I was trying to keep myself stable and the weirdest thing ever happened! I didn't have any problem on gaining lucidity and RCs and all. But when I tried to keep myself stable (the thing with looking at your hands and stuff) I would end op staring at my hand for what felt like hours and losing lucidity because I was starting to realise what I was doing. Then I would wake up, this happened like five times this night. My dream recall is also not very clear, but I do remember I ended up trying to push my hands through a wall because I thought I could do that in a dream.

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    13. very long lucid

      , 01-23-2011 at 12:16 PM
      I was playing Pokémon for some reason (WTF!!! I never play Pokémon!!) together with someone (I only remember her being female) and thought this was kinda strange, so I decided to do a reality check, so I pinched my nose and tried to breathe, and I could. I did some Passive Dream Control on the game, I made the characters do stuff they couldn't do in the real game. I did some other stuff but I can't really remember what. Now I'm in the back of the car with my crush, she has non-alcoholic wine (and I don't even like wine!! must be because I talked about wine before I went to bed..). It started to get kinda romantic (dude, I wished I would never wake up at that point) and the drive disappears!! My crush takes over the car and puts it an the side. Now my mom is here, and she sais something about the wine not really being wine or something. There was something with a rocket too, because I tried to summon zero-gravity, but didn't succeed. And there was something with some sort of a fair-trade shop and an old lady.....

      Dream Signs: A rocket, I didn't feel my muscles while moving my body, changing of scene, people appearing.

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