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    Little flying session in the morning

    , 02-17-2011 at 01:59 PM (567 Views)
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    So I have discovered a little thing about my dreams, the only thing I have to do to get fully lucid, is to stare at my hand and count fingers. I am staying with some a little younger than me boy for a few nights or so, and he sais something about people with auquamarine eye color often having dark brown or chestnut brown hair and are able to hold their breath a very long time. He sais he wants to show me something if I get up at 4/5 am, he says he always does this. I say this is ok. I wake up at 4/5 am (as you can see, I'm not enitrely sure about how late it was...) and he takes me to some sort of pool, we jump in and there is some sort of a tunnel, I say 'Why can't I hold my breath any longer, I thoughtyou said scientists said I should!' (appearantly my eyes are aquamarine? they are yellowish IRL...) he saysI should breathe, I am surprised that
    I can breathe underwater and when I get out of the water I am all like 'Wow! I can breathe underwater!!' than I thing 'But what if this is a dream?' I look at my hands and I have 7 fingers, it looks odd...
    I now decide that I want to fly, but first I look at the fence that seperates the park from the little road beneath it (this is actually close to my school) than the fence turns into something like a very gelly net, and I say 'Ugh, dreams are sticky' and I climb on the fence, which is normal again because I wanted it to be. I fly around a little bit (I always have poor recall on flying scenes...) I am somewhere with a little brick wall, I hear people behind it talk about how many fingers they have, one female says '10' I look at my hand and shout '9... on one hand!' I also have a very long nail on what would normally be my ring-finger, than the female says 'I must be dreaming' I say 'No, I am dreaming' and I run of singing 'I am dreaming' really loud, I feel the dream starting to fade, so I look at my hands and shout 'Increase clarity' like I read, it isn working so I turn my head to the sky and shout very loud 'INCREASE LUCIDITY' than the 10-fingered female comes in, she's wearing this Kiss-like make-up/mask and says 'What is she singing?' there are some others around her too (also with masks/make-up). I try to rubmy hands, it doesn't work. I try to spin, but the surroundings stay the same, at some point my Anti-Flag poster flys in though, and I manage to get on some sort of a basketball-field, though I was aiming for space... Than I woke up. But the problem is, all my LD's are short, and they usually end around this way... What should I do to increase the length of them?

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