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    Lost in the woods+task

    , 12-29-2012 at 09:37 AM (684 Views)
    Non lucid:
    I'm doing an online survey about movies and TV shows. There are some questions about ARGs.

    Non lucid:
    Okay, this is a sorta weird, creepy one about a movie (the blair witch project). You guys ever dream that you are IN a movie you've just seen? As in, being a character (for example: you are a random Jedi in Star Wars) in the movie. Well, I kinda had that about this movie last night, I'm sure everyone here has seen it before, as it's quite famous. Okay, well the dream kind of followed the main plot, especially the part where they are first realizing that they are lost. Except in my dream we (me+main characters) climbed up a tree to see where we were (I really kept thinking they should do that while watching the movie, actually).

    Walking around some weird office, I know I am dreaming. I remember I read about the task of the month, and decide to do it. First, I decide to sing a song, so I sing Jingle Bells, it's the only one I can think of. Then I decide to make it snow, as that was the other basic task, I look out of the window and imagine the sun disappearing and snow falling down. And of course it happens. I get excited, I want to do one of the advanced tasks but I lose lucidity too fast.
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