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    very long lucid

    , 01-23-2011 at 12:16 PM (959 Views)
    I was playing Pokémon for some reason (WTF!!! I never play Pokémon!!) together with someone (I only remember her being female) and thought this was kinda strange, so I decided to do a reality check, so I pinched my nose and tried to breathe, and I could. I did some Passive Dream Control on the game, I made the characters do stuff they couldn't do in the real game. I did some other stuff but I can't really remember what. Now I'm in the back of the car with my crush, she has non-alcoholic wine (and I don't even like wine!! must be because I talked about wine before I went to bed..). It started to get kinda romantic (dude, I wished I would never wake up at that point) and the drive disappears!! My crush takes over the car and puts it an the side. Now my mom is here, and she sais something about the wine not really being wine or something. There was something with a rocket too, because I tried to summon zero-gravity, but didn't succeed. And there was something with some sort of a fair-trade shop and an old lady.....

    Dream Signs: A rocket, I didn't feel my muscles while moving my body, changing of scene, people appearing.

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    1. Nufeather1's Avatar
      Nice job on getting close to your goal! A helpful tip is to tag your dreamjornal with important people, objects and etc. into your dream journal so you can go to your tags and look back at various dreams involving your dreamsigns.

      keep on working toward your goals!