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    From zero-recall to 3 dreams in one night?

    , 02-08-2011 at 02:51 PM (541 Views)
    That's right people, I can remember THREE of my dreams! Yet the last two I had to write down after school because I had overslept very badly and didn't have time to write them down before school. The first one I wrote down during WBTB yet that one is the one I didn't recall very good... Here it goes:

    Dream 1 -non lucid-:
    I'm lying in my bed and am trying to recall my dreaml, possibly after a False Awakening but most likely it was just a dream about remembering dreams... Oh, the irony...

    Dream Signs: No, because My eyes were closed most of the time, but I thing it was lighter than normally...

    Dream 2 -non lucid-:
    I'm playing a computer game I used to play back when I was younger, a game where you have to dress some weird character up. But the character that I have to dress up looks waaaaay different than the real live version. It's a girl with a terrible taste of clothes. She's chubby and has an aweful straight, short, blonde haircut. She also wears squared glasses and horrible brownish and purplish clothes.

    Dream Signs: Game changed

    Dream 3 -non lucid-:
    I'm buying 3 candybars in my schools cafetaria, yet it doesn't look like my schools cafetaria at all. It's way bigger and with a lot of red. There is an assembly line like the ones you see in supermarkets. The woman at the checkout counter is young. I felt guilty for buying so much candy and decided not to eat it. Then I woke up.

    Dream Signs: Cafetaria looking waaaaay different, different person working there.

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