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    10/14/17 False Awakening

    by , 10-15-2017 at 05:34 AM (245 Views)
    I unintentionally did a wbtb. As my eyes were close the darkness began to have color and I found it that my eyes had open on their own without my permission. I was staring at the window and for some reason it was dark outside. This isn't right I thought to myself, I'm very late for work now and I swear it feels like it has only been 10 mins since I lay down to sleep.

    I started speculating that this is a dream so I look out the window and found it hard to focus on pretty much anything. Everything look blurry. My television at the back of my eyes look like it disappear but appeared suddenly when I expected to see it. This is when I did an RC of the nose to test if it is a dream or not. I could breathe through it so I realize I am dreaming. I then woke up.

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