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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    Closed Off Completely Open DILD

    by , 02-06-2018 at 07:46 PM (73 Views)
    I am running from a bull in the night and find a cabin and decided to enter inside it. Once I did, the cabin change in to a white room to where I could see soda stock up on a cart. I turn around and think about what all this means. The idea that I must be dreaming occur and I became lucid. I check my hands and rubbed them together as I can see my bendy fingers. Once I rubbed them and attempt to control my breathing. I could feel myself getting much more grounded with in the dream.

    I then decide to leave the back room by opening the door. I look behind me and through the top latch I could see the outside. It look to be either morning or late afternoon. As I am trying to leave all the soda bottles started cluttering around my body. I could feel it all sticking inside and for a bit this hurt. But I remained calm and the items all disappeared. I make it through the door to where I was greeted with a bunch of clothes.

    After that I see that I am in an apartment or house judging from the near by bathroom next to a room. I open pass the bathroom in to the room. I could see one person sleeping as I open their door. I couldn't tell who they were as the orange beige blanket's cover his or her face entirely. But I could I feel I was disturbing their sleep and that they would wake up soon. So I decided to leave and woke up soon after.

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