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    Library Dolls DILD

    by , 09-09-2018 at 03:03 PM (60 Views)
    Was crawling inside a cave that was too small but I was fortunately enough to fit through it. As I got to the end of it I made it in to a library. The library was wide and had numerous people reading and talking quietly to each other. I became lucid when I left the cave to the library. I roam around and notice a group seeming to have a interesting conversation.

    There was 3 people at the table one girl in a grey hoodie, one guy with a red t-shirt and I was not able to see the other person clearly. The two I could see were talking and I decided to interrupt them to ask questions. I eventually went to the back and notice I was holding a doll in my hands. A teacher came and told me that doll is too old now and that I should leave it on the ground.

    I eventually lose lucidity at this point.

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    Tags: cave, doll, library, stdc