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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    Minor Difference DILD

    by , 11-10-2015 at 08:58 PM (254 Views)
    I found myself in my father room and for some reason I was already semi lucid. I felt like I knew it was a dream, so I got up and open the door to the living room. Once I saw that one side of the sky from the windows were blue and one the other side was orange which indicated the sun. I agree that I am in a dream. I made my vision zoom in on the walls to see if everything look like it would in waking life. The difference was that the color of this wall was orange while it is suppose to be brown.

    I decided to check the garage and see what look different there. Once I open the garage door what I notice first was that there were to air bags lift all the way up to the ceiling. I didn't find here to be much of a change. I then lost focus of the fact of being in a dream and became non-lucid. Soon after having a false awakening, I wake up in my father room with a person telling me did I have a lucid dream? I said barely, he then stated could've been a false awakening. I didn't understand that he was trying to tell me I had a false awakening and that I am still dreaming.

    I wake up not long after this. Lucidity Time: 55 seconds

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