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    Only Silence DA + OST + HM + DILD

    by , 03-17-2015 at 06:38 PM (466 Views)
    During a non-lucid experience, I found a dream that was unfinish with a large void on the left end of the dream. I enter in it which causes the effects of DA. I slowly become lucid while still finding it very difficult to think. I kept going over the thought of manifest something I can perceive. Eventually it manifest what look to be the side of a door. I then quickly grab it and the dark void was gone. I was in a hallway with only numerous doors on each side. I was fully lucid now and had no problems thinking anymore.

    The yellow door knob reflected what I currently look like which wasn't a appearance I was familiar with. Instead it was the appearance of a main character in I watch. I walk shortly around and chose one door. When I open it I found myself inside a nice living room. I look around and was beginning to recall that I was just dreaming this a couple of minutes ago, only then I was non-lucid. I don't think anyone was living here, it was very quiet and calming.

    The house had no lights on except near the cabinets located near the front door. Majority of the furniture was dark brown wooded, this includes the mirror , the bed , the desk , counter , and the dressers. The walls had a slate blue color with the white doors with a few lines coming from the place. I really like it, I'd like to have a house exactly like this one day. I soon notice another door on my far left. I open the door to find myself inside a room.

    My eyes had a very hard time focusing, it would shift around constantly with out my command. I then saw the large bed with white puffy blankets and pillow and said wow. I rub my hands on it and lay down for a short while to enjoy it. I got upand notice a doll on a near by desk. I pick the doll up and examine it. The doll had blonde hair and a white apron with a blue dress. I held it thinking it's been awhile since I've seen a doll. I kept it in my hand as I notice more objects like a dresser and a big mirror.

    I look at the mirror and was stunned how perfecr my reflection was. It look exactly like me, the only difference was that I was wearing different home clothes and that my pupils in my eye were dilated. I could feel my head flowing with waves. I soon stated that for a dream it sure did a good job at creating all of this. I look at the doll to realize it had change to a doll that has never been tamper with. The customization that was once there is now gone.

    I place it back to where I found it and saw a little photo of me on the desk counter. I pick it up and thought is this my place? It look like me in the picture but the place I'm at in the photo is not recognizable to me. I saw another dresser in the room and search what was inside. I then got a feeling I was being watch. I notice I never close the door that I use to enter in this room. I walk to the door and close it while locking it, just to be safe I said .

    I then proceeded to looking through anything the dressers may contain. I saw a few bottle pills but before I could examine it, a person came right through the door. I quickly said that wasn't fair. The man was wearing a red zip up sweater which was left unzipped, with dark blue jeans. He had a clownish laugh and began lifting up a chair. It was at this point I knew I was dealing with a madman as he approach me. He grab my hand with force , I quickly use my other arm to grab another wooden chair near by.

    I manage to break free from his grip. To where we soon began clashing the chairs we were holding in till the chairs were no more. It became more physical as we struggle to take one another out in till he stop. He began insulting me and shut the door. My eyes look around the room and notice the slated blue walls was now orange. The doll on the desk counter had left on it's own and was no where to be found. The fight took a bit out of me, I decided that I should lose lucidity afterwards. Lucidity Time: 12 minutes.
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