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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    Play 51 DA + DILD

    by , 05-09-2015 at 08:14 AM (376 Views)
    My brother, I and a unfamiliar woman with red hair were all playing a uncommon game involving a toy bear. The stranger was the closest to the toy bear. It had appear she tied the toy bear with a string to the bucket and would pretend to be the bear by screaming for help. My brother seem fine with this as she continue to call for help. I decided to steal the bear from her and told her help is here, no need to worry. I threw away the toy bear and did not think much of it.

    The unfamiliar woman had become very angry. She somehow had control of the electricity as all the lights in the bedroom went out. She proceeded to grab my brother and then stole the only car we had and force him inside. I stare at them through the window in till I watch the entire car leave. I got off from the bed and tried to turn on the lights but it would not come on. I then went out to the living room and attempted to turn them on but nothing.

    I went back in to father room and decided to see if I was dreaming. I check my fingers but they were all cleared, I then did a nose check and I could breathe through it. I then become lucid and quickly enter the kitchen to phase right through the back door. Instead of sliding right through it my face was slam against it. Quite realistic I thought to myself, I open the unlock back door and with little effort partly close it.

    I then darted up the hill and can confirm it was night. There was a grocery store near here, but then I heard something making a lot of noise. I decided to check what could be causing it. I found two people near the store with one girl dancing to music on her headphones. I think she was yelling the lyrics out loud. I decided to grab her hand and started spinning her in till she was almost like a helicopter choppers. I then let go of her and watch spun up in the air in till she hit the ground.

    A man in a grey suit had just witness what has happened. And yelled what are you doing? And ask if she was alright? I saw a near by tunnel of some sort and decided to walk to it. Once inside it appear to be sort of like a casino. I must've been the arcade section as there were many games alike. My eyes caught a glimpse of a couple of bodies space out in corners and some underneath the gaming machines. I continue walking more in till I saw a glowing arrowed sign tunnel.

    It look like fun but I decided to continue checking out what kind of games the arcade was featuring. As I continue to observe it, I am woken up by an outside noise. Lucidity Time: 3 minutes

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