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    The Ship That Never Sinks GA+WBTB+DILD

    by , 02-04-2020 at 09:27 AM (77 Views)
    I was on this ship like vehicle. I was with a co-worker as she and I got separated from the other co-workers we were with. As this happen the ship like thing was stop by huge vanilla cookie's. As I see this I just knew I was dreaming because seriously how would a cookie stop a ship, come on now. As this happens I saw my co-worker flee the scene. She tells me goodbye and shuts the door leaving me and this other dude who I notice on the ship just now alone.

    I look at him and told him I am the captain now and made my way to the driver seat. Before I could grab whole of the steering wheel, the guy makes the lights go off. I tried to make them come back on with some struggle and finally it work. As I place my hands on the steering wheel we began to take off. There was some serious cookie damage ahead and I am certain ran over a few car's with this big ship. It also seem to not surprise me how a ship could drive on the road but whatever.

    I began to laugh hysterically as I continue to feel the power of my ship. But then all of a sudden I couldn't breathe and lost my lucidity by waking up.

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