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    Strongest Lucid Dream

    by , 03-28-2014 at 04:44 PM (458 Views)
    3/27/14 In my dream it started with me waking up in my Father room, it was dark and no lights were on. When I got up I tried to turn on the lights but it didn't work. I then woke up again in my Father room and thought to myself that I could've had a lucid dream if I notice the lights wouldn't turn on. I didn't realize though that I was still in a dream. That's when I heard the door slam. I now thought I was truly awake since in Reality the feeling was more cruel as I said this out loud in the dream. My Father came in and turn on the lights, it came on and he sat next to me while I lied down in the bed. He told me the power was cut and that they had to wait in the train. I was thinking that's why the lights weren't coming on. Then I woke up again in my Father room and felt very strange, lights were off and the timer said 1:00 o clock am as it buzz around as if it were in alarm. I heard my brother in my Father bathroom taking a shower, I felt like I could hardly move as I stay in the bed. I heard my brother singing sort of similar to pokemon, the lights were not on in the bathroom. He then stop showering the door was half open and I manage to atleast manage to sit up to see him. He hid in the door and grab his shorts and with a dark blue shirt. He opens the doorand that's when I wake up again in my Father room, it was dark lights were off I check the time on the vcr again it stated " 2 - 7 " So I got up and tried to turn on the lights but didn't work. I saw the bathroom door was tilted and it show that the orange light was on which only activates if all lights are off in the room. I proceeded in going to the bathroom as I open the door I thought something was off. So I tried to turn on the lights but it didn't work. I look in the mirror and thought this doesn't look to right. So I thought to myself let me look at my hands and when I did I had more than 5 fingers. That's when I became lucid , I look in the mirror and thought " man , I really look stupid " that's when my brother showed up in the mirror and we began debating about OBE if it's real or not. I said " Yea you're dumb , why don't you come over here with your beliefs since we're in a dream " I ramble more on his reflection. Then my face appear and again I thought I look retarded. So I decided to leave the bathroom as I knew talking to mirrors wasn't going to get me anywhere with philosophy. I look around my Father room and the lights came on by themselves as I walk I saw a red towel on my Father tv. I said " Lets see if I had dream control now " So I tried to change it's color to blue and instantly it started changing blue. I was surprise, I look a the carpet and wanted to change it's color , it started changing but I didn't make up my mind so it got multi color. I walk forward more to the bed. I then wanted to create someone I knew in middle school. I tried this before in 2012 and failed miserably so now since I am seeing the effects now I believe my chances were better. I thought of the person and their lower body started to appear and the upper body however it stop. I started thinking of thei face so it can fully appear but it wasn't working as I hold it in my hand. I could tell the subconscious which is the brain change the person I trying to create in to a doll. So I threw it and immeditely I got hit by a mini panda. I turn aound and look at it's online ID above it's head which was " Ps_Zocoun " something similar to that. So I look at it as it was working on the carpet ground. Since I was irritated by what it did I knew I was in control of everything since I was god in this dream. So how dare this miniture ugly panda hit me so I decided to make the mini foolish panda disappear. When it disappear I was very satisfied however in 3 seconds he came back and look much more angry than before. I thought to myself that's not right because I didn't summon him back and stated wondering if I was the controller of this dream. The Panda look at me and tried to attack so I went to the bed knowing it was too small to get up on it. I then saw the curtains and wonder what the outside looks like. I open the curtain a little to see the sky was gray and raining. I smiled and thought yes this is my favorite sky. I then look at the curtain and remember what I did in my last lucid dream on 3/15/14. So I decided to do it again by jumping through the curtains. It did the magical spiral again like my previous lucid dream which made me smile with satisfaction. However I almost got outside but gently was place back on the bed. So I thought " If it didn't work once it should definitely work this time " I jump through the curtains again and the curtains did it's magical spiral again and I decided to smile again but it didn't let me go through. So I got off the bed ran quickly and open my Father door quickly so I could avoid the panda. As I ran in the living room it look quite real to me so when I reach the front door. I decided to peek in the garage as the door was already open. I look in and said " wow " it look like it was burglarize and painted lighter blue. I then look at the front knowing this will take me outside. I tried to go through it but like all the other objects it rejected me. So I open the door which felt eletric like twitching. The door open I went outside and began running on the road in the community. As I run I could hear my grandmoher talking to someone on the phone as her voice sounded at the front door. I thought to myself " She must be wondering why I left the door open " I ran more and made a turn so I could continue running. I saw a person who use to be my Mother friend. She was wearing a dark gray coat and dark jeans with black boots and had long blonde curly hair in a pony tail. As she just finish talking to her friend she started walking and then look at me. I decided to jog and look back at her. I job she walk , she then started telling me if I was going to that place. I couldn't hear her too well so I decided to run more as these two girls look at me and stare. I decided to run more and more. Then this boy look at me with a big smirk. The sky started changing to night as more and more people began to follow me around the community while laughign at me. I tried to climb up the gates but cars was already there and so was all the people. I ran up the hill and just sat down and cried. They all circle around the hill below me laughing, that's when someone came up the hill. It was my brother he was also laughing and was wearing a hat while holding a camera. He took a picture of me and then kick me. I got angry and said " Damn you, I don't care if this is a dream and if your my brother, I'll still kick your ass " I got up, jump and push my brother as we both rolled down the hill. Once we both hit the ground all the people surronded us. My brother then said I was a loser, the crowd around us laugh harder after that. So I said " Watch, can you do this ?" They all watch me began to levitate as I floated over the 16 feeted gates and landed gently down as if a mouse on a CPU pick me up and drop me down. I stand there like a boss and all those ungrateful little rejects started clapping and screaming with amazement. They all wanted to know my name but I didn't say anything I just had a smirk on my face. That's when my cousin appear to me in the crowd who was frankly in a wheel chair, told me something but I couldn't hear him due to his mumbling and cheap wheel chair. So I lean a little down and said " What are you saying" He began saying I needed to go to kungchim camp to get weapons. I was wondering why would I need weapons then I look ahead of me and saw 2 huge tanks. I just couldn't believe my luck that's when I started feeling my physical back lying on the bed. So I knew my time was soon to be up. As I stare at the tanks moving their launchers to my position I decided to wake up voluntary. I woke up and I was in my Father room, the lights were off and the time said " 2:00 am " So I thought to myself my father is taking a really long time to come home. I then got up and tried to switch on the light but it didn't work. That's when I was wondering why can't I wake up? Then I woke up again, this time I was truly awake the time said " 9:08 pm " I quickly got up and turn on the light and sat down feeling very confuse. That's all Lucidity Time : 7 mins

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