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    Yuppie's Dream Journal

    This is my Dream Journal, containing all my dreams and lucids!
    Hope you enjoy.

    1. First in a while

      by , 10-28-2018 at 05:49 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I am in some sort of research station in Antarctica and then someone performs a monologue about the importance of community and leadership. It happens kind of in third person. Then someone praises a teacher for encouraging their students and keeping them entertained in such a remote part of the world. They suggest he often organises rap contests for the kids. Suddenly I am free-styling over a beat and I'm actually doing it with more skill in my dream than I could in real life.

      I walk around in my room and once I kick a towel a cockroach scurries out. I recoil, and it is half squishes and a little gooey. Then I think I try freestyling again.

      I am watching Twitch and for some reason the streamer starts roasting me. He pulls up my LoL account and mocks me for, I think, firstly, maining graves, and secondly being 'low elo'. I try to protest that gold elo isn't actually that bad but he eventually blocks me.

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    2. Taming the Flawless Girl

      by , 06-18-2017 at 01:32 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      Originally I was hesitant about publishing a dream of this nature; especially in such depth, but eventually the philosophy that dream journaling is most effective when done in detail governed my decision to proceed. The girl in question in my dream was once my girlfriend, but is now just a dear friend of mine.

      I am in her room for some reason, and she stares intensely at me and tells me there’s something she wants to disclose. I smile and nod in encouragement. It’s difficult for her to reveal what she wants to say at first, and so she spends several moments blushing and breaking her eye contact with me by glancing at the floor. I insist that she can tell me, but she is still too shy, and thus I must reassure her by pointing out how close we are. She asks me if I can recall a particular sexual experience we had when we were dating back in high school. I laugh and tell her that she’ll have to be more specific. She asks if I remember the time we were in her room sitting on the floor and making out. She was pressed with her back against the door to prevent her parents from walking in. She bites her lip and asks if I remember how roughly I had groped her body, and how I had forcefully slid my hand down her pants. I look into her eyes and nod. My eyes roam elsewhere, but still on the plane of her body. She asks why it was only a once off occurrence, and why we never did anything similar involving that power dynamic for the rest of the time we dated. I shrug remorsefully and I am at a legitimate loss for words. The question hits me with considerable weight, and I feel a sense of disappointment wash over me when I reflect over all the missed opportunities. “I really don’t even have an answer to that” I say as I stare into her doe-like eyes. She giggles. “I loved it, it was so exciting”. I reciprocate her laughter, “I know”, I tease, “I remember you telling me how much you liked it at the time”.

      She blushes, and then: “Listen, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve never really had the chance to properly experience anything like that since we broke up”. I nod enthusiastically in agreement. “I completely understand where you’re coming from, I am in the exact same boat.” She stares at me with burning intensity. “I want you to make me feel like you did all those years ago.” I do not protest. We have a lengthy discussion detailing our various kinks and desires. We start off experimenting with ways in which she would like to be referred to. It’s fun and games initially as we roll through the list of potential candidates. “Whore, slut, princess”, etc. They are hit and miss. Some she likes, some she doesn’t. We roll around in laughter at some of her suggestions and some of my suggestions. Eventually though, the laughter subsides, and I notice that she is legitimately getting turned on from some of the names. We decide together on a suitable variety of options, and then we decided to move on. She asks me what’s next. I ask her whether she’s been a good girl or a bad girl. She grins and says she’s been bad. I tell her to lay over my lap. Seeing we are on separate ends of her bed, initially she begins to simply shuffle over. I shake my head and tell her to go back to her side of the bed, and crawl over to me instead. She nods obediently. “Yes, sir.”

      Once she is within reaching distance I grab her and pull her roughly the rest of the way until she is perched across my lap. She moans. I am veritably astonished by how much she seems to enjoy being controlled. I run my hand up and down her bare legs, and ask her what she deserves. She tells me she deserves a spanking. I agree: “very good, that’s right.” I fold her skirt over her waist, revealing her perfect ass. My hand roams around the lower half of her body, teasing her. I come dangerously close to her pleasure zone several times, and I can feel her rocking on my lap, subtly begging to be touched there. I shake my head “you really are a bad girl.” She is denied such a luxury. I get to work and begin spanking her until I decide she has had enough. I can literally feel the warmth and wetness of her radiating outwards towards my hand. I trace my finger up and down underwear for several minutes, until it seems as if she may potentially go insane from the teasing. She wants it so badly.
      Finally, she is begging for it. “Please”, she moans. I pull her up by her hair towards me, so that my lips are at her ear, and say something I will refrain from writing down. I slide her underwear down her legs, and momentarily consider shoving her panties in her mouth, but decide against it because of how much I like hearing her moan. I struggle to comprehend how wet she is. I slide my finger inside of her slowly. I delicately brush past her clit while I am penetrating her with my finger, but only so that it is just barely perceptible. I repeat this process until she is on the brink of an orgasm, and then stop. “Please” she begs, practically crying out of lust and frustration. “You’re going to have to work for it – show me that you can be a good girl instead of a bad girl.” She agrees, “Yes sir.” It’s not as if she has any real choice in the matter. I sit up against the wall positioned next to her bed, and motion for her to come to me. “Come here baby.” She crawls over, just like she’s been taught. She is learning. I call her a good girl, approvingly. I kiss her deeply. I trace my finger around her lips, and she opens her mouth immediately and takes in my finger, sucking desperately. I remove my finger and shake my head. I chastise her: “don’t be greedy”.

      I figure I might be acting a little hard on her, so I decide to indulge the girl and provide her with a reward. I remove all her clothes and become momentarily mesmerised by her striking beauty. I tell her to kneel on the floor for me. She wastes no time. Without the need for encouragement she unzips my pants. Her evident lust for it turns me on immensely, I love how badly she wants it. I instruct her to stick her tongue out. I stay there for a while just watching. “PLEASE” she begs, with her big brown eyes. I oblige, and eventually I am crammed into her mouth. She makes vivid noises of delight.

      Eventually I order her to drape herself over the table, and present herself to me. I eagerly walk over and insert myself inside of her, and become overwhelmed with the sensation. We try several things that she told me she wanted earlier. I hold her hands behind her back, pull her hair, etc. I feel very fulfilled about how happy she seems. The physical sensation is rewarding, but what I find even more wholesome is listening to her moans of pleasure. Eventually I tell her I’m going to come, and she insists that it be inside of her. (Her actual phrase was a bit more explicit, but I’m trying to keep this journal RELATIVELY clean.) I wake up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Grim Reaper Lucid

      by , 04-02-2013 at 10:35 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I was walking down the street, with this one guy. We were in like, a busy city, with flashing lights and speeding cars. After around five minutes of talking, we spot this black hood, in the distance. The man's face is completely hidden, and he stands tall with confidence and power, holding what appears to be a scythe. He begins moving towards us, but not in the normal way, he kind of hovers over the ground, at a very fast speed. My companion and I begin to run, and the reaper gives chase. He follows us for a considerable time, when a young woman joins our party, also apparently a target. We begin shouting at each other, discussing what to do. I insist that my male companion goes to his hotel room, and the woman and I will venture to her hotel room. The only reason I want this is because I know the reaper will have less chance of catching us, if we convince him to go after the other guy. He eventually splits, but unfortunately the reaper continues to pursue us. We climb the escalator, running whilst it goes up. However, we have lots of trouble as we can't help but trip as we rise. I barely make it up the stairs, when I look back to find her cluttered on the floor. The reaper climbs the stairs about three times faster than us, and catches up to her. She manages to kick him away, which only results in him moving back a metre or so, but allows her to make it up the stairs. We part ways, opting to select different routes, and I run into the food court. After attempting to hide, and only have the reaper come closer and closer to my location, I made a run for it, and jumped back down the elevator stairs. I take a left outside, and now the outside has changed into a different location. It's more like a rural airport, with plenty of open space. I hear the reaper inquiring as to where I am, and I struggle to keep my cool. I hear him say "Have you seen Daniel's brother" (Daniel is my girlfriend's brother, so the line of questioning wasn't really exact, but of course he still managed to nearly get me killed) So, I run across to the side of the building and think "I'll just go over here and wake myself up..." GAAAAAAAH.
      I become lucid, and decide to 'fuck shit up' in the bluntest of terms.
      I fly up into the building, and decide to shoot the reaper. I get my gun to shoot a bullet, after a few faulty starts, and it falls to the floor, and dissipates on the ground. I shoot a few plates on people's tables, just to mess with them and freak them out, until I finally fly outside, into a swamp land. I have someone accompanying me now, I'm not sure who it was. We eventually come across three hill billies, and they begin acting aggressive towards us. I whisper to my friend to pass me a gun, (As this is my go-to method of acquiring objects in my lucid dreams) and I receive a pistol. They begin walking towards us menacingly, and I manage to shoot all three of them in non-lethal areas before they could attack us. They fall to the ground in agony, and eventually these... swamp people? Rise from the waters, and arrive on the land. The hill billy's see this as a positive sign, but I just know in my head that they're on our side. The hillbilly's call out "Thank god you've come! I bet you're ready to take care of those two" they say, wailing in agony. The swamp people shake their heads, there were three of them. "No, you've been fishing in our waters for too long, and polluting our land, it's time to take care of you" I watch as they begin moving towards them, and I decide to walk off, before I see anything too gruesome. Suddenly, I'm in Woolworths, the store I work at. I look around, and it has the exact same layout that it does in real life. I have this brain breaking epiphany, about the task of the month. The funny thing is, I haven't even READ the thread. I recall that Bill told me about it on my DEILD guide, so I decided to try them out. I'm not sure if this is correct (I still have to go check!) But I walked up to a man and a woman. Evidently shopping for their daily groceries. I lick the many's shirt, and it tastes a peculiar bitterness, with a really strong sour flavour. (It wasn't as disgusting as it sounds, considering I knew it was just a dream) I went up the lady, and asked if I could smell her neck, she obliged, and I soon discovered that she was wearing a really sweet perfume. Finally, I ran down to the end of the store, at the last register. I found two customers, looking at some glass jars. I decided to show off, and I said "Guess what?! You're in my dream, I'm having a lucid dream" They were very impressed, and nodded vigorously. I looked at the glass, and decided to shoot it in front of them. I pulled out nothing but my hand, which was configured in the way that children often form hand pistols. I decided to give it a shot, pointed it at the glass, and yelled "BANG." The glass shattered, and I repeated the process. They were pretty amused, and the lady even gave it a shot. She pointed out her finger and shouted "BANG," although nothing happened, which caused her to walk away bitterly, with a very stern look on her face. As far as I know, I then woke up.
    4. Best Lucid I've Experienced In My Life

      by , 03-24-2012 at 10:24 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      Okay, so my memory is a little sketchy, I haven't been dream journalling for ages now. This has definetely encouraged me to go back into lucid dreaming! I started off in my room, opening the blinds, because for some reason I wanted to know as soon as it was light outside. I was struggling with this, the cords weren't attached the right strings, so the blinds just shifted back and forth. I was finally succesful, and it turned out to be light anyway, kind of a morning light. I open up my laptop, and overhear my parents talking about several storm warning, close to us. I think it was at this point I became lucid. I excitedly stabalize and rub my hands together, as I run down the hall, deciding to go into the storm. I psych up the storm, imaging it to be a massive downpour of water, with streets flooding, and wind roaring. I reach the door, and push it open, my mouth drops. It's insane! I struggle to keep my stance against the wind. The water is the height of small tree, all across the road, gushing downwards towards the slope of my house road. I run up, intending to jump over my fence, and get into the action. I can't quite make it, so I have to fly upwards, grab the metal, and climb over. I run towards the water, but it moves away from me, slowly enough to taunt me, but fast enough for me to not keep up. I chase the storm for a while, I did this cool thing where I ran really fast, but seemed to accelerate my sorroundings toward me, not phsyically move anymore than normal. The storm seems to stay just infront of me still. I return to my original spot from when I climbed over the fence because I remember it's all about control. I stabalize. "I am the master" I urge the water to come back around me, with the powerful wind. Water forms around me, and the win picks up, slightly lesss stronger than perviously. I jump around in it, and generally just have a ball. Mostly just amazed by the sheer power of the storm. (I know the storm thing sounds lame, but believe me, it was alot of fun) I decide to do something else, so I stop the storm, and wonder what to do. I decide to go to the top of a tall tree, and jump off it, which I've intended to do ever since I began attempting to lucid dream. I run back to my backyard, because I know it has a very tall tree in it. I stabalize. I spot the tree, when I'm standing away from it, but once I attempt to fly there, it dissapears. This goes on for a while, and I once again remind myself that I am the master of my own dreams. Much better this time, the tree stays put, but my flying skills die out, every time I use them for more than like ten seconds. I fly to my garage, then to a branch, then to another branch, till I'm half way. Now that I feel more confident, I fly to the top in one flight. I stabalize, even though I'm at peace with the fact that I'll probably wake up after this. I jump down, with my body upwards the whole time. The actual fall took about five seconds, I was slightly dissapointed. The actual fall was a bit slow in speed. Still pretty awesome, and a great view. I stabalize. I'm not sure what to do now, so I bust into the sunroom of my house, and summon a badger. I wake up.
      I'm definetely going to get back into lucid dreaming!
    5. Driving a car in a lucid

      by , 02-09-2012 at 10:04 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm in the car with my dad, driving to school, wearing my uniform. We're on the long straight of road, when I realise things look a bit weird. I count my fingers, and become lucid. "You've got to be kidding me..." I say, at first, I guess I was frustrated that I'd got ready, showered, sat in a car, and it turned out to be just a dream. However, I soon realised that this was a good thing, and looked over at dad, who sat there happily, smiling. "What should we do?" I asked, thinking of things, while rubbing my hands together for stabilazation. I realise we were in a car, so I moved onto his side, and I teleported him to my seat, whilst looking away (I thought it'd be easier if I didn't have to SEE him dissapear) I turn back around, to see that he's gone, but for some reason I stare very closely, and he slowly appears into the seat, like little pixels forming. (first succesful teleport! YES)

      I grab the steering wheel tightly, and press down on the accelerator, wary of all the cars. I move into the right lane, and begin overtaking all the cars. I do this for a while, when I realise a BIG green truck is heading towards me. I wonder what to do, waiting for dad to shout at me to turn a certain way. He says nothing, so I swerve left, whilst braking, which results in the car kind of locking up sideways, heading towards the ditch at the side of the road. The truck, is also doing the same thing, and everything just kind of turns into third person view, I wonder what will happen. I wonder if I'll "die" and wake up so I prepare to DEILD. I do wake up, but I decide to jot a few words down so I remember.

      -next dream-

      I'm in a classroom, with people I don't know, and the bell finally rings. The teacher trys to say something like "Remember the spring carnival!' But everyone screams and shouts over him just to annoy him. I look back, he seems frustrated. We all walk out the door, emerging into a somewhat wide hallway filled with students. On my left, is a drink fridge kind of thing, the shelf-like ones that have no door. Everyone is taking them, so I presume they're free. I grab to solo's and walk towards the exit.

      I hear my teacher attempting to say something again, but we all scream, and he seems to stop trying. I throw my solo up in the air, hoping to cause a bit of excitement and stir the students up, and they all laugh, and shout. The teacher that we've been ignoring, comes up next to me, and says something. I turn back, looking for my drink, and grab it. "Half price discount!" He tries to joke, because my drink is now only half full. (I'm not sure what happend to the other one, I think it just dissapeared) I decide to throw it at him, so I shake it up, fall back into the crowd, and throw it at him. Nothing comes out, but it hits him softly in the back, and he turns around, looking a bit depressed that no one seems to like him.

      I walk next to him, and say "Where's your car?" because I'm planning on throwing the drink through his window. He tells me the name and model instead, so I figure I should just follow him and find out. Unfortunately, I see my dad, who looks a bit suspicious, waiting in the car to pick me up. So as the teacher says something about a bodyguard, and I insult him one more time, I walk to my car, and get in. I wake up. -End Dream-

      Fragments: Impulse deoderant. On a ship trying to solve something I think. Playing this game that was very complex and required you to press three buttons at once to perform an attack that always changed.
    6. Long dream, with lucid at end.

      by , 01-31-2012 at 08:56 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a correctional teenagers prison, and these kids want to kill me. One walks towards me, so I back up towards a set of stairs behind me, to escape, but a kid is standing there, blocking the way. "You wrecked the reputation of the prison, by doing that tv ad." Now two people are after me, I sidestep the original one, and back away, towards another set of stairs. A third person comes out, and says pretty much the same thing. This time I dodge him, and then try escape to the bottom by using the stairs, but then I realise they're attempting to kill me by pushing me down the stairs anyway. I turn around and walk down slowly backwards, while holding onto the rail, so they can't push me. I make it down the bottom, and feel safe, but then I realise the whole "prison" is just a masive open six level scaffolding. I begin running down the stairs away fom them, trying to make it to the bottom floor. One of them shouts after me, "This is all part of my plan! I got permission to take you to the lowest level, and kill you, so no one will see." There are about three staircases all leading down to a lower floor that you can take on each level, so they attempt to cut me off a few times, but it doesn't work. I finally make it down to the first floor, and then for some reason I say, "What a minute! You have permission for ME to be here, NOT YOU!" This seem to mean something to him, because he stops chasing me. I continue running, however, and see an alleyway leading out into my town. I head towards town, but I can't resists turning around, giving him the finger, and exchanging a few nice words. He doesn't seem to care though, he just laughs and says "He's going to use that car!" Reffering to the one infront of me. I walk past his vision and decide against using the car, seeing I'd be easy to find. I look towards a field with long grass, leading into a forest, and decide to walk there. I run through the field, and into the forest, but I have a feeling someone is following me, so I hide behind a tree. It's actually more of a park with a fair bit of trees, and a fair few people are around. It turns out to be people on bikes, anyway, however just as I emerge from the tree, I see the actual people, that were chasing me. They're coming from my front, left side,so I have to hide on a diagonal angle to the right, to not be spotted. I gradually move, and they become none the wiser. I step out relieved, but then I realise there's a police officer with them, and he spots me. I begin running, and the police officer shouts " He's running away" They turn, and try to grab me, but I jump over them. I head into a restraunt at the end of the park/forest, and see a group of my friends. I sit down with them, and try to blend in, hoping the police or prisoners won't notice me. My friends greet me, and I say "Hey, I'm on the run from prison, I need you guys to be quite. They all laugh, which draws attention to me, and the people after me, see me. They call out my name, but I look around, pretending to look for the person. I look at a young boy, and say "Excuse me sir, I think they're calling you." The police officer shouts "Cut the crap, turn yourself in." I jump over the table, and run towards the kitchen, hoping for an exit. They follow me. I turn towards a window, and he shouts "He's going to jump on the chair, and try to climb out the window." I do what he says, but the window is way to small to fit through, and he has an easy oppurtunity to grab me. But he doesn't, and I realise that he's trying to help me. "He's going to jump on the table, and then go onto the ledge. I smile at him, then quickly run out of the room. I walk a few metres, and then slide into a hotel room, throught the window. I'm with Jessi, and I open the fridge, for some reason, looking at the food. I take nothing, and then exit the room. I look for the room that looks the least likely to be looked in. I take the one at the far end, and step inside. Jessi begins walking away, and I demand to know wh he's walking off when there are people trying to kill me. "I'm going to buy the room, you can't just barge in there..." He does have a good point, I follow him, and we end up in the foyer. Jessi begins paying, and I stay the steps, being cautious. I hear a voice that says "You know you're dreaming, right?" "Of course I do" I reply. Then I realise I actually AM dreaming, and become lucid. I turn towards the person who you rent the rooms off. "I want to eat something.... can I have an apple?" She throw me an apple, and I bite into it. Crunchy and sour. "I want you to summon me a badger." It turns into this game, where you have to get the badger. Eventually I win, and I "wake up" with a badger in my lap. I get up, and mum iss tanding at the end of the bed. I wake up for real. (By the way, the guys at the prison weren't actually that scary, considering they're supposed to be in the world's toughest prison..)
      lucid , memorable
    7. Luna park!

      by , 01-28-2012 at 12:02 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I have this dying urge to smoke these two cigarettes, that are hidden in my room. Dad's in the house, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. I take one cigarette out, leaving one stashes under a shirt in my closet, and grab a blue lighter. I test it, and it burns very strong, for about five seconds. I hear footsteps coming down the hall, so I hide them under my blanket, but whoever it was, goes to the toilet. I look down, and realise it's burning, so I take a drag, and then walk across into my parent's room, being careful to have it down by my left side so no one could see me while I was crossing in the open space. I walk into their bathroom, and shut their door, I continue to smoke it over the toilet. There's a glare over the cigarette, so I have to move it down to see where the filter is. I take on last drag, and butt it out, then wrap it in toilet paper so I can flush it down the toilet without it floating. I turn to the sink, and rinse my mouth out, before taking some mouth wash, to rid any smell on me. There's a black box, next to the basin, kind of like a ramp, but hollow in the middle section. I wonder where we got it from because I'd never seen it before, and I remember reading the label, but I can't remember what it says. I go back into my room, and all of a sudden there's a blackout, and I shout out to dad "There's a blackout!" (Stating the obvious for the win ;P) I expect a reply, but nothing happens, so I turn around to go lay down on my bed, when all of a sudden dad is there. I flick on the light switch, (You know that habit when there's a blackout, you forget for like a second, so you try to turn a light on everytime you would normally?) which in my room is connected to four lights, and one of them comes on, very dim. Dad says "Oh, one of the lights is kind of working." I go back to the switch, which is now four individual switches, which I didn't seem to notice in my dream, and attempt to turn it off. It takes a few tries, because I have to try nearly every switch, which sets off other lights as well. I'm eventually succesful, and I wake up. (This dream was weird, because I don't smoke...)

      -Next Dream-

      I'm at luna park, by myself, and I'm walking through it. I have a yellow band on (which I just checked on the website, is actually the correct colour for me, pretty cool! ) but I'm not going on any of the rides anyway, I'm just playing the side show games. I'm actually having alot of luck, I manage to win alot of stuff. After I play a few games, I want to play that one where you have to spray water at something. I'm looking through the machines, but they're all the claw ones for either stuffed animals, or choclate. I walk past one with a man running it, with stuffed spiders in the machine, attached to string. Most of them are just there, without anyone running them. I pick one, that just looks like a normal choclate machine, but once I start playing, the claw turns into a rectangle, closed box, and once you press the red button, water falls out. There's a little square you have to put the water in. I postition it with the stick for the first five seconds, and then just hold down the red button. After about thirty second I know it's going to be rigged, one of those things that you come really close to, but you can never get. Twenty seconds left on the clock.. The water is filling up into the tube thing you would normally take your prize out of, and going upwards with these choclates. The aim is to get the water high enough so that the choclates float out of the prize door at the top. (It's pretty amazing what your mind comes up with.) I see that the door isn't locked, so I stick my hand in it, and realise that the choclates are close enough to just grab. I take them out, a cherry ripe, and some others. Five seconds left... I wait to see what happens after the time runs out, but the water just all runs back down. I wonder why the machine is like that, but I walk off without giving it much more thought. I walk towards coney island, and come out into the other bit with the five rides. I look towards the one I was hoping to go on, but there's just an empty space. All that remains is a little metal stand with some wires coming out of it. I look to my left, however, and there's a circular floor, with chairs all around the outside. That spins around, while you're strapped in. It looks fun, so I decide to line up to go on it. However, I realise there's a massive queue for the ride, about fifty people.. and the ride appears to be able to hold only about ten people at a time. I decide against it, and then I have this feeling, that this is the only functional ride at the park. I wake up.

      Fragments: I was walking down this big ramp of stairs with someone, and I was jumping down off the side onto the next, to save a fair bit of time. Once I got out into the car park, I saw one of my teachers who I dislike, and spoke to her. I also remember this thing about school, but I just can't seem to recall what happend.
    8. Dreams..

      by , 01-26-2012 at 02:26 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm playing this video game kind of thing, the layout is like battlefield 3, but the weapons are like dead rising. Plywood, e.t.c. We kill a few zombie things, and then advance to this hill, climb it, and then we have to wipe out this village of natives in the field below. They're all dancing, trying to summon their god, or ask for a sign. Someone accidently lets off a gun, and were speared from like fifty metres away. We retry. This time, when they are summoning their god, the sky flashes in a dark red, and begins to rain. They throw their spears up in success and we're killed unintentionally. restart. "You need a way to make them think there's a sign from their god, so you can then ambush them." <<< Is the text that pops up infront of me. Makes sense, I grab the doll infront of me, and we make our way to the hill. I throw the doll down, and they're wiped out by my team. There was another scenario, but I don't remember it.
    9. Lucid in which I was trapped..

      by , 01-21-2012 at 06:41 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      My memory is pretty sketchy because I had to go to work as soon as I woke up, so this is about eight hours later..

      I'm in a shop and I buy a frozen coke, I have to fill it from the machine. (all I can remember)

      I'm in a dark room, pitch black. I'm bound to a chair. I'm lucid. I try to free myself, but I just can't. I imagine in my mind (my dream mind) that I'm doing the sequence to an energy charge. I feel a VERY strong vibration around me, but the chair and the ropes restraining me don't move. I wake up.
    10. Being a police officer, and two lame lucids.

      by , 01-20-2012 at 03:09 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm a police officer! I walk down this mall, until I see one of my... shall we say acquaintances? I walk into the shop he's in, and see that he's talking to a very attractive girl. I walk towards them, but when I come close, I begin to walk slowly and pretend to be just walking somewhere else. I try to eaves drop on them, curious of what they're talking about, when he sees me and gives me a push. "What are you doing?!" He looks very angry "Nothing.." I say, giving him one of my trademark genious lines. He pushes me again. "Look, you should know that I'm a police officer now.. and it's a big deal to assault a police officer." He pushes me again. "I'm warning you, you can get in alot of trouble.." He pushes me again. "Look! That's it.. I'm going to have to arrest you." He pushes me again, but this time runs off. I chase after him, sturggling to keep up, thankfully he seems to be running around in circles around the shoping centre carpark. I grab hold of him, and tell him to turn around so I can put the handcuffs on him and arrest him. He's uncompliant, so I shove him to the ground, revenge is sweet. "Spread out on the ground!" I shout, I reach back for my handcuffs. I look to my left, and to my right, my belt is empty! You've got to be kidding me I think. I try to mantain my confidence while I tell him to keep still, so he doesn't find out. Typically, however, he does, and runs off far far away. I'm faced with a menu like in tom clancy's rainbox six vegas 2: "start from checkpoint, return to main menu" I choose start from checkpoint and find myself back in the shopping centre, with the guy just about to take off. This time I look down, and find my belt with the items I need. A tazer, a gun, handcuffs, and a big instruction manual. They're in awkward places though, for example my gun is WAY down my leg, making it very hard to reach, my handcuffs are at the back of my belt, as if I had stretchable hands. My tazer, is in a good place, but it's still wrapped in plastic, with the batteries waiting to be places inside. I decide to fix everything up, and wait for him to get away, so I can restart. I choose start from checkpoint once again, and begin running after my acquaintance. I look back and see two other police officers running about ten metres behind me, in the same direction. However, they turn out to be trying to get someone else, I ask for help anyway. "Can you guys split up, one of you can help me, and the other can still get your guy." The seem to agree, and the fat one of the two turns to come my way, but I say "Can I have the skinny one, there's running involved." Even though it doesn't make sense, considering they were both running at the same rate before, and we all have to run anway. They don't seem to mind though, and the fitter one comes with me. We both run after him, and we're very close, when he changes directions all of a sudden. My partner doesn't miss a beat, but I'm put off, and it takes me a while to get back on track. I turn the corner and see the guy has already been handcuffed and is being read his rights. "Book him dano" I say, trying to make a joke out of it, and hide the fact that I'm sad about not proving myself as a cop. He's taken away, so I look around for another oppurtunity to prove myself , this time with my tazer drawn so they'll listen to me. I have no luck, and I wake up

      -next dream-

      I can't remember how, but I become lucid, someone tells me I''m pretty sure. I summon a badger. I wake up.

      -next dream-

      I become lucid again, can't remember how. This time I focus on deilding after I wake up from a lucid. Doesn't work.

      -Next dream-
      I have this bow and arrow thing, and I'm sitting in the sunroom of my house with dad next to me, with it drawn. It pulls back REALLY far! I ask dad where I can shoot it. He points to the door leading into the sunroom, the one with wire mess through the holes from the frame. The wooden arrow snaps in half (not sure why) before I can shoot it, but I release the string with tension on it anyway, and suprisingly it fly straight for the door, and hits dead centre in the mesh. "See, I told you it was accurate" dad says.

      -next dream-

      I know this one was fairly long, I can't remember what happend, but I was in like an animated world with talking animals, and they wanted me to do something..
    11. lucid from when I was on holidays and basic task

      by , 01-18-2012 at 06:22 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm at my house wating for my dad to come home from picking mum up from work. All these people begin to pull up in cars and vans. I anxiously walk up to the door and shout "there's no party" assuming that's why they're here. I doubt I'll have any impact on such a large crowd like this anyway, they're mostly teenagers in high school. Eventually, after I'm pushed out of the way and people being invading my house and walking around in the yard this girl walks up to me. She begins yelling furiously at me, I stand there without a word, until she finishes and storms off. I ask a guy behind me what that was all about "It's because you hurt Tyson.." he says mysteriously. I watch as she drives off in her car and most of the people leave as well. (I guess they were there to see a fight or something?) However there are still a few straglers, and I'm determined to get them out before Dad gets home and I'm in major trouble. Unfortunately, my attempts at getting them to leave are unsuccesful, and dad pulls into the drive way. I walk up slowly, ready to face the music. "What's all this?!" Dad asks, looking around in disbelief at the unknown people in our house and the rubish strewn across the yard. "Well, even though it's a dream..." I begin. Even though it's a dream! The words hit me like a tonne of bricks and I become lucid! I walk over to the vacant field next to me, no longer feeling the need to explain the situation to dad. I look back at the house, and see there is no one in sight. (Typical, just when I WANT the people, they're gone) I want to do the basic task of the month, so I will everyone to come back with my mind. There's about ten people across from me, so I take what I can get, and imagine there's a lit firework in my hand. I throw it as high as I can, and watch as it bursts into red sparks across the daylight sky. The sparks turn into more sparks, and then everything burnt out, I was expecting something better, but now that I've completed the task, I think of something I actually want to do. I remember wanting to turn invisible, so I bring my hands near my shoulders, and throw them down quickly. I turn transperent, and know that I am invisible to others. There's no one to try this on anyway though (which was a letdown.) I look over towards my neighbours house where I remember how I've always wanted to go on their balcony in a dream, because of the amazing views. (I know it's a bit weird, considering how I can do this in real life, but I just do for some reason.) I fly towards the house and look around at the amazing trees and water of the shore. I decide to fly to the beach from here, I fly fast, but still take in all the views as I travel. I check my stabality, and decide to fly onto the water, and walk on it. I remind myself to DEILD if I wake up, but as I crash into the water and wake up, I decide to write it all down because it would suck if I forgot it. This was a dream I had when I was on holidays in sydney.
    12. Laura's birthday party

      by , 01-18-2012 at 12:15 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm at my house, when Laura's mum comes in with laura. I ask what she's doing, and they say they're cancelling her birthday party. "Why?!" I ask. "It's all messed up, everyone wants to go, and people hate each other and everything, it's going to be a disaster." Laura says. I really want to go though, so I try to convince her that she should still have it. "That's crazy!" I say "You can still have it on..."
      Laura shakes her head, and points to all the presents on the table. "I'm going to have to give them back." I no longer see the point in protesting, so I tell her she can open mine. She smiles, and takes a sqaure parcel wrapped in christmas paper. (Not in birthday wrapping) For some reason I can't remember what it is, so I'm anxious as she begins to unwrap it. She pulls out a book with a polar bear on it that says "Ages five and below" I want to crawl under a rock...
      Laura's mum was watching as well.. and she gives me a dirty look. Laura pretends to like it though, and I decide to change the topic before anything worse can happen. "Can we at least just hang out? Rather than have a birthday party?" She seems to think this is a better idea and nods in agreement. Suddenly, we're in a car, driving towards an unknown destination. We're in a dark street in the night time, with no one else around and only the occasional dull street light attempting to illuminate the darkness. Laura, is driving, and reading a text at the same time, so I lean over concerned, because I know my best friend is extremely cautious and safe, and would only be reading a text while driving if it was of the upmost importance. Nope, just her boyfriend. She gets another text however, and it says "I know where you are, I'm watching you, you're next." We both freak out, looking around for someone "watching us." I want to get away from here as fast as possible, so when laura begins to slow for a red light I shout "Go through, go through!!!" She does what I say, and I look around for cops, none. "I was only joking" I lie, so laura doesn't call me a whimp. She gives me a look, and rolls her eyes. Just like she does so much in real life..
      Because food is generally our number one priority, we both decide to go eat somewhere. We find a block of multiple fast food restraunts, and restraunts. To the right is things like, hungry jacks, kfc, mcdonalds. And to the left is all these classy restraunts. I'm praying she turns right, because I can pretty much taste the chicken, but of course, being the classy person she is, she pulls into a parking space on the left side. We both get out, and walk to a restraunt that looks the best. It turns out there's absolutely nothing there I eat, being more of a steak, fish, burger kind of person. Laura shrugs, and I ask the lady what she recommends. "We do a nice bacon and egg sandwhich" That's more like it I think...
      "I'll take that I say." I look around, to find laura gone. I wake up.
    13. Lots of dreams, and a crappy lucid. And one of my favourite dreams ever :)

      by , 01-08-2012 at 07:08 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I haven't got to write this down till like 10 hours since I woke up because of work.

      I'm in a room with two middle aged men, I'm holding a cotton bud. The man knocks it out of my hand, and the begin advancing on me (for some reason I know that because it was knocked out of my hand last, they want to hurt me) I shove the cotton bud into one of the two men's hands, and then knock it out. They begin fighting. I make a break for the door, when one of the men trys to stop me. I shove him forward forcefully, and open the door and find myself in the reception. The lady knows what's happend, but doesn't went the other people waiting to know, so she says sarcastically "seeing you had such a GREAT time, how about I book you in again for next friday?" I reply witfully with "How about you go f- yourself."
      I pick up one of the phamlets of the table infront of her, and throw one at her like a ninja star to hold her back while I run for the door. I get out safely.

      Next dream: I find myself at a table sitting down, and see a cane toad jumping around. I stand up, run towards it, and kick it. I see another one, that's facing me, and run up to kick that one too. I kick it, but I feel a burning sensation on me, and look down to see it's sprayed poison on me. That's when I realise I'm dreaming. I'm in one of those lame lucid's when you know you're dreaming, but you don't really think straight, and are not very aware. I try to stabalise by doing a reality check (face palm) and then shout "Lucidity, stablize." Everything is still blurry. I wonder what to do, I decide to drive a car. I jump into a car, and then it goes into third person view and I watch as the car continues forward. I wake up. (how gay)

      Next dream: This one I don't remember very well. I'm at school, and I walk around for a fare while talking to people and stuff, and then I see my friend Jesse and say hey. Then I wake up. (It was longer than described, but I'm not to sure what happend )

      Next dream: I don't remember this very well either, (this is irritating, I had perfect memory of them this morning..)
      Something about a giant pirannah.. it chases me around in the water for a while, not sure if I killed it, or if I died or something..

      Next dream: There's a shoe inside a shoe on my bed (Shoeception ;P)
      I realise it has lots of money all over it! (all coins) I begin to take the money and put it in my pockets, more and more appears) I wake up..

      Final dream: This one I remember pretty well, it's one of my favourites I've ever had
      I'm walking through my school again, with these girls I've never met, they're all very attractive. I'm flirting with one of them. Two guys try to follow me and hit on the girls, but I stare at them and shoo them away. I realise I should have let them come because it might get awkward with just me and five girls, it's not like I'm going to get off with all of them. And the girl I'm with will be more content to go with it if her friends are doing the same thing. However, there's nothing I can do now. We come to a lake at the end of the school, and we all climb down the rocks carefully and go into the water. The two guys I told to go away earlier are here now (which I don't mind) and we all swim through the lake, towards the other side. However, we realise it's filled with alligators, and begin swimming to the other side as fast as we can to survive. We make it to the other end all safe, when one of them comes onto land. I remember reading somewhere (in real life) (I should have realised I was dreaming here.) that alligators can outrun humans in short distance, so when the alligator locked it's eyes onto me, I began running around the shed that was there to get away from it. Thankfully I managed to climb a ladder, and the alligator admitted defeat, and sauntered back into the water, apparently not intrested in the others. (Because clearly, it's a racist alligator) I jump down from the ladder, and put my arms around the cute girl I was flirting with. "Do I get a kiss for saving your life?" She laughs, and leans in closer towards me. "No way!" She jokes. I look around, and see everyone else making out. "Why not?" I tease back "everyone else is doing it, you're supposed to succumb to peer pressure!" She laughs again, and we're just about to kiss as she pushes me back. I wonder what's wrong, and then I realise we're standing next to a garbage bin with a foul smell and flys buzzing all around it. The smell has made her sick. I watch as the the extremely attractive girl who I was just about to kiss, begins vomiting into the alligator infested water beneath us. "You've got to be kidding me..." I mumble.
      I wake up.
    14. Winning fear factor! And a succesful DEILD

      by , 01-02-2012 at 11:19 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a game show (that I presume is fear factor because I was watching it last night) I've made it to the last round. The objective of the game is to climb a shelf of groceries, and run along this platform, picking up a yellow flag, and then jumping to the end to grab onto a handle in the air. The first person to do this twice wins. We all get into our positions, and once the siren sounds we begin to climb, two people make it to the top before I do, and I'm discouraged by the distance I have to jump. I take a few steps back, as opposed to the other two, losing even more time. I make the jump, drop down, and run back to the shelves. I climb it alot faster this time, but two people are still infront of me. However, they both miss!
      Now's my chance! I sprint as hard as I can, and jump, I've mad it to the pole behind that one! Everyone cheers in amazment, and I shout "yeaah!"
      I look to the referee for confirmation, because I'm not sure if going further than you're supposed to isn't considered winning, but he nods and smiles, and I wake up. I'm laying down still with my eyes closed, and I imagine being back where I was, just walking around. I realise I'm actually dreaming now, but rather than do anything, I want to try a DEILD chain. I lie on the ground, and close my eyes. I'm actually not to sure what happend
      I don't remember, but I presume I had a FA...

      I had another dream, where the details are vauge, but I had a cut on my hand, so I touched it, and a massive wart came out of it (gross) and I picked it off, and my hand was fine. O_o
    15. Lucid :)

      by , 01-01-2012 at 05:30 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      +I wake up in my bed, and I count my fingers incase I'm dreaming, I'm actually hoping it's real life, because I sense a dark presence. Every time I count my fingers, darkness engulfs them, and I'm not positive on how many I have. I finally manage, seven. I jump out of bed, and know there's going to be something bad, I see my "dad" urging me over, but I know it's someone impersonating him, because he's to skinny to be my dad. Another clone comes out as if they know that I've seen through their tricks, and they start advancing towards me. I charge towards them and fly kick one of them into a wall. The other one makes a grab for me, but I throw myself backwards, and then shoot my hands towards him creating a gust of air that sends him flying backwards. I stand there hoping they get up, so I can experience some more combat, but they both sit on the floor, meekly surrendering. I consider setting them on fire or something, but I have no intention of hurting an defeated opponent, and decide to continue. I set off back into my room, and climb onto my window sill, I begin to push through the window, and find myself wedged between the glass, I continue moving and find myself on the balcony. I fly off into the night, and wake up shortly afterwards.
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