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    Best Lucid I've Experienced In My Life

    by , 03-24-2012 at 10:24 PM (781 Views)
    Okay, so my memory is a little sketchy, I haven't been dream journalling for ages now. This has definetely encouraged me to go back into lucid dreaming! I started off in my room, opening the blinds, because for some reason I wanted to know as soon as it was light outside. I was struggling with this, the cords weren't attached the right strings, so the blinds just shifted back and forth. I was finally succesful, and it turned out to be light anyway, kind of a morning light. I open up my laptop, and overhear my parents talking about several storm warning, close to us. I think it was at this point I became lucid. I excitedly stabalize and rub my hands together, as I run down the hall, deciding to go into the storm. I psych up the storm, imaging it to be a massive downpour of water, with streets flooding, and wind roaring. I reach the door, and push it open, my mouth drops. It's insane! I struggle to keep my stance against the wind. The water is the height of small tree, all across the road, gushing downwards towards the slope of my house road. I run up, intending to jump over my fence, and get into the action. I can't quite make it, so I have to fly upwards, grab the metal, and climb over. I run towards the water, but it moves away from me, slowly enough to taunt me, but fast enough for me to not keep up. I chase the storm for a while, I did this cool thing where I ran really fast, but seemed to accelerate my sorroundings toward me, not phsyically move anymore than normal. The storm seems to stay just infront of me still. I return to my original spot from when I climbed over the fence because I remember it's all about control. I stabalize. "I am the master" I urge the water to come back around me, with the powerful wind. Water forms around me, and the win picks up, slightly lesss stronger than perviously. I jump around in it, and generally just have a ball. Mostly just amazed by the sheer power of the storm. (I know the storm thing sounds lame, but believe me, it was alot of fun) I decide to do something else, so I stop the storm, and wonder what to do. I decide to go to the top of a tall tree, and jump off it, which I've intended to do ever since I began attempting to lucid dream. I run back to my backyard, because I know it has a very tall tree in it. I stabalize. I spot the tree, when I'm standing away from it, but once I attempt to fly there, it dissapears. This goes on for a while, and I once again remind myself that I am the master of my own dreams. Much better this time, the tree stays put, but my flying skills die out, every time I use them for more than like ten seconds. I fly to my garage, then to a branch, then to another branch, till I'm half way. Now that I feel more confident, I fly to the top in one flight. I stabalize, even though I'm at peace with the fact that I'll probably wake up after this. I jump down, with my body upwards the whole time. The actual fall took about five seconds, I was slightly dissapointed. The actual fall was a bit slow in speed. Still pretty awesome, and a great view. I stabalize. I'm not sure what to do now, so I bust into the sunroom of my house, and summon a badger. I wake up.
    I'm definetely going to get back into lucid dreaming!
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