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    First in a while

    by , 10-28-2018 at 05:49 AM (355 Views)
    I am in some sort of research station in Antarctica and then someone performs a monologue about the importance of community and leadership. It happens kind of in third person. Then someone praises a teacher for encouraging their students and keeping them entertained in such a remote part of the world. They suggest he often organises rap contests for the kids. Suddenly I am free-styling over a beat and I'm actually doing it with more skill in my dream than I could in real life.

    I walk around in my room and once I kick a towel a cockroach scurries out. I recoil, and it is half squishes and a little gooey. Then I think I try freestyling again.

    I am watching Twitch and for some reason the streamer starts roasting me. He pulls up my LoL account and mocks me for, I think, firstly, maining graves, and secondly being 'low elo'. I try to protest that gold elo isn't actually that bad but he eventually blocks me.

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