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    1. Best Lucid I've Experienced In My Life

      by , 03-24-2012 at 10:24 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      Okay, so my memory is a little sketchy, I haven't been dream journalling for ages now. This has definetely encouraged me to go back into lucid dreaming! I started off in my room, opening the blinds, because for some reason I wanted to know as soon as it was light outside. I was struggling with this, the cords weren't attached the right strings, so the blinds just shifted back and forth. I was finally succesful, and it turned out to be light anyway, kind of a morning light. I open up my laptop, and overhear my parents talking about several storm warning, close to us. I think it was at this point I became lucid. I excitedly stabalize and rub my hands together, as I run down the hall, deciding to go into the storm. I psych up the storm, imaging it to be a massive downpour of water, with streets flooding, and wind roaring. I reach the door, and push it open, my mouth drops. It's insane! I struggle to keep my stance against the wind. The water is the height of small tree, all across the road, gushing downwards towards the slope of my house road. I run up, intending to jump over my fence, and get into the action. I can't quite make it, so I have to fly upwards, grab the metal, and climb over. I run towards the water, but it moves away from me, slowly enough to taunt me, but fast enough for me to not keep up. I chase the storm for a while, I did this cool thing where I ran really fast, but seemed to accelerate my sorroundings toward me, not phsyically move anymore than normal. The storm seems to stay just infront of me still. I return to my original spot from when I climbed over the fence because I remember it's all about control. I stabalize. "I am the master" I urge the water to come back around me, with the powerful wind. Water forms around me, and the win picks up, slightly lesss stronger than perviously. I jump around in it, and generally just have a ball. Mostly just amazed by the sheer power of the storm. (I know the storm thing sounds lame, but believe me, it was alot of fun) I decide to do something else, so I stop the storm, and wonder what to do. I decide to go to the top of a tall tree, and jump off it, which I've intended to do ever since I began attempting to lucid dream. I run back to my backyard, because I know it has a very tall tree in it. I stabalize. I spot the tree, when I'm standing away from it, but once I attempt to fly there, it dissapears. This goes on for a while, and I once again remind myself that I am the master of my own dreams. Much better this time, the tree stays put, but my flying skills die out, every time I use them for more than like ten seconds. I fly to my garage, then to a branch, then to another branch, till I'm half way. Now that I feel more confident, I fly to the top in one flight. I stabalize, even though I'm at peace with the fact that I'll probably wake up after this. I jump down, with my body upwards the whole time. The actual fall took about five seconds, I was slightly dissapointed. The actual fall was a bit slow in speed. Still pretty awesome, and a great view. I stabalize. I'm not sure what to do now, so I bust into the sunroom of my house, and summon a badger. I wake up.
      I'm definetely going to get back into lucid dreaming!
    2. Luna park!

      by , 01-28-2012 at 12:02 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I have this dying urge to smoke these two cigarettes, that are hidden in my room. Dad's in the house, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this. I take one cigarette out, leaving one stashes under a shirt in my closet, and grab a blue lighter. I test it, and it burns very strong, for about five seconds. I hear footsteps coming down the hall, so I hide them under my blanket, but whoever it was, goes to the toilet. I look down, and realise it's burning, so I take a drag, and then walk across into my parent's room, being careful to have it down by my left side so no one could see me while I was crossing in the open space. I walk into their bathroom, and shut their door, I continue to smoke it over the toilet. There's a glare over the cigarette, so I have to move it down to see where the filter is. I take on last drag, and butt it out, then wrap it in toilet paper so I can flush it down the toilet without it floating. I turn to the sink, and rinse my mouth out, before taking some mouth wash, to rid any smell on me. There's a black box, next to the basin, kind of like a ramp, but hollow in the middle section. I wonder where we got it from because I'd never seen it before, and I remember reading the label, but I can't remember what it says. I go back into my room, and all of a sudden there's a blackout, and I shout out to dad "There's a blackout!" (Stating the obvious for the win ;P) I expect a reply, but nothing happens, so I turn around to go lay down on my bed, when all of a sudden dad is there. I flick on the light switch, (You know that habit when there's a blackout, you forget for like a second, so you try to turn a light on everytime you would normally?) which in my room is connected to four lights, and one of them comes on, very dim. Dad says "Oh, one of the lights is kind of working." I go back to the switch, which is now four individual switches, which I didn't seem to notice in my dream, and attempt to turn it off. It takes a few tries, because I have to try nearly every switch, which sets off other lights as well. I'm eventually succesful, and I wake up. (This dream was weird, because I don't smoke...)

      -Next Dream-

      I'm at luna park, by myself, and I'm walking through it. I have a yellow band on (which I just checked on the website, is actually the correct colour for me, pretty cool! ) but I'm not going on any of the rides anyway, I'm just playing the side show games. I'm actually having alot of luck, I manage to win alot of stuff. After I play a few games, I want to play that one where you have to spray water at something. I'm looking through the machines, but they're all the claw ones for either stuffed animals, or choclate. I walk past one with a man running it, with stuffed spiders in the machine, attached to string. Most of them are just there, without anyone running them. I pick one, that just looks like a normal choclate machine, but once I start playing, the claw turns into a rectangle, closed box, and once you press the red button, water falls out. There's a little square you have to put the water in. I postition it with the stick for the first five seconds, and then just hold down the red button. After about thirty second I know it's going to be rigged, one of those things that you come really close to, but you can never get. Twenty seconds left on the clock.. The water is filling up into the tube thing you would normally take your prize out of, and going upwards with these choclates. The aim is to get the water high enough so that the choclates float out of the prize door at the top. (It's pretty amazing what your mind comes up with.) I see that the door isn't locked, so I stick my hand in it, and realise that the choclates are close enough to just grab. I take them out, a cherry ripe, and some others. Five seconds left... I wait to see what happens after the time runs out, but the water just all runs back down. I wonder why the machine is like that, but I walk off without giving it much more thought. I walk towards coney island, and come out into the other bit with the five rides. I look towards the one I was hoping to go on, but there's just an empty space. All that remains is a little metal stand with some wires coming out of it. I look to my left, however, and there's a circular floor, with chairs all around the outside. That spins around, while you're strapped in. It looks fun, so I decide to line up to go on it. However, I realise there's a massive queue for the ride, about fifty people.. and the ride appears to be able to hold only about ten people at a time. I decide against it, and then I have this feeling, that this is the only functional ride at the park. I wake up.

      Fragments: I was walking down this big ramp of stairs with someone, and I was jumping down off the side onto the next, to save a fair bit of time. Once I got out into the car park, I saw one of my teachers who I dislike, and spoke to her. I also remember this thing about school, but I just can't seem to recall what happend.
    3. Dreams..

      by , 01-26-2012 at 02:26 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm playing this video game kind of thing, the layout is like battlefield 3, but the weapons are like dead rising. Plywood, e.t.c. We kill a few zombie things, and then advance to this hill, climb it, and then we have to wipe out this village of natives in the field below. They're all dancing, trying to summon their god, or ask for a sign. Someone accidently lets off a gun, and were speared from like fifty metres away. We retry. This time, when they are summoning their god, the sky flashes in a dark red, and begins to rain. They throw their spears up in success and we're killed unintentionally. restart. "You need a way to make them think there's a sign from their god, so you can then ambush them." <<< Is the text that pops up infront of me. Makes sense, I grab the doll infront of me, and we make our way to the hill. I throw the doll down, and they're wiped out by my team. There was another scenario, but I don't remember it.
    4. Lots of dreams, and a crappy lucid. And one of my favourite dreams ever :)

      by , 01-08-2012 at 07:08 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I haven't got to write this down till like 10 hours since I woke up because of work.

      I'm in a room with two middle aged men, I'm holding a cotton bud. The man knocks it out of my hand, and the begin advancing on me (for some reason I know that because it was knocked out of my hand last, they want to hurt me) I shove the cotton bud into one of the two men's hands, and then knock it out. They begin fighting. I make a break for the door, when one of the men trys to stop me. I shove him forward forcefully, and open the door and find myself in the reception. The lady knows what's happend, but doesn't went the other people waiting to know, so she says sarcastically "seeing you had such a GREAT time, how about I book you in again for next friday?" I reply witfully with "How about you go f- yourself."
      I pick up one of the phamlets of the table infront of her, and throw one at her like a ninja star to hold her back while I run for the door. I get out safely.

      Next dream: I find myself at a table sitting down, and see a cane toad jumping around. I stand up, run towards it, and kick it. I see another one, that's facing me, and run up to kick that one too. I kick it, but I feel a burning sensation on me, and look down to see it's sprayed poison on me. That's when I realise I'm dreaming. I'm in one of those lame lucid's when you know you're dreaming, but you don't really think straight, and are not very aware. I try to stabalise by doing a reality check (face palm) and then shout "Lucidity, stablize." Everything is still blurry. I wonder what to do, I decide to drive a car. I jump into a car, and then it goes into third person view and I watch as the car continues forward. I wake up. (how gay)

      Next dream: This one I don't remember very well. I'm at school, and I walk around for a fare while talking to people and stuff, and then I see my friend Jesse and say hey. Then I wake up. (It was longer than described, but I'm not to sure what happend )

      Next dream: I don't remember this very well either, (this is irritating, I had perfect memory of them this morning..)
      Something about a giant pirannah.. it chases me around in the water for a while, not sure if I killed it, or if I died or something..

      Next dream: There's a shoe inside a shoe on my bed (Shoeception ;P)
      I realise it has lots of money all over it! (all coins) I begin to take the money and put it in my pockets, more and more appears) I wake up..

      Final dream: This one I remember pretty well, it's one of my favourites I've ever had
      I'm walking through my school again, with these girls I've never met, they're all very attractive. I'm flirting with one of them. Two guys try to follow me and hit on the girls, but I stare at them and shoo them away. I realise I should have let them come because it might get awkward with just me and five girls, it's not like I'm going to get off with all of them. And the girl I'm with will be more content to go with it if her friends are doing the same thing. However, there's nothing I can do now. We come to a lake at the end of the school, and we all climb down the rocks carefully and go into the water. The two guys I told to go away earlier are here now (which I don't mind) and we all swim through the lake, towards the other side. However, we realise it's filled with alligators, and begin swimming to the other side as fast as we can to survive. We make it to the other end all safe, when one of them comes onto land. I remember reading somewhere (in real life) (I should have realised I was dreaming here.) that alligators can outrun humans in short distance, so when the alligator locked it's eyes onto me, I began running around the shed that was there to get away from it. Thankfully I managed to climb a ladder, and the alligator admitted defeat, and sauntered back into the water, apparently not intrested in the others. (Because clearly, it's a racist alligator) I jump down from the ladder, and put my arms around the cute girl I was flirting with. "Do I get a kiss for saving your life?" She laughs, and leans in closer towards me. "No way!" She jokes. I look around, and see everyone else making out. "Why not?" I tease back "everyone else is doing it, you're supposed to succumb to peer pressure!" She laughs again, and we're just about to kiss as she pushes me back. I wonder what's wrong, and then I realise we're standing next to a garbage bin with a foul smell and flys buzzing all around it. The smell has made her sick. I watch as the the extremely attractive girl who I was just about to kiss, begins vomiting into the alligator infested water beneath us. "You've got to be kidding me..." I mumble.
      I wake up.
    5. Winning fear factor! And a succesful DEILD

      by , 01-02-2012 at 11:19 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a game show (that I presume is fear factor because I was watching it last night) I've made it to the last round. The objective of the game is to climb a shelf of groceries, and run along this platform, picking up a yellow flag, and then jumping to the end to grab onto a handle in the air. The first person to do this twice wins. We all get into our positions, and once the siren sounds we begin to climb, two people make it to the top before I do, and I'm discouraged by the distance I have to jump. I take a few steps back, as opposed to the other two, losing even more time. I make the jump, drop down, and run back to the shelves. I climb it alot faster this time, but two people are still infront of me. However, they both miss!
      Now's my chance! I sprint as hard as I can, and jump, I've mad it to the pole behind that one! Everyone cheers in amazment, and I shout "yeaah!"
      I look to the referee for confirmation, because I'm not sure if going further than you're supposed to isn't considered winning, but he nods and smiles, and I wake up. I'm laying down still with my eyes closed, and I imagine being back where I was, just walking around. I realise I'm actually dreaming now, but rather than do anything, I want to try a DEILD chain. I lie on the ground, and close my eyes. I'm actually not to sure what happend
      I don't remember, but I presume I had a FA...

      I had another dream, where the details are vauge, but I had a cut on my hand, so I touched it, and a massive wart came out of it (gross) and I picked it off, and my hand was fine. O_o
    6. Lucid :)

      by , 01-01-2012 at 05:30 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      +I wake up in my bed, and I count my fingers incase I'm dreaming, I'm actually hoping it's real life, because I sense a dark presence. Every time I count my fingers, darkness engulfs them, and I'm not positive on how many I have. I finally manage, seven. I jump out of bed, and know there's going to be something bad, I see my "dad" urging me over, but I know it's someone impersonating him, because he's to skinny to be my dad. Another clone comes out as if they know that I've seen through their tricks, and they start advancing towards me. I charge towards them and fly kick one of them into a wall. The other one makes a grab for me, but I throw myself backwards, and then shoot my hands towards him creating a gust of air that sends him flying backwards. I stand there hoping they get up, so I can experience some more combat, but they both sit on the floor, meekly surrendering. I consider setting them on fire or something, but I have no intention of hurting an defeated opponent, and decide to continue. I set off back into my room, and climb onto my window sill, I begin to push through the window, and find myself wedged between the glass, I continue moving and find myself on the balcony. I fly off into the night, and wake up shortly afterwards.
    7. Lucid DILD

      by , 10-21-2011 at 09:26 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm walking around my school, and I come to the science block area with the bit of grass, infront of the ramp. I see a beehive, and I fly up to avoid it, and realise I'm dreaming. (Flying triggers lucidity alot for me) I fly down, and wonder what to do, I remember I've wanted to eat something for a long time, so I focus on the wall infront of me, and I see a nut bar kind of thing stuck on it. I take hold of it and peel away the wrapper, it says "Strawberry nut bar." I take a bit, and I'm kind of dissapointed, I was hoping for something really good. I realise I haven't stabalized yet, and everything is rather blurry, I rub my hands together and shout "lucidity stabalize" I watch everything become clear, and I'm dying to have a massive fight with earthbending, flying, fire, and a bit of parkour. I decide to do this another day, because I feel my lucidity isn't that strong, and my surroundings aren't that flash. I decide to go trick or treating for task of the month, but the problem is that there isn't a single house in sight. I fly up high, expecting to see one, and spot one sitting in the middle over the oval in the primary school next to our school. I fly over, drop down about fifty metres short of the house, and run the rest of the way. I knock on the door, and an old lady comes to the door. "Trick or treat" I shout, in a hurry. "Maybe it should be trick or beat!" she says, and laughs really loudly for about ten seconds, as if she's made the funniest joke in the world. She turns around and dissapears into her house, I consider following her, but I'm a bit creeped out and decide to wait outside. She returns, and hands me a lemon ball wrapped in plastic. "Happy halloween, thank you!" I turn away and here "It's not halloween yet"
      I pop the ball in my mouth, it's better than the bar, it doesn't actually taste sour, kind of like grapefruit, bitter. I wonder what to do, but I realise my dream is REALLY fuzzy, and I fall into blackness, and wake up.

      -next dream-

      I'm walking down a street, and I come to a clothing store. There's not alot on display, just a few racks of clothes, shoes, and hats. I loook at a checkered shirt, and ask the guy to give it to me for five, the owner nods eagerly to the man, as if I'm being ripped off or something, and he takes my ten dollars and gives me four dollars change. (I didn't realise at the time he'd charged me six) I wonder what I can buy for my four dollars, I look at another shirt "Seeing I bought the other one, can you do me a good deal on the other shirt, maybe four dollars?" They seem reluctant this time, "How about a nice pair of shoes?" The man asks. I see my shoes that I have IRL. I read the price tag $80 "That's a @#!$%& rip off!I bought those shoes brand new for $100, now they're all torn up for 80?!!" I'm not sure if I walked away, but as I remember I end up in a pier ramp kind of thing, mum says something weird, which makes me slide down a small ramp, into the water, and I can't climb back up.

      -next dream-

      We're at a ticket station, and I go through this massive process, of getting a ticket, having to memorise the number, telling it to the people, getting a new ticket, combining my number with mum's and entering it on a key pad, and finally getting the train ticket?

      -next dream-

      I see a cane toad in the back yard, and I go out to kill it, "what are you doing?" dad asks. "Going to kill the cane toad" He nods. I look outside the window, and realise there are about ten (this is probably because I haven't seen a cane toad in ages) He hands me a pipe as I walk down the hallway, and I take it.
    8. -Enter clever and witty title here-

      by , 09-23-2011 at 09:41 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      Me and Jacinta are walking towards this bus stop, because the teacher said he'd take us outside for the last few minutes of the lesson. He kept promising how cool the bus would be, but we were totally let down when it simply "sped" at about 50 k down the street.
      "That SUCKED" Jacinta said.
      "Who cares? We got out of class for a bit."
      We walk, and end up at the front of woolworths, Jacinta has to go the other way, so I hug her, and say goodbye. Tee comes up behind me and we begin walking to the parking lot together, because I know my dad will be there for some reason. I see my car, but the number plates different, not the same as normal. I'm about to walk to my car, but suddenly I'm in some big four wheel drive that tee is driving.
      "Where do you want to be let out?" She asks.
      "Just stop now, and let me out" I say, seeing I'm close to my car.
      She keeps driving forward, and I have to walk a fair way back to my car now. I end up jogging, and I think when I got in the car it was really big four wheel drive or something, and you had to grab this thing up top to pull you into the car.
      Not really worth writing in detail. Playing zombies several times with christina really. I had a bowie knife since about round one. It was on a map I didn't know.
    9. Grandma falls through balcony window :O

      by , 09-22-2011 at 01:03 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm outside on the balcony, sitting on one of the chairs, and mum decides to move Grandma off her wheel chair onto a chair. Suddenly she starts walking all by herself (she hasn't walked for years) but then she falls, and goes straight through the glass in the outdoor sunroom. Everyone stares at each other in shock for a while, and then we all run up to the window. There's only a small hole where she fell through, so I kick the glass out of the window next to it, and jump down, making sure I land on the soft soil of the garden. Liz, mum, and dad run down the stairs to get to grandma, and we're trying to see if she's alive. She's breathing incredibly softly, and it takes about half a minute to determine that she's alive. I shout to liz "Call the ambulance!" She says something incredibly stupid as you'd expect, and after I yell some rude stuff to her, she walks back to get the phone, as if she has all the time in the world. Mum's freaking out and saying "she's going to die, she's going to die"
      For some reason I keep looking at her lungs or heart, not sure, and holding my hand down softly to see if I can feel pounding. I'm pretty sure she eventually passes away, and we all sit there sadly for a few minutes. I wake up.
    10. Random dreams, (but aren't they all)

      by , 09-20-2011 at 11:50 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      Anyway, I'm in this house thing, it seems indian.. for some reason. We're going to this wedding, Laura tells me to smile when I come out of the house, because there are lots of media. Dad's going to walk down the street and get a limo, but I hop in a flash car. "Dad!" I shout, he looks over. "What time will I see you?"
      He begins to answer, but the car I'm in starts drifting around the house. "DUDE!" I say, in disbelief at how rude this guy is. We come around again, and I attempt to communicate with dad, but the guy revs his engine, to stop us hearing each other, and we drive down the street, I look back, and dad is walking where he's supposed to go. The guy starts talking to me, but it sounds exactly like my dad. I can't tell if it is, because I can't see him. Suddenly he says something along the lines of "It's hard to tell, this one time I indicated left, and went up two streets and turned right infront of the guy who was turning left" I watched him do exactly this, and we were in a small shopping centre parking lot thingy. I get out of the car, and walk towards the record store, I wake up.
      I attempt to deild, but it doesn't work.
    11. Three lucids, once again.

      by , 09-19-2011 at 10:07 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      So this is what you get for being lazy and never writing your dreams down in the middle of the night. Definetely taught me a lesson
      1. I become lucid in my parents room, I rub my hands and shout "Lucidity, stabalize!" It takes a few times. I can't remember what happens after that.
      2. I'm outside my house, past the gate, and I stabalize. I tell myself my dream guide will be behind me, but he's not. I'm pretty sure we have a fight.
      3. Can't remember where it was, but I tried to summon pizza.
      I hate this! D:

      I'm at this road where the blue store is, and it goes up, towards something I can't remember. I walk inside the blue store, and buy two lollipops, for some ridiculious price. I ask for a pack of gum, and she tells me I don't have enough. I walk out, but with more than two lolipops (weird) I struggle to make it up the hill, while I self conciously hide my food from the passing buses. Everytime I make it up about half, I look back, and I'm back where I started. My mum's suddenly climbing as well, and we eventually make it up to this school, about two thirds of the way up the hill. There's a train track, with little kids riding on it. My mum takes the joy stick, and the tracks switch just in time, and the train keeps going. I turn to my dad, who seems to have suddenly appeared "That's just for show right?" I ask, worriedly. He nods, but doesn't seem to confident. I take the control and try to figure out how it works, I ask for advice, but no one can help me. Suddenly, everyone notices there's like missing panels of wood in the track, that the trains heading for. We all run up, and try to fill it in, but there's not enough wood. Someone says something stupid.

      I wake up.

      Dream fragment: Where in what looks to be like target, I drop my money repeatedly, and this girl comes up and starts talking to me. I have a conversation with her, and mum is like "Come on Nathan"
      Dad shakes his head, he seems excited that I'm talking to her "let him stay" he says. (LOL)
    12. Zombies.

      by , 09-18-2011 at 10:52 PM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm in my back yard, and there's this gaming machine. It's not like a console, basically a pin ball machine, but it has multiple games in it. Liz is playing, and I watch her, and she eventually wins. We're walking up the balcony, and she drops her tickets. I insult her, she leaves, and I take her tickets. I put in two, and play for a while, before failing. I put three real dollars into the machine next, and I beat the whole game without dying once. What a waste of money, I think. I go onto my phone, to check my facebook, and I see Leah's comment under some kind of statuts or wall post. "Great job Nathan "
      "Thanks, I wasted three dollars xD"

      -next dream-

      I'm playing der reise on black ops, the map is somewhat altered, alot bigger. I can't remember much, but I'm training zombies, and there's a hell of a lot more than usual. I get this massive hoard chasing me, and I'm about to shoot them all, when this guy ks's me with a wonderwuffle. T_T

      -next dream-

      This is more of a fragment..
      We're walking under this really low thing, similar to my house, but not as long. I complain about how my back hurts from walking so low, and dad says "we're nearly there" I finally stand up, and look down at another passage that stops where the entry is on the other side. Right next to it. It's at walking height, I have a look to see if it would have been possible to go that way, but I conclude that it wouldn't be possible, and I'm relieved. There's a set of stairs.
      I have no idea what happend next, the dream might have even ended
    13. Black ops - nuketown

      by , 09-09-2011 at 07:50 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I type in "can you use your kayak on nuketown" (LOL )
      It comes up with a video, and starts playing, suddenly I'm inside.
      I'm with Laura, kirra, and someone else. We head towards this lake thing, via a black bird O_o
      It drops us off just outside the fence, and we start to paddle down the stream. We end up near this fence thing, and we climb it. There are cars on the other side, to the right. We treck towards this massive tree we want to camp under. I see so many spider webs along the way :L And keep getting caught in them, and freaking. At one point I run into this massive one, and throw it onto the nearest person, claiming it was an accident. We finally make it to this tree, and we sit down. We start eating food, and I suggest we go before it gets dark. Laura protests, But I finally convince her, but now it's dark -.-
      I dig into the bag we brought, and pull out a flashlight, There's hardly any light. Laura sees a camera, and insists we take a picture. We move back and I pretty much avoid all the spider webs this time, but there's a massive barbed wire fence this time. We eventually climb it, and the dream ends. I wake up. The dream continues on and I'm looking for the recording of what we did, because it would be pretty cool to have. Then there's this random guy telling me all about nuketown.
    14. Lucid!

      by , 09-04-2011 at 12:13 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a room with computers, at a primary school, with my family. I'm using the computer when I turn around and my family is gone! I look around, puzzled, and walk outside onto the oval, to look for them. I search around, and suddenly I'm back on the computer when I see an email. I can't remember what it said, but it contained some weird explanation, and I shrugged and continued with my computer. I become lucid when I'm on the oval, and see a friend from school. I summon a badger for the lols, and the dream ends.

      Me and my dad are in a car, not the one he owns. He's not paying attention and I yell out "dad!" just in time for him to grab the steering wheel and avoid colliding with the massive truck.

      I try to deild, and I imagine I'm in a zoo, walking around, patting the animals. I finish with that, and end up on my bed with my eyes closed, the whole room starts vibrating, but I know if I open my eyes I'll be awake.
    15. "The eight legged monsters" OR "Arachnaphobia"

      by , 08-26-2011 at 01:53 AM (Yuppie's Dream Journal)
      I'm walking up to agricultre in my high school, I enter the gate leading to the big farm I know so well. The basketball courts are on the inside of the gate this time, not on the other side like they should be. I walk, and look up at the basketball net, it's really strange, the end of it is blue-ish, which puzzles me. Suddenly, a MASSIVE spider jumps down from the net, I'm not talking tarantula kind of thing, I mean as big as a... well... a REALLY BIG SPIDER. I discover that the spider was camoflauging into the net, and in fact was the bottom half. I have some sort of weapon in my hand, one that I can't recall. I think it might have been some type of news paper rolled up. I jump forward and try to hit it, but I'm a few centimetres short, and I ease back as it hurrys away into the dense trees.

      I'm not sure how I got there, but I'm in a house, there's a severe spider infestation, they're everywhere! They're a realistic size (thank god) about a small tarantula/huntsman. I get bit, and look at my arm, and see a two punture mark wound. I go to dad and show him, and then I realise I have hundreds of bite marks. I demand dad takes me to hospital, but he tells me to chill, and that it'll heal fine. I'm not so sure, but I have no choice, to hop up on a table, giving me slightly better defence from the spiders, and wait. I look down at my fore-arm, it's covered in venom and pus. I urgently ask dad to take me to the hospital, and he grugingly agrees. We're outside the hospital, and my arm is now a purple colour, I know I don't have long. I run into the hospital with two people, and they sift through a bin, for some reason, and triumphantly hold up a botte of annti-venom tablets. We race out, and I ask dad wether to chew them or swallow them. He tells me to swallow them, and I do, but It doesn't work, and "game over" flashes infront of me. This wasn't a video game dream, it just appeared in front of me. It says "restart!" and we race into the hospital, even faster, gaining extra time. They search the bin again, and I distract the receptionist for some reason. I say something like "After all the donations I make to charity, It's fine to steal it just this once" and we go back outside. I swallow the tablets, and It's succesful! - Or is it?

      I look down at my wrist, it begins to swell with blister, like circles, and I see these small little black circles buzz around the blisters. Suddenly they all pop, and guess what the dots were? Yep, thousands of little baby spiders. They spread out on me, covering my whole body, The crawling feeling is so real it's crazy! I try to swipe them off, but I wake up a few agonizing minutes later. I'm still, and I feel like I could deild, but there's no way I'm going back to the dream, so I open my eyes, look at the time, and realise I've just turned fourteen
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