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    by , 11-18-2011 at 02:59 AM (319 Views)

    The Dream Begins And I'm In A Futuristic Locker Room. I Put On Some Sweat Pants And Walk Out.I'm Walking In A Straight Line With Other People From My School.I Hear Somebody Behind Me Saying How Crappy I Suck,And How I'm A Dousche Bag.In Anger I Turn Around Uppercut Him In The Jaw.It Felt So Good To Give Him What He Deserves. He Falls To The Floor And I'm Beating The Living Day Lights Out Of Him.After A Solid Beating That Lasted Awhile,I Get Up And Walk Off . Some Lady At A Table Says To Me,"You Done?" I Say ,"Yeah."She Then Says "Go Ahead And Go To The Principal's Office."

    -End Of Dream-

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    Tags: enemy, fight
    non-lucid , dream fragment