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    Zombie Invasion

    by , 11-15-2011 at 12:47 AM (354 Views)

    Date: ?? -Zombie Invasion- Semi -Lucid

    Me And A Group Of People(That I'd Never Seen Before) Rush Out Of A Dark Courtyard(Filled With Zombies),Into A Dark Rustic Building.Once Inside, We Barricade The Entrance.Someone Passes Guns Out.We Travel Up Stairs In Effort To Find An Escape.We Don't Ever Find One.In Panic,(I Knew I Was Dreaming Here) I Jump Of The Huge Stair Case And Die.I Then Kind Of ,"Spawn" In A Beautiful Scenery On A Top Of A Mountain.I'm Riding Down The Mountain On A Type Sled With Wheels.I Then Force Myself Awake.
    -End Of Dream-

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