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    Attempt at "Omnilucidity" - September 22

    , 09-22-2018 at 06:40 PM (232 Views)
    Sep 22 2018

    (from phone and in reverse order, will start doing proper entries again one day)

    D - HMT - night, distinct steps - slavery/oppression situation - an email gets leaked and a kill order is sent (room, test?)

    Lucid! 6.44, in crowded mall, surge of awareness, put hand on DCs like she was pregnant, become lucid! LOTS of DCs. most smiling and laughing directly at me, although i don't interpret it as humiliation, but something more like happiness/being proud of me). say aloud, "subconscious, make all of my dreams automatically lucid", start losing the lucid and remember to math but accidentaly count instead, by the time i add it's too late, awake (stiff bed)

    F - before - woman in closet tied up w phone alarm going off, someone almost finds but doesn't, she will die in there

    D - long magenta house, yelling hardcore at mom, i want to leave. shame, guilt, anger. dad involved (their fight), oven/meal

    F - megaphone/board game, F screaming, title of game - screaming (at police officers?)

    F - school before
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