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    December Comp Catchup - Dec 6-7

    , 12-08-2018 at 08:08 AM (371 Views)
    12-6 (Night of 12-5)
    Fragment: grandpa.
    Dream: rusted knife (green patina)
    Dream: TAZ reunion bunker elevators moterhead mom/sister storage unit; happiness backtracking djer in b/t previous dream and past (skull mountain); foggy photo 3/4sm "my turn" nobody was. (What did I write here and how did it ever make sense to me?)
    Fragment: grandpa; walking dad use food mart; thought buds, barber does.
    Dream: outside police station/courthouse with steps and a statue to the left of me; I'm taking on the identity of a grizzled detective (I'm hispanic or something?); there are lots of burnt people around a trash fire on the landing next to the statue; as I walk past I notice soot smudges all over my shirt like impasto brushwork; I gesture at the people and then walk up to the door, and proclaim (to my invisible partner?) "wtf is with all of these people?"
    3x1 + 2x.5 = +4 => 4

    Dream: stadium/auditorium setting, dark and possibly outdoors; I'm hiding out in the back of the room, although I have some significance here (guest of honor, or winner of some prize/award); I see a box of sleepytime tea on the floor; I go to the bathroom and throw eggs at the wall as two fictional Real Housewives sit backwards on the urinals.
    Dream: in 9 bedroom with A (childhood best friend), we're goofing off; we are picking through old stuff, photos, toys, etc., we take off our shirts and make muscles in the mirror and just talk for a while; for a moment we look at a computer.
    Fragment: on a boat in OB?
    Dream: at the movies (set up sort of like the aquarium) with mom, A, F, possibly A's mom or my dad? we go through the hallway and sit down in a very shallow but wide theater with a huge screen; we watch a serious 80's/90's procedural with slow-motion bullets ripping through some red green and blue material (clay/play doh?); after the final scene dustin hoffman stands up and casts a shadow on the screen from the projecter and says something asinine and stuttery (reminds me of his rainman character); after we walk out of the theater we're all talking about it, my mom is eating up, saying "he ad-libbed that!"; A and I "don't get it".
    Fragment: arcade?
    3x1 + 2x.5 = +4 => 8

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    1. mercurialcrush's Avatar
      Woah! We both had the impressions of housewives in our dreams. Check out my entry today (luxurious house setting).
      Do you record your dreams bedside as soon as you wake from them, no matter what time? I get the impression that your TAZ reunion dream was written down while half conscious
      ZAD likes this.
    2. ZAD's Avatar
      Interesting! Yeah, my fiancee has been watching the Real Housewives and so naturally I end up absorbing a lot of it. It's pretty awful. Luckily she's caught up with New Jersey and the OC now so I'm safe for a while