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    Dreams - December 20

    , 12-21-2018 at 03:32 PM (182 Views)
    Frag - 3 people, huge white rectangular cube in corner of open room

    Frag - A boss of mine is rumored to be "super buff", and just doesn't look that way because of how he points his webcam

    Dream - bringing F and other person (older?) to the beach. I have to go around on the parking lot once but I pull through to a good spot and vocalize this. We all get out and walk to a beach area. The waves are coming up surprisingly high. There are a few people in the water, one buff dude with grey skin. We get separated briefly

    Dream - T (very immature former classmate) is teaching a human sexuality class (this is near the beach hill from last dream). There are diagrams on the board, of how names change in relationships. Parents become Mom and Dad even to each other, and also baby to each other. There were some other very serious points she was making but I was paying attention to the letters because there was some kond of code in the way words were capitalized

    2x1 +2x.5 = 3 =>168

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