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    First Ever Successful WILD! - September 15

    , 09-15-2018 at 07:18 PM (361 Views)
    Sep 15 2018

    First a summary of the pre-WBTB NLs:
    It's morning on a sunny hilltop, just outside the twon, blue skies. (fragment)
    I'm in a version of my childhood home which is an apartment or hotel, 4ish stories up. I'm with my fiancee.
    Spoiler for lewdness:
    The lighting/mood was incandescent (I seem to have incandescent dreams and fluorescent ones, and there's a clear distinction of feeling between the two). There was another longer segment before this. (dream)
    I'm talking to Adam and Tom (two random DCs). It's a public place, maybe a grocery store in a small town or a town hall (this is a reach) and they're arguing about the fidelity of Adam's wife, who used to be Tom's wife. (fragment)
    I'm watching Jack Nicholson, Pheobe from Friends, and some other celebrities corroborate their story in a fluorescent courtroom. (fragment)
    FA where I'm writing detailed notes in my DJ, even drawing pictures (I'm an amazing artist in dreams). Very convincing and thorough. (dream)
    Pen went out and I didn't write hard enough to leave marks, so I lost some. But one mentions noises, my fiancee, and my dog. It makes me think it was another intruder FA or variation of it (my dog barked a lot last night so I was afraid of having one), but I always remember those, so it wasn't that.

    Wake 5am. Fiancee (I'll call her F from now on) has work at 5:30 so I don't try to fall back asleep and just half-meditate while reflecting on dreams. Get up with her and walk my dog (calling him D from now on) and look at the stars, getting a strong feeling that I'll become lucid. I end up going back to bed at 6:30 or 6:40, I wear a sleep mask because there's some light entering into the room now. D's being loud and shaking the bed with his scratching so I threaten to kick him out. I end up trying something strange, I put two of the pillows over the sides of my face and my ears to block out noise, and I sort of side-hug them like the ten commandments.

    As I'm falling asleep, I have the tranpsarent eyelids effect a couple of times. The first time, I can see D, and I try to latch on to the visuals as a dream, but they pop out of existance. I have this with a few other visuals: a long stalk of grass or leaves, and a pillow or blanket with a tag and words I could clearly read ("english", "c.o.t.r."). A couple of times I feel like I'm going to WILD. I fall asleep and fully wake at 7:24am.

    This time I turn on my side but still use the pillow similar to how I did before. I go back to sleep. I wake up around 8:30, although I'm barely awake; I use this time to try and WILD as my body's still in REM atonia. I finally can fully focus on an image/scene, and at some point everything blacks out and I "pop" into the scene! It full materializes around me! I have awareness of my waking body and the fact that I was awake less than a second ago. I was surprised at the blackout before it happened though, I always assumed (and when I've had DEILDs I've experienced) that you go directly from waking to the dream with no visual discontinuity. Anyway, I'm in a tan carpeted room with white walls and a staircase. The stairs are the same as in my WL apartment, tannish carpet and white rails; however the room they open up into is bigger. I'm at the bottom of the staircase sitting on one of the stairs, looking through the rails. I am sort of a point of perception rather than a body; I try to spin but can't use my body to do it, so I think "bathhouse" and will myself to spin. It works! My perception point starts spinning, but I don't go anywhere or transition to another scene, the visuals just intensify. I look closely at the stairs and the room around me, the light coming in from the kitchen window, the layout of furniture in the living room. Suddenly I wake up. (Lucid)

    After this, I decided to keep trying to WILD. I kept on the edge of sleep and let myself fall into visuals another time! This time, I went directly into the dream scene with no blackout (it felt more like a DEILD). I find myself in a living room type area, near a sliding glass door. I put my finger through my thumb to stabilize it works with a little resistance. I pick up a small box or something similar and throw it through the glass, which doesn't loudly shatter but sort of just breaks and disappears. I go through the opening and it's a tight fit because the balcony railing is right against where the sliding glass door was, and it's high. I climb up and get my torso over it, then I jump from the balcony to a tree (the trunk looks like a palm but it's twisted). As I jump down onto it, I experience some sort of anti-gravity or limited gravity, which is cool. I land on the tree and grasp the trunk. At first it had branches, but when I look around and notice they're in my way, they disappear and it's all trunk. The trunk is kind of twisted. I decide to thoroughly experience the texture of the tree, so I rub my hands over it, bite it, lick it (it tasted sort of sweet with a bitter aftertaste and rough texture). Some seriously weird stuff omitted.

    This dream starts a chain of DEILDs and DILDs that last a while*. In the first, I'm in bed with F. I look at my hands and become lucid. After a bit I get up and ask her to come with me but she's gone. I go to the dark hallway and turn into a bathroom with the light on (sort of reminded me of my best friend from childhood's bathroom). I feel around in the cabinet expecting a few things and although I hit a wall, I say "Oh right, wasn't there a secret compartment there?" and that part of the cabinet pivots away and I find the object I was looking for! Was pretty cool, I did this with some drawers too. I read some vivid words that I don't remember (some tags on towels, labels on some circular plastic packaging). I believe I walked down the hallway too but then it ended.

    Again I found myself in a dark room, fingerpalmed, walked over to a table and grabbed a box, then threw it through a sliding glass door. The glass didn't break, so I walked up to it and punched it. I walk outside and it's night in a cyberpunkish or maybe Coruscant-like city. As I walk out onto a large circular balcony, I see that to my right there are three guys leaving theirs as well. I think to myself "I should lock up because they'll break into my apartment", but then I remember that a) it's a dream, and b) I punched through the sliding glass door. I realize that one of the guys is B, a coworker. The two guys with B are wearing old-time diving masks and carrying spears. He's wearing some sort of Rita Repulsa outfit with the big shoulders, but mostly black. I end up with a large stick (a branch from the tree before?) with a thin metal spearhead sticking out the top of it. Then another DILD which again I'll omit.

    Woke again, didn't record time but I think around 9:30 or 9:45. Went back to bed and had an FA where my grandpa came up the stairs into my room and handed me something he said was a CD (I was sleeping naked so he didn't want to intrude). The package wasn't a CD though, it was a tight grouping of multicolored beads with a small gamecube-sized disk deep inside of it that I couldn't get to. (fragment) Had a lot of other NLs and I think a few more LDs during the dream chain, but it's really hard to read my writing...I'll edit my post sometime when I have time to decipher them.

    *For the September Competition (and my LD Count) I'll count this dream chain as one lucid since they were all basically back-to-back, and then count the first one as its own (since there was a period of longer wake in between them), so two total.
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Just curious, even though you've omitted some dreams from this DJ entry, did you make note of them elsewhere?

      Anyway, this is quite a lot you've got in a single entry. Interesting read.
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    2. ZAD's Avatar
      Thanks for taking the time to read it! Yeah, on the weekends since I tend to get so much sleep (close to 10-12 hours usually) I have a LOT of dreams. So on these days (and also whenever my fiancee isn't working or I have more time to journal) I keep a steno pad on the bedside table.
      Unfortunately, my handwriting is so bad that no one can read it even when I'm writing in the daylight, fully consciously, with a good posture So you can imagine how bad it is when I'm in the dark, on my side, reaching for the bedside table, and scribbling softly so as not to shake the bed or make too much sound and wake her or the dog lol. I usually get lucky and can pick out a couple of words in the morning that bring me back to the memory. But sometimes its too bad, or in the dark I unknowingly write several sentences over the same spot, or I just get lazy (or try to DEILD) and never write them down in the first place.
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    3. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I can relate to your writing experience in the darkness. My writing is not particularly easy to read either, even for myself at times. Many times on random scribbles I simply remember what I wrote if it's quite bad.

      When I kept hand-written DJ entries, I usually used blank A4 sheets because it's what I used to draw on as well, and my room was where I did all my drawing back then. These days my room is mostly just for sleeping, which really is what it should be for, but it has created this slight gap between me and keeping a DJ, which has pros and cons. The main con, really, is having to make myself have the motivation to get up and go through into a different room to write a single journal entry for that morning.

      About the omitted stuff, I suppose mostly wondered if you didn't feel they were appropriate to share. Anyway, sounds to me like you put a good amount of effort into your DJ.
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    4. ZAD's Avatar
      Hmm, I never thought of using spare A4 paper for DJing, I usually have that lying around (I draw on A4 a lot too, especially when they're just sketches I plan to throw away). I agree about the room being just for sleeping thing, I think it helps a lot in getting "in the zone". The steno pad on the bedside table works the best for me. When I have to get up and go to the bathroom and write them on my phone, sometimes I lose one or two more than I would have.

      About the omitted stuff, some things I feel are a little too racy for DV I still keep these omitted pieces in my physical DJ since I mostly write in it using my own cipher. That probably seems like a lot of extra effort but I still do it, partly for fun, partly in case my parents or someone come over, I don't want them to find a book with full details of me banging random DCs, real life people, or in this case, a tree.
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    5. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Hmm, I never thought of using spare A4 paper for DJing, I usually have that lying around (I draw on A4 a lot too, especially when they're just sketches I plan to throw away).
      You throw away sketches?

      About the omitted stuff, some things I feel are a little too racy for DV I still keep these omitted pieces in my physical DJ since I mostly write in it using my own cipher. That probably seems like a lot of extra effort but I still do it, partly for fun, partly in case my parents or someone come over, I don't want them to find a book with full details of me banging random DCs, real life people, or in this case, a tree.
      Fair enough, I can understand that concern. I have only lived with my partner for the last couple of years so I have no concern of anyone reading my stuff now, and that's partly why I don't mind keeping a public DJ like here on DV (since likely other people interested in dreaming are gonna be reading anyway), but when I used to live with my parents I did keep the stuff in a drawer anyway (not that they'd be able to read, since I wrote in English and my writing is dreadful, though my siblings might).

      I generally never dream anything that's too "racy" but if I did I would probably keep a separate entry too I suppose.
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