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    Lucid! Attempted Meditation (Briefly) - September 21

    , 09-21-2018 at 12:53 PM (309 Views)
    Sep 21 2018

    on the phone again

    8 light downstairs intruder dream/fa (more detail later maybe)
    problems remembering other nls through night
    In 9, living room couch, sth about stalking (m & f) kpop stars, some kind of weird light texhnology
    Become lucid walking to dark hallway/foyer! look at hands, etc, but loud vacuum left on in office, examine then ignore. remembered to do math! only +, 2 up to abt 23, felt confident, grabbed front door (light coming thru) but before fully opening shut and thought about where i wanted to teleport (some part of my mind still doubted it would work bc of the light). i opened the door (v realistic) but it was just the front yard/street. tried to spin teleport, couldn't. walked towards sidewalk, started getting fuzzy, dropped to knees around curb and felt concrete while doing a little math again, worked! got up walked along sidewalk on other side of street a bit and tried to transform my body (i wanted to grow 4 arms, didn't). I had a plaid pattern (blue/white) button down shirt on. after both of these (drop to knees, transform) the scenery/sidewalk path changed a bit. at this point i was
    coming up on a large glass souse with i believe a tin roof, shape was a mix between office bldg, church, and warehouse. i could see no furniture inside, and it was dark so i decided not to go in (also think there could have been a rowdy kid playing on my side of the street). i kept walking and remembered my goal to meditate. i passed under a tall pine and sat/lay back on the sidewalk doing a little math and taking in my senses (sight and touch, sound was negligible). to my left on grass were amazing curling fern-like leaves that were covered in dew (they were coming from the grass, like a different type of grassgrowing through). i unfurled some of the leaves and the dew felt nice (not cold, just damp). I decided to look up at the sky - vision became immediately blurry until i stabilized some more. sky was beautiful, and as i had been doing the whole time, i just reflected on how awesome it was that this was a dream and i was conscious in it! after maybe 10 more seconds i awoke. deild attempt but no dice

    I wrote all this beforehand last night, interestingly:

    Ch, F are triggers. DCs tell me I'm dreaming Do math, then spin teleport (clearly)!

    New goal:
    Grow 4 arms (separate out)
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    1. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Too bad the extra arms thing didn't work, any particular reason you think it didn't?
    2. ZAD's Avatar
      I know! I actually rehearsed it in the mirror in the night before and had it pretty much worked out. Basically I would hold my arms out at my sides, and then quickly raise them up while the "old arms" stayed in place, creating two arms, two shoulders, etc. I even sort of moved around, imagining the awkwardness (people don't typically think about it when depicted in fantasy, but you'd have to deal with two sets of shoulder blades, and then how would the traps and lats connect? Traps to the top set and lats to the bottom?) and imagining doing some tasks like throwing punches, picking things up, touching the arms with the other arms, sort of just phantom-limbing it. It's an interesting multi-sense visualization (there has to be a good word for this -- perceptualization?) anyway.

      I think I could have pretty easily done it if I had a mirror in the dream, that's when I have the most success with transforming my own body. When transforming DCs, it's usually really simple. For changing facial features/other fine details, I usually use smartphone-like finger gestures. I've deformed limbs often by pulling on them or imagining their dimensions changing. But anyway it was a new goal and not the main focus of my dream so I'm not too bummed. I'll try it again soon!
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